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For news-related content, as of our view telegram is the best platform to share news content. Just like Facebook or any other platform, Users will get direct access to the piece of information directly into their inbox. No change of reach or impression in telegram groups. All the subscribers receive anything posted. It’s better when considering WhatsApp. Because telegram supports absolutely unlimited user counts in a group or channel. First of all, let’s explore the lists of Bengali newspaper telegram channels.

tabligjoin tablig
prothom alojoin prothom alo
bollynesiajoin bollynesia
bangla o banglajoin banglaobangla
bangla newsujoin bangla newsu
bangla news sitejoin bangla news site
news banglajoin news bangla
ie banglajoin ie bangla
my bangla 24join mybangla24
TN banglajoin TN bangla
all bangla newsjoin all bangla news
asia news banglajoin asia news bangla
OTG bangla VIPjoin otg bangla VIP
riva postjoin riva post

Tablig News24

A Bengali news posting telegram channel. You can get the latest breaking news, social news, gossips from the channel. Most of the news is directly sharing to the channel as text messages, you can read all of them without leaving the telegram app. Also, includes related videos and images for every single news. Has more than 500 subscribers. join channel.

News Paper Adda

It’s all about newspapers. In Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, and Bengali all of those newspapers are sharing on the channel. All are provided by their respective owners and you are getting access to the pdf. It might be difficult to get the newspapers that are relevant to you when sharing a large number of resources at once. But, if you know multiple languages, this one is a great solution for you, to pick up the latest news across the region. Has nearly 1000 subscribers. join channel.

otg bangla

Shares latest news and gossips on their youtube channel. You can get updated whenever he adds a new video to the channel. Usually shares their youtube videos for more engagement. You can subscribe to the channel to receive daily updates about their latest videos. Has more than 1,200 subscribers. join channel.

Educational Tech Tube

A telegram channel that shares educational materials mostly. But, it also shares economy-related newspaper articles for commerce students. You can read Bengali economics news from this telegram channel. But now they share newspapers directly into the channel. Mostly are the weekly newspaper PDFs that you can read easily. Most are providing by the original publishers. Currently has more than 1,260 subscribers. join channel.

Check our Bengali telegram channel list for more news channels.

About Bengali Newspaper Telegram groups.

In the list that we provided, almost every channel update every day. Thus, you will get all the local news and news around the world. However, it’s faster than other private news apps and can be able to have as many groups( Bengali news channels). Making it efficient and speed to obtain information. Some of the telegram groups are free and have premium subscription telegram groups also. But the difference is that most of the free telegram news channels hide the information and have to go to their website to read more. Most of the news content is posted as a set of information. A title for the information, a short description, and maybe a link to read more. But, not all of these are following the same kind of information delivery. Maybe they have a premium subscription for premium news channels. We don’t relate with them anyway. It’s better to get public advice before purchasing subscriptions from those Bengali newspaper telegram channels. Also, make sure there is a Television channel or media or any other solid company or a person behind the telegram channel before purchasing anything.

It’s allowed to share participants’ news in some of the groups but in most of the groups, users can’t send messages. But, have the option to submit local news to the group admins in most of the groups. However, all the participants are able to receive informations easily and steadily. Unlike Facebook or direct website accessing, these telegram groups ensure to send you every information and remind you if you allowed sending notifications. It’s an advantage in the telegram channels. Unlike WhatsApp groups, most telegram groups are much stable and will continue for a longer time.

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