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A list of telegram channels to get new gifs and to share gifs. You can watch and share awesome funny GIFs all around the world through the following list of telegram channels and groups. Also, if you are a GIF creator, you can get attention by sharing your GIFs in these groups and channels. Also can share website links with GIFs to get social traffic to your site.

Panda Loves GIF

All you can see in this telegram channel is all about cat GIFs. Cats funny incidents, positions, and feeding GIFs sharing to the channel. Shares 1-3 new GIFs per week. If you are a cat lover, you should join this channel to see awesome tiny little videos. Has more than 100 subscribers. join the channel.

Canal do GIF

Shares his own GIF creations. More focused on funny gifs. Also, shares small video clips that you can share with your friends and also can be converted into a GIF. You can rate each and every GIF he posted. Posts 1-3 new GIfs per month. Has nearly 6,000 subscribers. join the channel.

Random GIF

An animated GIF sharing telegram channel. Randomly selected(as of the title) GIFs from the internet that are related to animes are sharing on the channel. Post 1 new GIF per day. Has more than 1,000 subscribers. join the channel.

so gif me

Can be called a GIF collection on telegram. If there is a new trend in the GIF world, you can see more and more same kinds of GIFs. Also, you can submit your GIF creations to them through the links provided in their channel’s description. Provided new GIFs every day, at least 1-3 Gifs. Has subscriber count of more than 3,200. Join the channel.

Gif Black Pink

Girls Gifs sharing telegram channel. You can see and share awesome GIFs all about girls. Korean girls are getting featured here most. Gifs are about cute motions and cute emotions. You will get at least 5-8 Gifs about the same girl. Has more than 4,500 subscribers. join the channel.

Mia Plays Gif

A telegram channel that shares Gifs about the facial reactions of some popular characters. Also, can be called trending social media stars gifs sharing channel as they share popular moves of trending stars. Has more than 5,900 subscribers. join the channel.

Video & Gif

Funny incidents sharing telegram channel but as very short videos. Shares videos that are lover than 10 seconds. You can directly forward them to your chats or can save them to your device to later use. Also, can convert them into GIFs yourself through a video to GIF bot in telegram. Has more than 4,700 subscribers. join the channel.

The Worst gif

Funny gifs sharing telegram channel. It was an active telegram channel posting around 4-7 new GIFs every day. It will start sharing new GIFs very soon. Already has a huge library of funny gifs. Has more than 4,600 subscribers. join the channel.

No Gif No Life
GIF Channel
Gif girl
Peaky Blinders Gif
Cat GIF Central

Telegram video to GIF bot

Telegram video to GIF bot intro image

Telegram is a feature-rich platform. In the telegram, there are subprograms for different purposes called bots. There are bots in the telegram that can be used to make GIFs. What this bot do is, when you send it a video file, it will create a GIF using it. All of the GIFs created by this bot are compressed. Which causes it to load fast and is low in file size. Also, you can directly and easily share the GIFs that you made using the bot even without saving and re-opening. Following are the best telegram bots for GIFs convert and download. You will find the instruction on the bot’s page.

gif bot
Video to GIF Converter
TG Downloader
GIF Emoji Bot
GIF Export Bot

GIFs in telegram,

GIFs are among the most important stuff when chatting in a group or with friends …etc. It will be more interesting and engaging when use images instead of texts. And in most cases, we have to. Here, in telegram, they doing their best to provide the best features to the platform. In the telegram, GIFs loads so fast. Telegram platform uses revolutionized techniques to reduce GIFs file size. Telegram converts all the GIFs to mpeg4 file format. Which is helping to reduce file size without noticing the quality difference. Because of that, the storage it takes to store them decreases. While making it loads fast. As telegram mentioned in their article, it’s 2000% faster than a normal GIF. Making it pleasant to use in chats. This helps not only for individual chats but also for the sender. The sender can easily search for GIFs from the library. It will in terms increase Usability in lower-end devices and load in the search tab of the telegram app.

GIF Groups in telegram,

As a Library, It makes it possible and pleasant to create GIFs sharing channels and groups in telegram. All the GIFs in chat history will load faster even for poor low-speed internet users as well. Making it easy for users to navigate through the chat and find the GIF looking for. That means you can view GIFs collections easily and smoothly.

You can just view awesome funny GIFs from all over the world by joining these telegram groups and channels. It will be more interesting for you to view some funny GIFs and share them with your friends. Because you can easily download any GIFs sharing on any Channel or Group if it is directly sent to the telegram.

Share your content,

Share your awesome funny GIFs in these communities. There are people who want to watch and share GIFs on Facebook or in groups. You can get huge attention via sharing your awesome GIFs in these channels and groups. Also, if you have a new website that shares funny GIFs, you can get free traffic to your website via these channels and groups, Unlike Facebook or Whatsapp, Telegram might work well for you. As these groups and channels are dedicated to just GIFs and people in these communities are looking for awesome content. You will get loyal regular visitors from sharing your Best works.

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