[20+] Wholesale Telegram Channel List

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A list of wholesale telegram channels and groups. Telegram is the perfect platform to connect with as many wholesale suppliers and wholesale buyers. Let’s see our first list of wholesale telegram channel links list. Also, check the list of coupon codes of wholesale websites.

Seema Vinay Tradingjoin channel
Wholesale Rokokjoin channel
Mumbai wholesale bazaarjoin channel
Wholesale Hubjoin channel
Turkey2naija by Tessybrown wholesale. (preorderjoin channel
Anansa Wholesale Kiddiesjoin channel
Wholesale Marketjoin channel
Wholesale women pariyaajoin channel
Wholesale for adultjoin channel
Mayar Wholesale Men clothjoin channel
Bangs and shoes join channel
paradise wholesalejoin channel
UT-Festive Festjoin channel
Brahmanijoin channel
SK Wholesale Enterprisejoin channel

Best Telegram channels according to popularity:

Wholesale Turkey

These guys sell wholesale ladies’ and men’s clothes. They post so many clothing items per day. At least 10-20. People(subscribers) can purchase from them. Currently has 1.33k subscribers. join the channel to receive the latest offers from them.

Donrey kiddies wholesale

Another Turkish telegram channel for wholesale. This channel is dedicated to kids’ items. They showcase their products from the channel. 1-3 products showcase each day with size, price, and age range that suit the clothes. Currently, just have 222 subscribers in the channel. join channel.

Ravees Underwear

A ladies underwear whole selling telegram channel. They also sell some other stuff too. The main products are underwear. Has nearly 1000 subscribers. join channel.

V&V Kids ware wholesale

A newly started wholesale telegram channel for showcasing their products. Currently just has 16 subscribers. We added it because there are some new messages in the channel. Also, it’s a new channel. join channel


Importer, exporter in wholesale items. Imports, exports many kinds of items. All the items that are available are posting to the channel. They have a physical location in India. Currently has 3.55 k subscribers. join channel.

Wholesale Market

Gadgets wholesale importing and exporting telegram channel for showcasing products. Currently has 2.24 k subscribers in the channel. join channel.

The above list contains the popular wholesale telegram channels. They all contain a small description for ease of channel, group selection. Also, some people tend to join only channels with more people. Like 1000s, the 2000s, 20,000 sands subscribers or members. Although those are the best sources to join. But, sometimes lower subscriber count telegram channels are way better than popular ones with thousands of subscribers or members.

Wholesale channels Benifits:

Can find new buyers and also sellers to do wholesale business. As telegram channels and groups support more people than any other messaging platform, it’s perfect. You can find as many people from those channels and groups. But, unfortunately, you have to pay for some big telegram channels for advertisements. However, it’s sometimes worth spending on relevant channels. As it holds people who would like to do business(buy or sell). Because of being a messaging platform, participants will see most of the advertisements(messages). Unless there are tons of messages sending per day like crazy.

Also, there are a lot of scammers out there. So, to be safe, make sure to do business with trusted people. As some people do not send the products after getting the payment. Or some are not doing payments after shipping the goods. So, to make sure all the things will go safely, use some third-party website or a company to handle the business. It will cause you some more money. But, it may save you thousands of dollars. Also, you can use PayPal payment methods to do transactions.

Pros and cons


  • Can contact many people
    • There are a large number of users(participants) in a telegram channel. Considering WhatsApp, a group just have 257 members.
    • There are tons of wholesale telegram groups and channels out there. You can join as many groups as you want to buy or sell products.
  • Higher chance of seen by more members
    • People use telegram every day. Your message directly going into the chat list.
    • More participants will read your message instantly, as they are getting a notification(unless they turn off notifications).
    • Unless Facebook groups, participants will definitely see your message(If there are not so many messages in the channels or group).


  • Hard to find nearby sellers, buyers
    • Participants are spread all over the world. Mostly not from a single country. Unless being a country or language specified channel or group.
    • Hard to find suppliers or customers near you. If you want to find customers or suppliers nearby, most of the time, it’s not possible. If the channel or country only has people in your region, it’s much like those who are not nearby to you.
  • Higher Risk
    • Buying or selling through platforms like these is having a higher risk. Most of the time, you’ll get scammed and lose money. For that, you can use trusted third-party responsible options like Paypal, Payoneer payment methods.
    • Only do business with recommended buyers, sellers by channel. group members. (Can also add lots of scam recommendations).

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