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The list of best telegram channels for books. Can easily download free books and can get a recommendation for the type of books.

Books & Magazines

Has more than 74,000 subscribers on this channel. Posts about Book updates and recommendations. Books are reviewed by the team members to provide viewers an awesome experience. Also, book purchasing or viewing links also provided. You can either download or order those books by reading the description. join channel.

Books Thief

More than 84,000 subscribers in this telegram channel. Much like the previous channel that we mentioned. This channel also posts book reviews and links to get the book. If the book is free on the internet, they will provide you the view link or if it’s not, they will provide a purchase link. join the channel.

eBooks Only

A channel that shares eBooks all around the world to entertain its subscribers. Provides a wide variety of genre books, Comic books, and much more. Books from many languages are getting featured on this channel. Has nearly 70,000 subscribers. join channel.

Programming eBooks

A programming eBooks, PDFs, sharing telegram channel. Previous only shared java books. But now, they share books of almost every programming language. You can get better recommendations for programming books from this channel. If you are a complete newbie or those who want to learn a new programming language can get knowledge from this channel. has more than 65,000 subscribers. join channel.


This channel shares books after reading them. So, you will get higher-quality book recommendations from this channel. Also, the best feature is that participants can react to each book recommendation. Whether good or bad. This way you will get another signal for good books. Has nearly 30,000 subscribers on this awesome channel. But, not shares as many books as others. 1-2 books per month. This channel is best for those who want a real kind of recommendation. join channel.

Medical Books Store

There are a lot of medical students who wants to be a doctor to help the community. It’s really hard to find some great sources to get information and knowledge. In this telegram channel, you can find many books, notes, examinations, lectures, and much more stuff all related to the medical field. Not all of the medical books out there are easy to understand or effective. So, you have to be careful when selecting a book. Has near 90,000 subscribers in this so specified telegram channel. join channel.

The Kingdom of Paid books

A wide variety of book posts here. From learning English to chemistry, science, and so on. You can find many kinds of books as pdfs. They share many free to publish available books in this telegram channel. Has 8000 subscribers. join channel.

English Books

Posts English books. Shares many short story books, advanced storybooks, and many more kinds of English content books. Has nearly 50,000 subscribers in the channel. join channel.

Easyengineering.net – The Engineering Channel

Programming, web developing, engineering, cad designing books sharing telegram channel. Has more than 36,000 subscribers in this engineering specified telegram channel. Already shared many awesome engineering, computer-related books pdfs, and eBooks. Shares many interesting engineering, mechanical engineering, data science, programming books. Such as signals and Systems By Barry Van Veen Simon Haykin Book, Principles and Techniques of Electromagnetic Compatibility, Welding Technology Lecture Notes, Books, Important Part-A 2, Digital Signal Processing By S Poornachandra, Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion Lecture Notes like so many books. join channel.

Movies & Books in English

An English books sharing telegram channel. Shares a lot of books per day by these guys. At least 20 books per day. All are easy to access kind links and attractive representation. Has nearly 50,000 subscribers in the channel. You can request books too, they will provide it if it’s available for free distribution. join channel.

PDF BOOK’S Channel

Grab free best Telegram Channel for PDF English Books and Magazines. Shares about bestsellers, popular books in a wide variety of genres as recommendations. Has nearly 20,00 subscribers in the channel. join channel

Governemnt Exam Books

Shares books, PDFs, Audio Books, and videos for government exam preparation. You can get access to the best possible resources to face those exams in confidence. Posts every day at least 2 messages. Also, job listings are providing. join channel.

S k jha pdf

Indian PDFs, eBooks sharing telegram group. For exams and job interviews education. Has more than 122,000 members in the group. join group.

The Study Kafe

This team shares educational science, mathematics-related ebooks, and other kinds of educational materials. Also, current affairs share as pdfs. has more than 5000 subscribers. join channel.

IBPSGuide.com | Guidely channel

Can find ebooks, PDFs, audiobooks that are related to bank exams. All you need for the exams such as Competitive Exams, Current Affairs, Reasoning, Aptitude kind sources can be found here. has more than 20,00 subscribers. join channel.

PDF Magazines – English

Provides world news as a PDF ebook by this telegram channel. Such a thing as an e-newspaper. You can watch their free news magazine by joining the channel. Contributes by a UK-based news firm. Has more than 12,000 subscribers. join channel.

Journals – Books For All

A telegram group conducting by the “PDF Magazines – English”. Has more than 1000 members. Can share and read books, magazines, audiobooks here. news kind of stuff is posting here. Can see or submit the latest news all around the world to get featured in their magazine. join group.

Engineering eBooks

Posts Engineering-related ebooks. SHares their website link to view the document. A wide variety of engineering books can be found here. Has more than 1200 subscribers. join channel.

Bookcase Ebooks Library

ebooks in different genres, comics, graphic novels, poetry, and fiction stories from famous magazines are posting. Most are cartoon-focused eBooks and lovely eBooks. Has more than 5000 subscribers. Can request eBooks and can advertise on the channel through the admin. join channel.

Ebook Indonesia

Indonesian eBooks telegram channel. Has more than 7000 subscribers. Can find religious, lovely, comics, and much more kinds of ebooks. Most are educational-type eBooks. join channel.

Rumah Ebook Indonesia

another Indonesian eBooks telegram group. Has nearly 1000 members. You can share books your read and can get recommendations for reading books. join ebooks Indonesian telegram group.

Audio Books Telegram channels & Groups

Audio Books Telegram channels intro image

A list of audiobooks telegram channels and groups to get recommendations and free eBooks. Join the best telegram communities to connect with other people. Telegram is a good source of such things as it has features for easy use.

Audio Books Archive

One of the largest audiobooks sharing telegram channels. But not posts regularly in the channel. Shares 1 message per 3-4 months. Not an active channel. But, they may have a collection of previous audiobooks. SO, go and check them out. has more than 90,000 subscribers. join channel.

Books | Top, Summary, Self-Help

An active telegram channel. Shares at least 3-6 messages per month. All the messages are according to context. You will get audio duration, description, title, amazon rating, Goodreads rating kind all the necessary information for ease. More focused on loneliness, motivational, life quotes kind audiobooks. has more than 35,000 subscribers. join channel.

Malayalam Audiobooks & Podcasts

Malayalam audiobooks sharing telegram channel. Aiming to deliver the best and popular audiobooks in India. Might be the producers of those audiobooks for entertainment. An active group that constantly sharing related messages. Now you can listen to your favorite Malayalam Audiobooks easily through this channel. Has more than 10,000 subscribers. Join channel.

Audiobook classics

Another big telegram channel. Has more than 100,000 subscribers. Can listen to popular audiobooks and download them to listen to later. Must be provided by the owners of those audiobooks. Some are recommendations by channel admins and advertisements. You can promote your audiobook on this channel. Contact channel admins for promotions. join channel.

English Audiobooks

It’s all about English audiobooks. They also recommend books for those who learn English. Simple yet effective English audiobooks. Join to see those recommendations and audiobook suggestions according to your level. Audiobooks are one of the best ways to learn English. Has more than 35,000 subscribers. join channel.

Punjabi Audio Books

The name suggests you everything. You can get access to the audiobooks that are already shared. Also can see those recommendations by the group members. Has nearly 700 members in the group. You can directly ask for recommendations and sources. join group.

The Red Baron Audio Books

Provide links to the youtube channel that they own. Also, you can share your own channel’s links that contain audiobooks. Has nearly 300 members. Has set of strict rules to maintain the group. join group.

Audiobooks in English l Аудиокниги на английском

Awesome telegram channel. Adds audiobooks to a separate telegram group and provide the group link in this channel. Anyone can contribute to the reading community by sharing the next chapter. Has more than 1,300 subscribers. Provides each telegram group link for each book. join channel.

investment books telegram channel

Trading, stock market, and newly added cryptocurrencies remained the best choice for investors. However, it’s not easy work to learn instantly. A hard lesson that should learn and try for years and years. You can find good books(audiobooks, PDFs) recommendations from that channel. Not all of those books out there are good and effective for trading. So, you have to get a recommendation from those professionals. So, connect with those people via telegram channels and the group below.

Trader eBook Center

Provides trading educational eBooks, PDFs, AudioBooks here. You can get many book recommendations from a complete beginner to an expert trader. But it’s a Malaysian telegram channel. Malaysian people and those who can translate those messages can join this channel. However, the books are in English. Has more than 26,00 subscribers. join channel.

Stock Market Library

Get free ebooks, pdfs, Audiobooks like stuff from this telegram channel. Most are by the team members to publish here. You can find awesome investing resources. Has more than 3,700 members. Yes, you can share your own book too here in this group. join group.

Invest Like Turtle

He will provide a free e-book every day 1 to 3 books related share market and also a motivation book as in the description of the telegram channel. Has more than 600 subscribers in the channel. join channel.

Self Help Books

A motivational books posting telegram channel. Has nearly 20,000 subscribers. Added here because it’s also relevant for the title of investing. Get some motivation from reading those books. join channel.

Forex books pdf

Shares about FOrex, Stock market, Binary, Options Trading and also, new category “cryptocurrency” Ebooks, PDFs, And also Audiobooks. It’s more just sharing books. Also, share news related to business, cryptocurrencies, and economies. Has nearly 9000 subscribers. join channel.

Forex Books

A newly started telegram channel all about forex trading books and signals. Just has 20 subscribers. Just a few months old channel. So, check it out for new books and pdfs. join channel.

Forex Books

The name suggests all the things inside. Shares all about forex trading and cryptocurrency investment as it became a hot topic. Has more than 14,000 subscribers. Also, they share audiobooks, which are not common for most trading book channels. join channel.

Some More Channels & Groups Links:

All NCERT, IGNOU, YCMU and State Board Booksjoin channel
Malayalam Audio Booksjoin channel
Warhammer Audiobooksjoin channel
S k jha pdfjoin group
Me Books Freejoin channel
eBook Roomjoin channel
WiLd’s Occult Ebook Dumpjoin group
Engineering ebook sharingjoin channel
Rumah Ebook Indonesiajoin group

Still, there is a higher number of people who love to read books. Although many of us currently do not read books, there are many of us who read 1-3 books per month or higher. Books are a good source of knowledge. There is valuable content in books that is not revealed anywhere else. Also, a good source of information for college projects.

Although, reading books also became technological. Instead of going to a book store to buy our favorite book or to wait for the courier to deliver our book, many of us used to read ebooks. Because it’s digital, you can keep as many ebooks for easy access. To get ebooks, there are thousands of free sources to download free ebooks. Also, you can purchase them from websites like amazon. They offer audiobooks also. If reading books isn’t your style, can listen to good and popular books.

It’s very interesting to have a lot of people like you. Interesting to join telegram channels and groups that are full of book readers. To get interesting book suggestions, to get some ebooks, and for many instances. To get in touch with new book releases for reading and educational materials.

As a book writer or a book marketer, You and your publishing team can advertise in these telegram channels and groups too. It’s a better way to share your book as a book suggestion to these groups and channels through admins. Don’t try to spam, just stay active in the groups/channel and share your own product. If you do it correctly without spamming. Those group members who find it interesting may share it with their friends too.

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