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Telegram becoming so popular among Indians. Also, it’s becoming popular in the Kerala region. Thus, making it more and more important to find related telegram groups with more and more people nearby. Here is the list of Malayalam telegram group chat links that anyone can join. The list contains many lists from a wide variety of popular categories such as songs, movies, games, and news-related channels. Let’s explore the list of Malayalam chat group telegram lists.

offensive Malayalam memesjoin offmm
Malayalam cinema hubjoin malayalamcinemahub
malayalam moviesjoin malayalammovies
neosimalayalamjoin neosimalayalam
new malayalam musicjoin malayalam music
audiobooks malayalamjoin audiobooks malayalam
film feastjoin film feast
dvdreleasejoin dvd release
alifmalayalamjoin alifmalayalam
learn malayalamjoin learn malayalam
latest malayalam songsjoin latest malayalam songs
mallu newsjoin mallu news
cma malayalamjoin cma malayalam
malayalam dubbed moviesjoin malayalam dubbed movies
entri app malayalamjoin entri app malayalam

Here is the complete list of telegram channels, groups based on or with the highest Malayalam speakers. As mentioned above, this list contains a wide variety of telegram channels. Also, we will add many more chat links in the future. If you own or participate in a Malayalam channel, make sure to comment on the URL or invitation link down. So, more people will be able to join those channels making it grow and stable.

Usually, these telegram groups have at least more than 1000 participants. So, it is still higher than that of WhatsApp, but lower considering the telegram groups. But, not much. With the current situation going on in India, it’s better to know about surrounding situations. So, we considered more about news-related telegram channels. Will be able to get more information via these telegram groups. But you have to be more careful when trusting those news sources because some are not responsible for misinformation.

Get to know about new movies, music while lockdown or isolated. See suggestions from other people that will post things more related to your language. Get to know about new movies and movie offers to provide by movie distributors. Get informed about new movie promotions. Sometimes, new promo codes for Netflix will be out with new movies. Indian Telegram channels lists

More Malayalam telegram groups

offensive malayalam memes

As the name suggests, this channel is all about memes. But especially they are Malayalam memes. Most of the memes are 10sec- 30-sec video memes from movies or footage. Although it’s more fun to watch video memes rather than picture memes. Most of the mems based on old movie trims. All the memes are updated by the channel owner. Have more than 25,000 subscribers.


Get informed about Malayalam’s new movie releases. Bollywood, Hollywood, and many other types of movie releases also updated here. Mostly movie release posters and their reviews, other participants’ thoughts, and other gossips will be posted.

Malayalam Subtitles

This telegram channel posts Malayalam subtitles for popular movies. Participants can request movie subtitles and they add them. It’s extremely hard to find Malayalam subtitles for movies. So, to make it more interesting, you have to find those little subtitle providers or have to convert it yourself. However, this telegram channel provides subtitles for movies.

Dank memes Malayalam

Another memes posting telegram channel. THis malayalam memes telegram channel have more than 8000 subscribers. Most of posts are video memes

Trol memes malayalam

Mostly are picture memes, share your thoughts as a joke. This telegram channel have nearly 4k subscribers.

Malayalam BGM

This channel provides video clips about religious thoughts and wishing videos. There are more than 5k participants in this Malayalam channel. Some videos contain slow music and beautiful pictures in the background.

Malayalam Quotes

This channel is about inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, and lovely quotes. Has more than 17k subscribers in this channel. Quotes are posted as text messages. No many image quotes are posted.

Malayalam Movie posters

Posters about popular Malayalam movies. Get to know about new Malayalam movies, actors, and news. Also posts movie releases by those who watched it already and can get movie suggestions.

Malayalam songs

As name explains, this channel is all about malayalam musics. Have more than 8k people. Posts frequantly youtube video link of the song.

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