[19+] Channel Telegram Movie Sub Malay

Channel Telegram Movie Sub Malay

A list of telegram channels to get Malay subtitles for English, Korean, Chinese movies. Not all of us are good at English. It’s not interesting to watch a movie, tv-series without understanding the conversations. Most of the top movie streaming platforms don’t offer Subtitles for many languages. Especially for Malay(Because the audience is small). But subs are the only option to enjoy the movie. Here, these telegram channels are specialized in providing Malay subtitles for popular and trending movies. Let’s check them.

Movee Sub Malay

English and Tamil movie’s Malay subtitles providing telegram channel. Has more than 14,000 subscribers. You can download movies and series Malay subtitles directly from this channel. Also, provides a trailer or scenery of videos with the description. If you don’t know the movie, you can easily click on the trailer to watch it. Already provided more than 500 subtitles files. Join the channel.

Movie drama

Can be called an all-in-one Malay subtitles provider. As they provide Malay subtitles for English movies, English series, cartoons, and animes. Mostly provides Malay subtitles for movies and less for animes and cartoons. Already provided more than 1,700 Malay subtitles files. You will be able to get them through the media tab easily. Has more than 10,000 subscribers. join the channel.

TapawSub Announce

Majorly anime movies Malay subs providing telegram channel. But, it provides movie subs also. At least 11-2 movies Malay subs per week. Primarily you can get links to their websites, anime series Malay subs providing threads. If you are an anime lover, you should probably join this telegram channel. There you can watch online or just download the Malay subs. Has more than 15,000 subscribers. join the channel.

Movie Club Naz

Movies reviewing and Malay subtitles providing a telegram channel. Often shares Movies and tv series their own review and subtitles file, that you can download easily. An active channel posting at least 6-7 movies subs every week. Has more than 16,000 subscribers. join the channel.

NaBu Ir

A telegram channel that is dedicated to just subtitles. Provides English, Indonesian and Malay subtitles for Animes, Tv series, and movies. Already provided more than 2,100 files. But, it’s sometimes hard to find the correct subtitles file. But, it’s somehow easy and navigates in the channels feed as they don’t share any other kinds of messages. Join the channel.

Movie Hindi/Tamil Sub Malay

A telegram channel that provides Malay subs for Hindi and Tamil movies and tv series. But, most movies are getting featured here. You will get the latest Hindi/Tamil movies reviews and trailers through these telegram channels. Keeping you updated with all the latest movie releases. All of them are other than receiving Malay subs for Tamil and Hindi movies. You will get the subtitles somehow. Has more than 3,200 subscribers. join the channel.

movie with malay sub

A telegram group that is all about English movies and Tamil movies. You can get Malay subs for the latest movies from here. Group members share numerous amount of subtitles files each and every day. Making it easy for you to find the subtitles for a movie. Has more than 16,000 members. join the channel.

Movie dramajoin the channel
Subtitle Malaysianjoin the channel
Movies Center Officialjoin the channel
Share Movie Herejoin the channel
[Zeronos] Fansubjoin the channel
sharemovie4ujoin the channel
Running Man Malay Sub join the channel
Movie Hindi/Tamil Sub Malayjoin the channel

Find Malay subtitles

There aren’t many Malay subtitles providing websites. But, those mentioned telegram channels do a great job providing the latest movies subtitles. I can’t say that you will definitely be able to find the subtitles file for your movie. But I can state that they will do their maximum to provide as many trending, top movies’ Malay subs. As it is really hard stuff to deal with. To deliver an awesome meaningful subtitles file, it’s not an easy task. Have to do many steps to translate them.

As usual, people watch trending movies in the month. Usually don’t watch years old movies without a reason. So, you have a higher chance to find the subtitle file for the movie. Most of the subtitles files providing are trending movies, tv-series from IMDB. That might be your movie too. Also, you can request such movie subtitles from admins of those channels. Go to the people’s tab to view all the people and you will be able to detect the admin account. send a private message so they will reply.

Also, you will be able to get awesome recommendations about the latest movie releases in English and in Malay. Making it easy for you to select the next watching movie or series. They might be sticky with the reviewed movie, tv-series with providing the Malay subtitles for it. They might also provide trailer videos, best sceneries videos, and much more movie-related stuff on the channel. If you would like to watch anime movies, here you can get a list of anime movies Malay sub providing telegram channels.

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