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Almost everyone likes short stories. Most of the current generation likes to watch and listen to short stories while a small percentage likes to read them. It’s an effective method to learn English, learn new words. In this article, we are going to provide the best active English short stories telegram channel and group links list. That provides both text English short stories and video short stories.

English short stories for learning telegram channels

Short stories are effective for both book lovers and non-book lovers to learn English. Because it’s not boring to read if you are lazy that much, you can get support from text reading software. You can identify the new useful word that may be used in day-to-day life. Also, you will get familiar with English that may indirectly improve your skills.

English Stories

A Russian telegram channel all about English short stories. Shares short stories about 200 to 300 words long in English. You can get valuable meaning full of short stories in English and their Russian meaning as a set. Posts are often compared to other channels, at least 1 post containing the context per week. Has more than 7,000 subscribers. join the channel.

English Stories Moral Novels

A motivational type short stories sharing telegram channel. Shares English stories about 500-700 words. You will not get any translated version with the short story. Just the English short story. Also, they share PDF short stories. More attractive and easy to read pdf files. You can free download their own PDFs from the links. English teachers can advertise on their channel and their other channels, contact the admin for more information. Has more than 50,000 subscribers. join the channel.

English Short Storyjoin the channel
Learn English By Storyjoin the channel
English Short Storyjoin the channel
English e-Readerjoin the channel
Short Filmsjoin the channel
English Loversjoin the channel

English short stories for Entertainment telegram channels

If you prefer to read books and short stories for entertainment and for knowledge, these telegram channels are just for you. You will be able to find awesome short stories, short storybooks, and audiobooks.

English Short Stories(shortsto)

This channel also shares short stories, but not for learning purposes. Just for entertainment purposes and knowledge purposes. But, if you are an intermediate-level English learner, you can try reading them too. Unfortunately, it isn’t been an active channel since 2019. But, they already provided more than 400 short stories. That’s why we include this channel in our list. You can still read those previous short stories through the channel. Has more than 32,000 subscribers. join the channel.

Best English Stories

A Persian telegram channel posting English short stories with Persian meaning. You can get awesome short stories from this channel either you are an Iranian or not, still you can read English stories. Has more than 6,000 subscribers. join the channel.

About Short stories channels:

There are main two types of people that are looking for English short stories. The first category is those who want to read or watch short stories for entertainment. And the other category is those who want to learn or improve English knowledge. At first, it looks like there isn’t any difference between both of these. But, if you are a complete beginner to learn English, you first need some simple, easy-to-understand text-based short stories or videos(listening) short stories. And for entertainment purposes or those who want to improve knowledge can listen or read general short stories.

We provided both of them for ease of choice. It will not be interesting for those who are fluent in English to those learning short stories. So, from the learning-related videos section, you can find short stories telegram channels that are dedicated for beginner to intermediate level while the entertainment purpose section is for fluents.

Short stories are among the best ways to learn English. You will see examples of how to use your learned stuff properly. You have to train yourself to speak and write in English, Short stories are one of the best ways to train yourself. If you don’t like to read or listen to stories too much, short stories will be different as it’s short and delivers a direct meaning from the story. Also, it’s a good way to learn new words. You can write down difficult words in your vocabulary list to know the idea of the word next time you see it.

Other than text-based and audio short stories, many of us love to read short storybooks. Especially love storybooks. Here, you can find such love story eBooks(PDFs), Audiobooks, and short story texts. You can watch numerous amount of lovely storybooks from these telegram channels and groups and also you can submit your own storybooks here.

Read our telegram channels invitation links for books. There, you will be able to find novels, short stories compilation books, and especially educational books.

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