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Great Teacher Hall (???? Daejosajeon). A shrine erected in the memory of Sangwol Wongak, a large statue of whom can be found inside. Guinsa, located near Danyang in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, has architecture following that of many other Buddhist temples in Korea, but is also markedly different in that the structures are several stories tall, instead of the typical one or two stories that structures found in many other Korean temples.

From this article, we are going to share with you a list of Korean movie telegram channels. We previously shared an article about telegram groups and channels for Korean drama subtitles. However, this list of channels and groups is much different from the rest.

Korean Drama Duniyajoin Korean Drama Duniya
List Complete Korean dramajoin List Complete Korean drama
The Penthouse k-dramajoin The Penthouse k-drama
The Good Detectivejoin The Good Detective
Sweet First Love [K-Drama Family]join Sweet First Love [K-Drama Family]
kdrama feedjoin kdrama feed
Do You Like Brahms?join Do You Like Brahms?
kdrama fanjoin kdrama fan
Nobody Knowsjoin Nobody Knows
Joseon Survivaljoin Joseon Survival
Korean Drama Shop KDSjoin Korean Drama Shop KDS
Tell Me What You Sawjoin Tell Me What You Saw
No Secretjoin No Secret

Most popular Groups & Channels:

single drama fan group

K-Drama Family

The king of listing separate telegram channels for each tv series. Has more than 80,000 subscribers. Share groups invitation links of each tv series created by them at least 1 per week. Yep, that’s how much they love Korean drama. All of them are groups, so you can send messages too. Also, each telegram group is much active and has an amazing member count for all groups. I’m wondering how they managing all those groups. We have added a section for some of these shared telegram groups for individual tv series. Join channel.

Korean Drama Free

An awesome telegram channel with a lot of subscribers that are truly enjoying being a participant. As the name suggests the channel provides Korean dramas. So many popular Korean dramas are featured here. It shares website links that you can watch each movie. Some are paid and some are free by those channel owners. Also, each movie or drama is reviewed by a team member to bring you a fully detailed movie suggestion. Can ask or suggest a new drama or movie to them and get it featured. Currently has more than 30,000 subscribers. More than 300 links already shared. join channel.

KDramas Hindi

A telegram channel all about Korean dramas and Hindi. All the dramas or movies posting here either has Hindi subtitles or Hindi dubbed. They share youtube links or each television channel’s link that shows the original content. Actually, it’s a service that provides direct watching links to the channel participants. Currently has more than 4000 subscribers in this Hindi Korean world. Join channel.

K-drama Queen

How can we forget about status when we are talking about Korean dramas. Korean drama fans usually fill status with Korean drama scenes. How we can forget them? so, this telegram channel is all about status videos from popular and trending Korean dramas. Anyone can easily download those tiny little video clips from the telegram channel just by tapping a single button. And now you just have to do is upload it to the status bar. They share beautiful video clips with some amazing background music just for status. Currently just has 1300 subscribers and will grow steadily because of their hard work. Join channel.

Korean Drama In Hindi

A telegram channel with a bigger audience. As the previous one, this channel also shares Hindi subtitles and dubbed Korean dramas. It’s an active channel, that posts at least 6 messages per day. Korean Drama In the Hindi telegram channel never misses any popular Korean drama. They are that much addicted to Korean dramas and tv series. Has more than 45000 subscribers. Join channel.

Korean drama indo subs

An Indonesian telegram channel for Korean dramas. Indonesia also has a strong fan base for Korean dramas and tv series. Thus, making it more essential for subtitles service. It’s not worth watching without knowing dialogs. For the larger audience on Indonesian, this channel provides Indonesian subtitles for popular Korean telegrams. Has more than 20,000 subscribers to this channel. Also, it’s the biggest known Indonesian telegram channel for Korean dramas. Join channel.

korean Drama With Sinhala Subtitles

Telegram channel for Sri Lankan Korean drama lovers. This channel has an audience of nearly 600 subscribers. Provides Sinhala subtitles for popular Korean dramas, movies, and tv series. It’s an active group post about 2-3 posts per day. join the channel to see more information.

Hindi K Drama [K-Drama, Movies, Series, Anime]

A telegram group for Indians who love Korean drama, tv series, movies, and animes. Here you can share anything subjecting to their rules that related to the aim of the group. Can ask for movie, drama, or anime suggestions by group members. Also, can ask for dubbed copies and subtitles to watch it perfectly. Has nearly 4000 members. Join group.

Korean Drama News!

How you can find new dramas, movies, and tv series with your favorite actor? Here’s Korean Drama News! the channel comes in. This channel shares news and gossips updates of popular actors in the Korean film industry. You’ll get much of the new movie releases and their actors from this channel. Has nearly 500 subscribers. Join channel.

So I Married the Anti Fan

A telegram channel for the Korean drama So I Married The Anti Fan. If you don’t know anything about it, it’s a newly released highly popular Korean drama. Has a higher rating from many viewers all around the world. This channel is dedicated for So I Married the Anti Fan. And has a subscriber base of more than 7000. Mostly shares episodes updates and news, gossips about the drama. Also, shares hindi and english subtitles for better enjoy. Join channel.

Find Me In Your Memory

This Group is also dedicated to the Korean drama Find Me In Your Memory. Although this is a group, rather than a channel. That means anyone can share relevant things in the group. ASk for subtitles and so on. Shares gossips and photographs of the actors. Has more than 6000 members in this group. Join group.

Drama Korea Indonesia

Another Indonesian subtitle sharing telegram channel for Korean movies and dramas. An active channel with a 4500 participants count. Featured a few movies, tv-series or dramas at once. Currently Mouse, Law School dramas are featured this week. Actually, they cover a whole series in a week. So, you will find a lot of Indonesian dubbed and subtitled episodes. Join channel.

More K-drama telegram groups:

K-drama family telegram channel organizes separate telegram groups for each popular, trending Korean drama. So, for easy to find, we will leave the links below:

Here’s My Planjoin group.
Neverthelessjoin group.
Imitationjoin group.
Oh My Ladylordjoin group.
udgment Hourjoin group.
Navillera join group.
Joseon Exorcistjoin group.
Revolutionary Sisters join group.


This group is only for mouse tv series. Currently, the Mouse group has more than 30,000 members. The mouse has a google like of 9.7 out of 10 stars. Originally released in March this year. Also has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from more than 1200 users. casts are Lee Seung‑gi, Park Ju‑hyun, Kwon Hwa‑woon, Lee Hee‑joon. Join the group for more information.


Here are the all Korean movies telegram channel, groups that we have to share with you. There are tons of individual telegram groups for each tv series. We added as many we can. The rest of the list can be found from the k-drama channel. We will update our list often to include amazing telegram channels and groups. Until then, happy watching.

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