[24+] Australian Telegram Groups Link List

Australian Telegram groups

Our complete list of Australian telegram group invitation links. Telegram groups with more Australian participants and those who want to head towards Australia groups are available. Many kinds of native and in-native telegram groups and channel links are available. So, first of all, let’s see the mini list of groups.

Australia Freedom RallyJoin Australia Freedom Rally
Proud Boys AustraliaJoin Proud Boys Australia
Steroids Australiajoin Steroids Australia
Pundi X Australiajoin Pundi X Australia
Australia Blockchain Announcementsjoin Australia Blockchain Announcements
Australian MediaJoin Australian Media
Bernie aus Australienjoin Bernie aus Australien
Nat-Soc-Ausjoin Nat-Soc-Aus
Apply for Ausjoin Apply for Aus
Personal Shopper Australiajoin Personal Shopper Australia

The above table just represents a small number of links, the below section is for the most popular channels/groups that we could found. Here, each channel name, its purpose, and member counts are showing. So, you can select the ones you want to join. Rather than just clicking one by one of each single invitation link, check the group for its purpose and content.

Study, Work & Settle in Australia

A telegram group that is dedicated to Australian job visas, working visas. It’s a private consultant agency, but you can get clear information about visa types and apply for jobs like stuff. Because it’s a group, anyone can send messages. Can contact other immigrants to get more information about steps. Join Study, Work & Settle in Australia.

Binance Australia

Australian Binance community that is interested in alternative coins and bitcoin. Has more than 12,000 members and mostly shares news, tweets, alternative coin suggestions, and much more cryptocurrency-related stuff. Although seems like it’s not an official telegram channel for the Binance platform, maybe a private one naming so. Join Binance Australia.

UNIWorld Australia community

Official telegram group for the UniChain project. Has more than 2.8k members in the group.Shares News, roadmaps about the UniChain. Join Uniworld Australian.

Job Opportunities in Australia.

A telegram channel all about Australian jobs for the local community. Has more than 6.5k subscribers and posts job opportunities daily. Some of the posts are in Arabic, and it’s better for middle east people who live in Australia. Join Job opportunities Australia.

Australia Awakens

Australian politician and social memes sharing telegram channel with more than 1500 subscribers. Shares 7-8 memes per day. Not only memes, but some news posts are also been posting there. Join Australia awakens.

Discount in Australia

Channel aiming to provide discounts and offers from local businesses. Businesses can also promote their own offers and discounts through the channel owner to reach its more than 3500 subscribers. Actually, it has a good viewing count per post considering the channel size. Join Discount in Australia.

Scholarships Corner

Get to know about the latest scholarships from local institutes. All the details for applying and who is eligible like everything are3 posting in each post. Making it easy and efficient for users to apply. Has more than 31,000 subscribers and posts rarely about Australian scholarships. But, it updates top opportunities when they available. Join Scholarships corner. Just view Australian opportunities only.

Persian Australia

It’s all about australian visas. All the messages are in persian language. Has more than 2000 subscribers in this channel. Aiming to provide all the neccesary information for migrating to Australia through skills and expertise. Join Persian Australia.

All about Australia

Shares pictures, news about Australia. Majorly shares photographs all over Australia to share its beauty to others. Has more than 1000 subscribers in this channel and posts things rarely. Join All about Australia.

Australian Channel

A Russian Australian telegram channel provides and shares awesome videos about Australian landscapes. Undersea videos, animal videos, and traveling videos are posting. Has more than 1.5k subscribers. Join the Australian channel.

Reignite Democracy

It’s a mix of everything, job opportunities and events are the main subjects they are considering. Promotes local businesses to their 8.8k subscriber audience. Also, notify about new offers from popular restaurants and businesses. Join Reignite Democracy.

More about australian channels:

This is our complete list of Australian telegram group invitation links. There are few channels on this list, but we have mentioned it whether a group or a channel in some links. Making it easy for you to join a group. Although there aren’t many Australian telegram groups available for us to find. Most of them are crypto-related or jobs related with a low number of members or inactive. But, we occasionally update our list to include the best and trending telegram groups on our list. Thus making it easy to join trending topics telegram channels. Also, if you are an owner or a participant of a telegram channel or a group, make sure to comment down your group’s invitation link. So, we can add it to our list.

Also, we have many lists like this one for many countries and languages. Read them to explore your favorite kinds of content.

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