[15+] Electronics Telegram Group & channels List

electronics telegram groups

A list of active electronics telegram group and channel list to get new ideas, to get tutorials, to get circuit designs. Find components and similar circuit designs to overcome some challenges that you face when making a project. Also, you can sell and buy products through these telegram channels and groups.

Electric Book

Electric book is a telegram channel that sharing electronic books about fundamentals and circuit designs. You can select circuit designs that are filtered out from thousands of circuit designs with accuracy and efficiency. Also shares circuit designs by using the latest Integrated circuits. Has nearly 500 subscribers. join the channel.

Electrical Learner

An advanced learning telegram channel. Shows tutorials about AutoCAD designing, Solidworks planning that is relevant to projects designers to correctly calculate everything in the project. You can learn to use this software to preview your last results and to a better plan. Has nearly 50,000 subscribers. join channel.


An Arabic electronic circuit design telegram channel. Shares circuit designs with a brief description of the design in Arabic. An active channel that sharing at least 3-4 posts per day. Has more than 3,100 subscribers. join the channel.

Electronics projects Telegram channel

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Electronics 4 You

A telegram channel with more than 4,450 subscribers. Shares about the latest news and projects using programmable microcontrollers. Such as Arduino, raspberry pi, and other choices. Not that much active telegram channel but shares 1-2 posts per month. join the channel.

The Electronics Corner

A telegram group for electronics-related projects sharing. You can share your own project to showcase your hard work or to get support for your issues. Others also share their projects in the group, so you can get an idea about a new project or get an idea to solve your project issues. You will be able to get a tutorial or step-by-step guidance from the project owner most of the time. Has nearly 5000 members. join the group.


A DIY kind electronic projects sharing telegram channel. Shares well-explained articles on DIY electronic projects. You can easily follow their steps to create an accurate, working circuit design project. It’s an active channel that posts at least 2 new articles per day. Has more than 1,200 subscribers. join the channel.

Arduino ENjoin group
Electrical Paathshalajoin channel
Electrical Training and Supportjoin channel
Electronics Projects and Circuitsjoin channel
Raj electronics free circuitjoin channel
Analog Electronics by Trinadh Reddyjoin channel
Internet of Thingsjoin channel
VK Knowledge Electrical Officialjoin channel
DIY Nowjoin channel

It’s not an easy task to find a good project as a hobby or for a competition. Here, from these telegram channels and groups, you can find awesome projects from the newbie level to the pro level of a higher probability of success. Most of the electronic project’s designs on the internet are advanced with using different uncommon components. Here, from these channels and groups, you can find beginner-friendly tutorials and projects and most of them are by using common components.

In telegram groups, you can get good suggestions from members to find a good project with your initial idea. If your idea is unique, you will need help from these groups to overcome some technical issues. Not all of us know deep into circuit designing, there is a lot of calculations to do when making a new circuit design. You can get help from those group members for that while helping them with your knowledge. Also, can get inspired by those projects that are completed by the group members. As they usually share their own projects. If you are a beginner, can try out some of those projects to widen your knowledge.

Especially if you are in a none tech region. You will have to find out those components not found nearby. You can join telegram channels or groups with people that are nearby to you to find those components easily. Also, in the group, you can ask for similar components or circuit designs using the components that you can find nearby. Also, most of these guys do delivery, so you can order them to your doorstep.

Purposes of Electronic Telegram channels:

These groups and channels only have people that are interested in it. You can sell products or services through these electronic telegram groups and channels. But, most of these groups have strict rules not to advertise or self-promotion, but you can get admin support for promotional stuff. And also you can drive traffic to your tutorials on youtube or to the website that providing DIY projects. But, you have to first analyze the telegram group to do that, as each telegram group has its own unique audience. Most of these independent channels are doing the same, providing good content to drive traffic to their website.

If you just want to try some projects, you can find awesome projects from these telegram groups, especially you will be able to get support for that project too. In these groups you get direct contact with the project creator, so you can get support directly from the guru. Not all of the circuit designs or project tutorials are 100% accurate, some of them use fake information to get attention. Here, in these channels and groups, you will get recommendations from other people about the projects that are posting on the group. Increasing the rate of success of the project.

You can get support if you run into a problem when completing the project. If your circuit not works or works improperly, you can ask for the issue in those groups. Most of the time you will be able to get a helpful answer from members who have knowledge or have done the project before.

Check our Arduino telegram groups and channel list. You can use the Arduino platform to create more complex projects by coding it to do different tasks. You can power your electronic project by bridging them to work properly, find out more information from the article provided.

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