[23+] Best Telegram channels & groups to learn English

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A list of telegram channels to learn English and telegram groups to learn English. Telegram is a perfect platform for students and also for teachers to discuss, share content. Here is the list of English learning telegram communities to learn from basics to improve their usage.

American english telegram channel

A list of American English telegram channels and groups. American English and UK English are slightly different. If you prefer to use American English, these channels and groups are just for you. Here you can chat, learn American English.

American English File

An American English educational telegram channel. Mostly focussed on grammar and day-to-day uses. Shares awesome easy to learn graphics with useful information. Real-world use cases are sharing, so you can practice and build your own conversations. Already shared more than 2.4k. files in the channel, you can see all of these from the media tab. Has nearly 5000 subscribers. join the channel.

American English

Daily tips, grammar uses sharing telegram group in American English. You can get quick tips to improve your American English fluency step by step. Also, shares short stories that help you to detect new words and improve your readability. Shares podcasts by native Americans to help you improve your understanding on real-world occasions. It’s different to understand learning aimed at English and real-world English. Also, shares simple American English music videos with lyrics to help you understand their own accent speakings. Has more than 78,000 members. join the group.

American English – Arabic

Arabic American English learning telegram channel. Active channel sharing awesome videos and audios to teach. If you are an Arabic person, you should join this telegram channel to learn American English. Share educational videos with awesome graphics. Also share grammar, vocabulary PDFs. Has more than 21,000 subscribers. join the channel.

Master American Englishjoin the channel
American Englishjoin the channel
Learn Englishjoin the channel
English Language Learning Channeljoin the channel

English vocabulary Telegram channel India/ English dictionary telegram chann els

Vocabulary is a major part learn English. You need a good knowledge of useful words to speak in English and to understand English. These telegram channels share a small number of words with English meaning or with another local language meaning every day. That you can also write down and study. Also, usually shares sentences by using the word to better understand and to remember the word easily. Processes in groups are slightly different, most of them share their learned English words as a list. You can share your own list too in the group with meanings. So, let’s see the English vocabulary telegram channels list:

Smart Vocabulary | English Words

A telegram channel dedicated to English vocabulary. Share useful words and their meaning in simple English. Also, provides few sentences by using the word explained. Provides easy translation options with each and every message for those who still at beginner level. Also, shares synonyms for popular words to make it beautiful to speak. Has more than 31,000subscribers. join the channel.

English Tips&Tools

Awesome telegram channel for English students. Shares words and their meaning with few sentences as examples. Uses images to clarify the differences between the same kind of words. Shares well-written graphics containing PDF per month that anyone can view for free. THose monthly free PDFs contain a section of grammars, new words. Already shared more than 1,400 image files with educational materials and nearly 100 PDFs of their monthly educational magazine kind PDFs. Has more than 56,000 subscribers. join the channel.

Oxford Word of Day

As the name suggests, this telegram channel shares a word per day. A useful word with a simple introduction. Also, you will receive a web address to view more details about the word such as sentences using the word, how to pronounce the word like details from the Oxford website. Has more than 2000 subscribers. join the channel.

English Words

Russian English words and their uses sharing telegram channel aiming to train you new words every day. You will get a list of useful words and their meanings every day. Meanings are in the Russian language and no example sentences are providing. Also, shares graphics information in the channel. Has more than 21,000 subscribers. join the channel.

English Wordjoin channel
English Words-Russianjoin channel
learn english11join the channel
English Vocabulary in Use – Advancedjoin the channel
English Vocabulary | Vocabulariesjoin the channel

Hindi to English Telegram channel

Here is the list of Hindi to English telegram channels. Here, you can learn English in Hindi. If you are a complete newbie and your mother tongue is Hindi, these channels will definitely help you. You can get help and understand Hindi from these channels and groups.

English Time! (Learn English With Hindi)

Provides Hindi meaning for day-to-day useful English words. Not only words but also some useful sentences are also sharing with Hindi meaning. Has more than 300 subscribers. join the channel.

Spoken English – The Sabir Classes

If you want to learn some new words, this channel will be heaven for you. Shares lists of words and their meanings in Hindi. Words and their meanings are provided as lists. Each list has 10-15 words. Also shares synonym words lists, opposite words lists like stuff. Not just words and their meanings sharing. Also shares grammar infographics. Has nearly 300 subscribers. join the channel.

English Expo with Satyendra Tiwari(Official ID)

English educational telegram channel with Hindi guidance. You can get words lists with English and Hindi meaning and sentences with Hindi and English meanings. Has more than 21,000 subscribers. join the channel.

Learn English every day join the channel
Learn English Through Hindijoin the channel
Learn English and Hindi through Kannada languagejoin the channel
Matty Englishjoin the channel
Sartaz Sir Ki Classjoin the channel

English Grammar Telegram channel

If your weak part of learning English is the grammar section, these English grammar telegram channels are for you. You can learn new things and follow tutorials in these channels to improve your grammars. Shares infographics to better and easily understand those harder parts.

Advanced English Grammar

Learn English grammar and rules. You will get a major grammar section at least 1 per week. All of these grammar sections are consist of the name used to call the grammar section(important if you want to learn more about it) and a few sentences or phrases using the grammar to get a clear idea. And also, the rules to use it perfectly. Has nearly 3000 subscribers. join the group.

Learn English Grammar Cards

Provides free lectures on the day-to-day use of English to grammar rich. Here you can find lectures about describing app in English, how to wish good luck in different ways, and such useful grammar lectures. All of them are free and they already added more than 240 videos that are more than 12 minutes long. Well-explaining clean high-quality videos with lots of attractive teaching methods. Has more than 36,000 subscribers. join the channel.

Learn English Idioms Land

English idioms telegram channels to learn new stuff. It’s an active telegram channel that sharing idioms every day and provides a few sentences or phrases using the idiom to generate different ideas. Also, provides quick tips videos on how to pronouncing and explaining the idiom with some idiom explanations. Has more than 232,000 subscribers. join the channel.

English Pawar Sirjoin the channel
English Gate Learnersjoin the channel
English Phrasal Verbsjoin the channel
English Stories Moral Novelsjoin the channel
English Vocabulary | Vocabulariesjoin the channel
Learn English Idioms Landjoin the channel
English Slang Words Termsjoin the channel
English Grammar in Usejoin the channel

English learning telegram channel’s uses:

These are the best active telegram channels and groups to learn English. If you need to try yourself speaking or write in English, telegram groups are the option for you. But, some of these channels are also providing the facility to speak(write) in English in their comment section for posts.

You have to learn to understand conversations and also to respond to the conversations. You can improve your understanding level via listening to clear conversations that are made up for learning purposes. Here, we listed such telegram channels that create and share such educational videos. You can learn English from Udemy courses and such online platforms. Check our Udemy 100% off coupon article to join those coupons providing telegram channels to receive huge discounts.

Some of these channels and groups have a separate version for paid students. There you will have special guidance and monitoring for each and every student. It’s your choice to decide the worth of the paid version. Always check for their process of teaching to get a clear idea of how they teaching. They usually share free stuff in the channel or group to keep you active on their channel or group. So, you will still receive educational materials without ever paying for their course.

As vocabulary act as the main part of learning English, we listed some active English vocabulary Telegram channels and groups also known as English dictionary telegram channels and groups. But, most of them are channels, that sharing a decent amount of words each and every day. Making it effective for you to easily remember some awesome useful words. Also, shares descriptions of some words to better understand the word and its use in the real world. Almost all of these channels and groups share awesome graphics containing learning materials to get the viewer’s attention. It will be easy to understand and to remember those pleasant study materials.

English learning telegram groups are mostly for improving writing(speaking) skills. You can join as many English telegram groups to start conversations. Also, some members tend to start conversations in private to better improve their skills. You can help and also your own skills through chatting with them.

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