[22+] Telegram Channels For Mechanical Engineering

mechanical engineering telegram channels

Mechanical engineering jobs telegram group

There are so many job opportunities in the mechanical engineering field that you can work for. Most of the job openings found in these telegram groups and channels are work from home. If you have the skills and knowledge to create and work on that software with mechanical engineering knowledge, it will be heaven for you. You can find as many mechanical drawing, 3d modeling, structure modeling, and animating job opportunities. Most of them are about Solidworks software and 3ds max, if you are still a learner, you can find awesome telegram channels and groups for learning. Also, joining these mechanical engineering jobs related to telegram channels and groups will provide a rough idea about the job market. Some of them are work-based while others are monthly paid jobs. It’s better to use a third-party website like Fiverr, Upwork to full fill the orders as they offer a secure partnership between you and the job opener. But it will cost you some money for their service.

1. Mechanical Engineering Jobs

You can find full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and work-based jobs from this telegram channel. The channel is located in India. You will get mostly Indian-based full-time jobs while other kinds of works are for anyone. Task and responsibilities are posting with each job listing. Has more than 30,000 subscribers. join channel.

2. Mechanical jobs

Most are online job openings. Almost anyone from any region can find a job or work from this telegram channel. Companies all over the world post job position requirements here. All the requirements, responsibilities, and especially languages are providing with each job listing. You can promote your job opening through this channel by submitting your online form on the website. Has more than 40,000 subscribers. join channel.

3. ultra job updates

Update job openings about a wide variety of engineering fields including Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering. Posts about a wide range of job categories in the field like project management, planning, civil engineer, like various stuff. At least 5-10 job openings can be expected from this channel. Provides slightly less but important details about the job offer. Has more than 5000 subscribers. join channel.

4. Mechanical Engineering Jobs | Off Campus Placement Drive 2021

Provides details about scholarships for mechanical engineering students. It’s hard to find jobs for freshers in this field, so you can find such job openings from this channel. The course you followed and the job position-like details are providing with the online application form link. You can click on the link to view more about each job detail. Has more than 1100 subscribers. join channel.

Solidworks telegram channel

modeling telegram channels

These are the active Solidworks telegram channels and group list for today. You can find a lot of online courses from these telegram channels, perfect for those who don’t have any idea about the field. As there are so many courses about Solidworks tutorials around us, it doesn’t mean that all of these are worth it for everyone. That’s why you need to get course recommendations from those professionals. Shares will be able to find awesome youtube channels that hold SolidWorks tutorials.

1. Solidworks Israel

Provides latest alerts about the SolidWorks application. New upcoming features, updates, and guidance to use tools to ease your work. Shares articles with proper guidance to create designs from beginner level to expert level. You can identify new tools and instances to use each tool to do it correctly and efficiently. Has nearly 500 subscribers, regularly shares such new articles. join the channel.

2. ds solidworks

A Russian telegram channel all about Solidworks tutorials. As a student, you can follow these tutorial videos to identify tools and steps to create some complex designs. Has nearly 1000 subscribers. join the channel.

3. solidworks Ansys

Arabic Solidworks knowledge sharing telegram channel. You can get awesome free tutorials and models from this channel. But, all the contents are in Arabic. Has more than 1,200 subscribers. join the channel.

3ds Max Telegram channels

When 3d modeling, you will need a lot of pre-built projects to better understand those modeling stuff. You will be able to find that kind of training simple 3d models to get a better understanding of mechanical engineering designs.

Share your own projects for enjoyment and to showcase your abilities and skills. You can also get others projects including vehicle models, town models, trees like supportive 3d models for your larger projects. Also, you can ask for models from group members while you supporting them back. Most of these group members are provide such great supports.

1. 3ds Max

A telegram group about 3ds max. Members share awesome free 3d models that they made to rate and downloading, provide free tutorials regularly, and recommend awesome courses to get knowledge. Also, hires people for their projects. It’s a better place for mechanical engineers to learn, get jobs, and hire people. Has more than 4,100 members. join the group.

2. Max Model One

Provides 3d models of their designs. A wide variety of models are sharing with the channel including vehicle models, character models, room models, town models .etc. All are 3ds max models. It’s a better place to download all your 3d model needs as learning material or supportive material for your projects. But, you have to ask the admin for commercial use. Has more than 2,100 subscribers. Already added more than 135 model files that you can directly download. join the channel.

3. 3Ds MAX

Provides tutorials and models. All the contents are in Uzbek, so most of you guys will not understand it. But, you can find awesome 3d models and can just watch those tutorials without audio. Has nearly 8000 subscribers. join the channel.

4. Inagamov I 3Ds Max Maktabi

Showcases his works rendered using that 3d modeling software including 3ds max. You can get inspired by those excellent designs. All of his designs are realistic and I couldn’t even think about making such models, they are really that much. Has more than 4,000 subscribers. join channel.

3ds Max TutoRials and MeGa InteRior DesiGnjoin channel
3DS MAX & VRAYjoin channel
3ds max & Vrayjoin channel
[email protected] 3Ds maxjoin channel
3Ds Max Answerjoin group

Mechanical notes telegram channels

You can join these telegram channels and groups for educational purposes. Most of them are conducting a paid teaching services that you can join via the channel. But, most of them share free access to valuable short notes, tutorials, and valuable books. Regularly posts free notes and pdfs to provide support for the none paid students. Some of the groups are dedicated to sharing notes, that you can get notes about specific heading.

1. Mechanical Engineering Optional Self Study Group

A telegram group of mechanical engineering students. You can find valuable notes, guidance, question papers, and answers from this telegram group. Shares designing technique tutorial videos. provides MCQ papers and writing papers. Has more than 400 members. join the group.

2. Mechanical Engineering Books

A nonprofit organization that sharing mechanical engineering books as PDFs. All the top-rated and rights reserved books are sharing with the channel, that share in the channel for free. They welcome paid promotions, have many fields specified telegram channels and groups that you can advertise. Check the channel for more information. Most of the books are in the English language. Has more than 17,000 subscribers. join the channel.

3. Mechanical Engineering

A telegram group, all about mechanical engineering knowledge sharing. Shares practical designing tutorials using Solidworks, 3dsmax, shares theory notes, and MCQ papers. An active group sharing many resources and knowledge that suits any level of the student. You can ask for answers in the group about mechanical engineering. Has nearly 2000 members. join the group.

Mechanical Engineering MCQ Telegram

Telegram makes it the perfect platform for students. Students can create quiz programs in the group. While other students can answer the questions and see the answers. Also, you can get access to awesome valuable mechanical engineering MCQ papers to do. Also, posts their answers to know the results of your own.

1. Mechanical Adda

Provides MCQ papers and discusses them in online sessions that anyone can join. All are held on the youtube platform, you can ask questions in the comments section. Papers can be download from the description of the video of the previous day. They have an app that is all about mechanical engineering. Has more than 6000 subscribers. join channel.

Telegram Channels for GATE Mechanical Engineering

If you are a GATE mechanical engineering student, these groups and channels are best for you. You can find valuable notes, pdfs, tutorials that are relevant to the GATE mechanical engineering program. Also, know about the latest news and alerts about the GATE program to stay up to date. You have to face aptitude tests and online form completions to get into the course. You will have all the alerts from these groups and channels.

1. GATE Mechanical Engineering academy EBooks

Shares eBooks about GATE mechanical engineering. You can get the best available ebooks, short notes, past papers from this channel. Shares youtube videos explaining related topics that anyone can watch. Also, organizes online sessions for hard topics. Mainly aims to deliver the required books for the students. Has more than 15,000 subscribers. join the channel.

2. GATE Lectures by KN Rao

Join the private GATE examination preparation telegram channel. Mostly teach on youtube for free and holds online sessions that anyone can join to clarify questions about the topic. He has a paid course also that you can join. Has more than 5000 subscribers. join the channel.

3. Gradeup GATE

Provides free videos and live sessions to prepare for the GATE examination. provides video tutorials to solve questions to get full marks on the exam. Mostly are provided by the students for clarification and also provide guessed papers. The best choice to learn about answering questions, because he regularly posts videos with a brief question background explanation. Question papers can be found in the youtube video description. Has more than 8000 subscribers. join channel.

About mechanical Engineering channels

Here you can find awesome active telegram channels for mechanical engineering. Including mechanical engineering-related software telegram groups & channels, drawing groups & channels, jobs groups & channels and channels, and groups for students. Telegram channels and groups in those subcategories that are related to the mechanical engineering field can be found in the above lists.

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