[20+] Arduino Telegram Group and channel list

Arduino telegram groups and channels

Arduino is a popular platform to build circuits. To see more popular projects, get support and to see new kinds of projects you can join telegram channels and groups. Here is the list of Arduino telegram channels and groups.

Arduinojoin group
Arduino Italiajoin group
Arduino Club Indonesiajoin group
Arduino and tech groupjoin channel
Arduino Indonesian Communityjoin group
Automatics & Robotics & Arduinojoin channel
Arduino Cubajoin group
Arduino English Groupjoin group
Automatics & Robotics & Arduinojoin channel
Universal Telegram Bot Libraryjoin channel
Arduino Electronicsjoin group
Open-Electronics.org Newsjoin channel
Arduino(C)Paylaşımjoin channel
Arduino Colombiajoin group
Trust Me, I’m A Makerjoin channel
Arduino and tech groupjoin group
Arduino Developersjoin channel
void loop Robotechjoin channel

Best telegram channels list:

Arduino English Group

Anyone can speak here about the Arduino board or other microcontrollers. You can share your projects and issues in this group. Also, there are experts in Arduino that you can get support for your issues. Has more than 1300 members in the group. join group.

Arduino Cuba

Not all of us have excellent English knowledge. So, this group is for Cuban people. Has lots of resources in your own language. Also, there are some experts to get support when you get an issue. Has more than 500 members. join group.

Arduino Indonesian Community

As the name suggests this is an Indonesian telegram group. Actually the largest Indonesian telegram group. With more than 2500 members. Yes, you can share things such as your projects, issues, recommendations like stuff. join group.

Arduino Italia

Italian telegram group for Arduino projects and Q & As. You can share anything related to Arduino in this group. Has more than 3000 members in this group. join group.

Automatics & Robotics & Arduino

Shared a large number of projects to the channel. But unfortunately, currently, it’s not active. But, you can access all the previous projects through the links posted here. Has a library of cool projects with images. Has nearly 30,000 subscribers. join channel.

Arduino and tech group

Sri Lankan telegram group for Arduino projects and supports. Has more than 500 members in the whole group. Supports each other for issues. SHare’s numerous projects done by members. join group.

Universal Telegram Bot Library

Shares awesome projects using their libraries. You can find solutions for your own issues. Because maybe an issue with the library or lack of libraries for that use. SO, you can check this group for it. Has nearly 1000 members in the group. join group.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is among the best platform to develop awesome projects. Because of the reasonable price of the board and library support, it’s a major selection for most projects. It’s easy and efficient to use Arduino boards for projects. There are several types of Arduino boards. you can select the best matching Arduino board according to the project type. You can get as many inputs and outputs from Arduino boards using techniques. Which is essential for big projects.

There are a lot of free sources and tutorials to start making stuff using Arduino. You can simply program it to work on your project. From these telegram channels and groups, you can find awesome projects to try. Also, you can share your issues facing when building a project. Some projects need fast computational power and greater response speed. Most of these issues can be fixed by tuning the code, so to get the support you can share your project in those groups. Also, you can contribute to the community by providing your knowledge and projects step by step.

If you are a complete beginner to DIY or Arduino, can follow those projects that are shared by group members and channels. You can get direct support when doing the project by asking from members of the group. Most of those projects sharing are beginner-friendly and practical. There is a wide range of Arduino project categories sharing to groups. If you have intermediate knowledge in Adruino, you can still find well-advanced projects from those groups. Just to give it a try when bored.

About Arduino channels:

There are not that many channels or groups about Arduino. As not that many people can be and interested in DIYs. Not about Arduino, it’s the most popular choice for logic-based projects. I’m talking about DIY projects. Not many people have the knowledge to program or even they don’t try for it. Or maybe those who looking for Arduino channels or groups couldn’t find them. However, we make it easy for those who looking for channels and groups to find them. We are listing popular and quality telegram channels and groups for certain types of categories. Provide all the best options in a single article. So, make sure to bookmark us!

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