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Here is a list of public Telegram Indian groups links. Telegram has a huge Indian user base. 46% of Indian social media presence is from telegram. that’s a huge number of users. Because of many independent features in telegram, more and more people tend to use telegram rather than WhatsApp. Most of the telegram users are from India and there are many groups related based in India. This is a small collection of links to Indian telegram channels. If you own or participate in greater Indian telegram channels, consider submitting a telegram channel link. We are always happy to update our list with new telegram group links.

This article is consists of Indian telegram group links in several categories including telegram links for gaming, traveling, street foods, movies, and many more. Indian community does a great role in the gaming industry and also in any other industry.

Indian Gaming Telegram Channels

Group NameGroup link
Pubg News UpdateJoin group
pc games join groups
Namakor Gamingjoin group
Boom Gamingjoin group
pubg India updatesjoin group

India has a huge number of loyal fan bases for some games. Like Pubg mobile, cod mobile, Free Fire, COC, etc. India has many pro players and a loyal view base. So, if you are a gamer who dreams to be a professional gamer. You can boost your views by sharing your video clips, streams in telegram groups. More and more people will engage in your videos if they are relevant and of high quality. Not all of these telegram groups give permission to self-promotion, so make sure to ask before sharing your own videos.

If you are a player, can watch pro players’ movements, their tricks and learn the practice. Also, funny clips compilation videos. It’s much enjoyable to watch them together with a huge audience. Get updated about the latest offers, latest features, and many more things about your favorite games.

Indian Movie Telegram Channels List

actress factsjoin group
bollywoo indiajoin group
bollywood gossipsjoin group
dino indiajoin group
indian actressjoin group
bollywoodjoin group
fb bollywoodjoin group
uhd moviesjoin group
express entertainmentjoin group
movie news latestjoin group

Contact with die-hard fans of your favorite movies, Indians also love abroad cinemas, so you will find fans of many popular movies. Get to know about the latest movies, find more movies, and watch favorite scenes of them. Watch fan-made scenes of them and posters. Get to know about favorite actress news and see their photos.

New South indian Movies Hindi

The latest movies and series (tv and web) updating telegram channel. Shares movie updates with a review without any spoilers and trailer. Also, keep you updated with all the hot topics, gossip all over the movie industry. But, most are Indian movies including Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil All of them are announcing here. Has more than 48,000 subscribers. join channel.

DesiCinemas.tv – Indian Movies Online

Another movie updates posting telegram channel. Shares latest movie details including trailer, casts, review, runtime, and all the necessary details. Also, you can watch gossip videos of the top actors. Shares links to watch movies from their paid movie streaming service. You may have to purchase every single movie at a very low cost. Has more than 6,000 subscribers. join channel.

Music and artist Telegram channels.

ind musicjoin group
india songsjoin group
india musicjoin group
hindia musicjoin group
music video indiajoin group

Indian Music

A telegram channel that is all about Indian music. You can find the latest music and music videos from this channel. Shares all the music from top producers and if there is a downloadable version provided by the producer, all of those will be included. You can share your music too to gain the attraction of music lovers. Has more than 27,000 subscribers. join channel.

Indian music theory classes

This channel shares youtube videos, PDFs related to music theory. Provides examples of different kinds of music by different kinds of instruments that you also can try. Also provides simple step-by-step guides to learn those beats. Has more than 1,300 subscribers. join channel.

Indian Music ART

Another music learning-related telegram group. Here, you can ask for issues that you faced when learning different instruments. Those experienced teachers in the group will help you to solve them. But, you should never share any youtube video links here as a promotion. They will remove you soon when you add those contents. Has more than 1,200 members. join the group.

Old hindi songs mp3

Everyone likes old music. Here, you can find all the 80s, 90s music and videos. There is a library with a large number of old music and videos that you can join to get access. Also, you can find awesome music, music videos in the future. You can also request music from the channel admin if you couldn’t find the music anywhere else. Has more than 61,000 subscribers. join channel.

Follow your favorite music artist and listen to their latest music. Get to know about their latest news and moves. When joining music telegram groups, consider the subscriber count for that channel. Low subscriber channels may not be updated so often.

traveling Telegram Channels

Goza cabsjoin group
kuntalas traveljoin group
travel indiajoin group
the indian tripjoin group
travel infinitejoin group

Know about traveling-related news, situations, covid restrictions, and many more about your next vacation destinations. Gather information around destinations before reaching. Thus, preventing unexpected situations alone. It’s always better and safe to ask before went for destinations as more and more crimes in those places increase. Also, it’s better to ask for facilities in those places before planning a trip.


There are many awesome Indian telegram group links. The groups are selected considering the majority user country. If you are a participant or an admin of such groups, submit your group and its category to us. Also, from this list of groups, you will probably find a group that matches your favorites. Also, you can explore USA-based telegram chat links from our website. More lists of telegram channels based on more countries will be added soon. This post is all in one kind of post and the goal is to provide Indian telegram channel links in a wide variety of categories.

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