[15+] Bengali telegram channel links list

In this article, we are going to share with you the top 15+ Bengali telegram group links. Most WhatsApp users tend to use telegram also as a secondary messaging app in the Asian regions. Because of the unique features that telegram has. Also, telegram channels support much more many participants than WhatsApp. Not because of features that telegram have for programmers and for advanced users, the only reason for this popularity is participant count. Also, there are many advanced features such as bot creating, downloading options, and many, although not many use those features. Let’s see the Bengali telegram channel list.

Bengali bombjoin bengalibomb
bengali sultanatejoin bengalisultanate
bengali earningjoin bengaliearning
Jiotekjoin jiotek
bengali movieshdjoin bengalimovieshd
hoicholjoin hoichol
gk bangalijoin gkbangali
sikh pragatijoin sikhpragati
bengali tekjoin bengali tek
apurbajoin apurbha
the bengali traderjoin thebengalitrader
otgbangalijoin otgbengali
bengali gkjoin bengali gk
exam365join exam365
bengaliaudiostorejoin bengaliaudiostore

Indian Express Bangla

Shares latest news from Bangladesh. You can get directly landed on the daily horoscope viewing page and the latest news articles through this channel. Shares news from the Bengali section of the Indian Express website. Seems like sharing all the content that are posting on the website directly to the channel. Joining this channel will ensure you get all the latest news reports from your favourite news website. Has nearly 1000 subscribers. join channel.

Exam Bangla

Shares latest exams and scholarship details in the channel. You can read more about each title from their website, through the link provided. All of the education-related news such as exam dates, result outing dates, scholarship announcements like stuff. Joining this channel make increase getting informed about every single news. Has nearly 8,000 subscribers. join channel.

Souvik Bangla

It’s all about businesses. They resell services and products at a lower price range. As an example, you can send bulk SMS through their services, like that they offer many services. Also, sells gift packs, prints calendars, mugs, t-shirts, and much more branding-related stuff. Has more than 5,200 subscribers. join channel.

Android Bangla

Shares knowledge and resources about android os and mobiles. Latest leaks and specifications of top mobile devices and android related news. Also shares android app promotional videos as tutorials for easy understanding. Shares details about their own developed android games and android apps. You can promote your local app through the channel too. Contact the admin for advertisements. Has nearly 1000 subscribers. join channel.

Bangla Today Bangla Today

Another latest news-sharing telegram channel. It’s about the news website Bangla today. Shares a portion of the total news reporting on their website to the channel. You can get highlights of each day through this channel. Not share’s all the contents on the website, but some special news. Has more than 1,200 subscribers. join channel.

New Bengali HD Movies

Shares about the latest news, gossips about Bengali and Indian movie industry. Shares awesome review videos, articles, and posters about upcoming movies. You cannot expect them to upload any movie files to the channel. But, reviews and supportive videos, articles .etc. Has more than 12,000 subscribers. join channel.


So, here is the full list of Bengali telegram channels list in 2021, April. We will continuously update the channel list by replacing them. Everyone loves to join telegram groups in their own language. But without invitations, it’s hard to find those kinds of telegram group chat links. For that reason, we from Telegrampapa come to help you. Like this article, there are many kinds of categorized telegram channels that help you to join chats easily. Here you can find local peoples from these telegram channels. With having common interests as you. May help you to meet and chat with new friends. Also, they share their favorite music, movies, games in those groups. Thus entertaining you.

Can also share information or promote stuff to local communities from these telegram channels at no cost. Absolutely for free. Also, if you are not for that, you can be entertained by these groups. Watch movies, listen to music from these groups, and ultimately make new friends. Chat with them and if you play games, get to know about new games. Check our android games channels list. These groups may behave identified with special interest in-group members. So, it will post many things that the telegram channel is about. So, join the groups according to your interests.

These telegram channels are mainly from the gaming niche, music, and movies. Those 3 are the most common telegram group categories. Will be able to find so many new friends playing common games and collaborate with them to make teams and play together for more fun. In movies or music telegram channels, you will find new movie releases, offers, news about them, and much more interesting information.

You will not be able to get that information from anywhere else or from any kind of telegram group other than local groups. Get know about ongoing situations especially from this outbreak season, Get know about surrounding situation nearby.

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