[20+] Iran Telegram Groups List

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many people search for Iran telegram group links. But, there are no such articles on the internet till now. That’s why we added this article to provide invitation links to Iranian telegram groups. Let’s see the list of groups.

Conceal iranjoin conceal iran
Iran dot cajoin iranian dot ca
Quube ExchangeJoin Quube Exchange
lantern projoin lantern pro
Angular iranjoin angular iran
Iran Pulajoin iran pula
UN-Habitat Office in Tehranjoin UN-Habitat Office in Tehran
iran fashion tvjoin iran fashion tv
iran kingsjoin kings
join Gülben Ergen IRANjoin Gülben Ergen IRAN
Xiaomi | MiUi Iranjoin Xiaomi | MiUi Iran
Vans iranjoin Vans iran
Turkish Police Organizationjoin Turkish Police Organization
Iran Airtour (Official)join Iran Airtour (Official)

In the above table, there is about 14 Iran telegram groups links list. Others will be posted down here with their small description. It’s better to have many telegram channels to explore the features of telegram. There are many features that you can’t even imagine on WhatsApp. But, to explore everything, you need to have a little bit of programming experience. There is plenty of tutorials are out there.

In these telegram channels, will be able to find channels about movies, songs, games, news. We filter them to provide you the best truly Iran telegram channels. Thus making it more comfortable to join. We have to make sure that the telegram channel/group is all about Iranian movies, music, games, etc. To get informed about social, regional news, updated local movies, and music.

Also, we added Iran educational telegram channels that promote free and paid educational materials. Hard to find Persian educational materials and those in popular sites like udemy, edex are not mostly supporting Persian subtitles. SO, to get the limited resources, have to rely on social media. Not most of them are able to search and find. It’s better to join these educational telegram channels in order to know about those limited valuable sources.

IEEE Iran Section

Iranian Educational telegram channel that promotes paid courses. They post online meetings as an introduction to their paid course. As we see, all the introduction online meetings are held for free and you can get a clear idea about the course there. All the details regarding the courses, introductions are posting here. Has more than 4k subscribers. Join IEEIranSection.


This channel is much popular among Iranian telegram users. Have more than 180k subscribers There are many social-related posts are posting. Also, video clips regarding delicious foods and restaurants also posting. Historical-related constructions and many more Iranian history-related stuff are posting. join Iranian.

Iranian Crack

This group is for software developers, web developers, or anyone who uses the computer for day-to-day work. Software reviews, web tools reviews, web tools coupons, and much software-related stuff posting here. Can also promote your own software or a web tool for more than 4k at a once. Join iran crack.

Clash reports

This channel has more than 18k subscribers. Iranian-related news content is posting here. Other country’s popular and interesting news also posting here. With a small description and read more blog post links. Military-related posts are posting more than others. Join Clash Reports.

Finance Tribune.

This is an Iranian Finance related telegram channel with more than 600 participants. This is the official telegram channel for the Finance Tribune newspaper. By joining this channel, you will be able to read every news without missing anything so important. It provides information related to finance stuff daily. It’s good to join this telegram channel if you are a stock market trader or just a normal person who wants to read news related to local businesses. Join Finance Tribune.

Telecom Jobs

A jobs-related telegram channel that you also can post job vacancies. There are more than 6k subscribers. Have to join to view the photos and vacancies information. Guess there are many vacancies are posting. Join telecom jobs channel.

Bax 026 Of Iran

Raising voice for local situations. Posting news about social and regional concerns. Politically related stuff also posting there. Join Box 026.

Iran International

Posts military-related news and video clips. Also, promoting political-related video clips voice clips, and photos. Most of them are contextual and small descriptions are providing. Has nearly 200k subscribers count. Already posted more than 20k photos 20k videos there. It’s a much active telegram channel. Join Iran internationally.

Vikings Of Iran

It’s a paradise for movie lovers. Posting thousands of movie clips and posters. Enjoy and share movie posters and new events. Many interesting videos are posting here, that many of you’ll probably like. To be a part of this paradise click on the join button.

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Here is the full list of Iran telegram groups list. Here is the list of USA telegram channels. From here, can easily select some telegram channels that you are interested in. Make sure to save comments on your favorite telegram channel/group to invite others. If you own a telegram channel related to Iran, comment down below. We will add it to our list. We don’t have any kind of affiliation with these telegram channels, groups. Just sharing links to help those who searching for telegram channels.

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