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indian telegram groups

Here is the list of the best Indian telegram groups list. From this groups list, we will provide you as many telegram groups in a wide variety of categories. To match everyone’s need. So, from this list, you will find as many interesting groups for you.

Sonu Sharma Motivationaljoin Sonu Sharma Motivational
India Bhai Channeljoin India Bhai Channel
Live Lawjoin Live Law
Amway India Officialjoin Amway India Official
India Covid-19 Newsjoin India Covid-19 News
Indian moviesjoin Indian movies
Bollywood, Hindi, Punjabi Songsjoin Bollywood, Hindi, Punjabi Songs
Bollywood filmss Wowjoin Bollywood filmss Wow
video sharejoin video share
funny tik tokjoin funny tik tok
desi tik tokjoin desi tik tok
Pubg custom roomjoin Pubg custom room
Indian girlsjoin Indian girls
style girlsjoin style girls

India has a really strong telegram community base. Most of the people in India always use both WhatsApp and telegram. Also, a majority of users are switching to telegram over WhatsApp. Just because of the countless features that the telegram app providing. The below section is for the top telegram groups in the list.

India Fights With COVID

A covid news updating telegram group and supporting group. A group that made up for covid supporting. Members can donate and receive donations from the group. Can contribute to supply for those who affected by the pandemic. Also, news updates about covid are posting directly into the group. Currently has more than 100,000 members in this private supporting group. Join group.

Indian Cryptocurrecny Telegram Groups

Indian Cryptocurrency NetworkJoin Indian Cryptocurrency Network
Safe Protocol Indiajoin Safe Protocol India
Block Chain IndiaJoin Block Chain India
CryptoCom Indiajoin Cryptocom india
CoinDCX Communityjoin CoinDCX Community
Crypto Players Indiajoin Crypto Players India
Bitcoin Expert Indiajoin Bitcoin Expert India

This section is for those who want cryptocurrency-related groups. As these groups in your own language, it might be easy to communicate with the rest of the group members. Also, as a community dedicated to a country, you’ll find solutions for barriers. Will be able to find a solution as a community. Also, it will make it easy to find learning materials in your own language. When doing transactions use a third-party responsible platform for exchanges. If not, you may have a higher chance of being scam and loss of money.

KuCoin Exchange

An Indian telegram group for a popular cryptocurrency called Kukoin. We are not going to explain what is KuCoin. You can find Kucoin and other alternative coin movements, price predictions from this group. As a group, they share their thaught on coins and ask the community for their perspective. Has more than 13,000 members in this specific group. Join group.

Binance India

The official Binance telegram group for Indian users. By joining this group, you will get access to the community base that is sharing important news and knowledge. Also, they share new cryptocurrencies that they consider to be worth. Also popular for p2p exchange to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies in the Binance platform. Currently has more than 23,000 members in the group. Join Group.

Paxful Indian Community

The official Paxful Indian community. Paxful is popular for p2p exchange. That means People who want to enter the cryptocurrency market and purchase some coins can purchase USDT, Bitcoin from local sellers. Also, Those who want to convert existing Bitcoins, USDT to local currency can sell them to local buyers. Paxful connect sellers and buyers inside the platform with a set of rules to provide a secure transaction. So, make sure to do those transactions inside the platform. .Has more than 12000 members in the group. Join Group.

Indian Educational Telegram Groups and Channels

ar7join ar7
Study Roomjoin Study Room
Neeraj Arora Classesjoin Neeraj Arora Classes
Sudarshan Gurjar’s CSEjoin Sudarshan Gurjar’s CSE
Defence Study Channeljoin Defence Study Channel
Ancient Indiajoin Ancient India
Study IQ Educationjoin Study IQ Education
IAS Expressjoin IAS Express
Antara_Sociologyjoin Antara Sociology
Learn Machine Learningjoin Learn Machine Learning
Unacademy Acceleratejoin Unacademy Accelerate
study india addajoin study india adda

When coming to Education, There are a lot of Indian online teachers. Who provides knowledge across a wide variety of categories including programming, maths, science, and English. They teach the subjects simpler and easy to understand. Mostly on programming classes. I personally learned many things from Indian YouTubers. So, here we are going to provide educational telegram channels in India.

Udemy Coupon Codes

There is a huge audience for the Udemy in India. Hundreds of thousands of Indian people use Udemy to learn stuff. Udemy teachers tend to give away free course access when they add a new course to promote and get some reviews from users. So, people can get access to the course for free with the link. This channel shares such Udemy Coupon links every day. Users can get promotions easily without missing any opportunity by joining this channel. Join channel.

Udemy free Couponsjoin Udemy free Coupons
Udemy course Coupons Freejoin Udemy course Coupons Free
* Udemy Courses Freejoin Udemy Courses Free
Free Udemy Courses couponsjoin Free Udemy Courses coupons

The above list of telegram channels shares accesses to premium courses with a discount. Most of these courses are free and some may have a discounted price. Those courses are also of good quality, they just boosting enrolment count and reviews though giving them for free for a limited time. Users can go through the links and get the courses at discounted prices. If the course is free, you can access it without giving any credit card information. Also, those discount links are available for a limited time period. After the promotion, the price will automatically increase and the coupons will not valid.

Team Education India Channel

A telegram channel sharing much educational stuff. They usually share from their youtube channel. Also, they have dedicated paid courses for several subjects. Currently has more than 8000 subscribers in the channel. Join Channel.

Technical Awara New India

A telegram channel for exams. Economical, historical, and general knowledge questions and answers are being shared to the channel. Best for as a knowledge entertainment. Has more than 17,000 subscribers in the channel. Join Channel.


GUVI is It company in India. From this telegram channel, they share AI-related stuff. They share video lessons, Programming lessons to promote AI learning. Organizes exams in AI creation and giving prices to winners. Also, can be able to get a job from the company to build awesome software with AI power. Has more than 41000 subscribers in the channel. Join Channel.

Machine Learning

Another awesome AI(machine Learning) related telegram channel with tons of resources. Focused on Big Data analysis, Machine Learning, Data Science, and many more Data related subcategories. Shares open source resources from GitHub and other open-source project sharing platforms. Has more than 50,00 subscribers around the channel to get the knowledge. Join Channel.


Shares knowledge about Indian military exams to join the force. Defense unit exams, navy exams, and other types of military exams related stuff are posting here. Exam dates, how to apply to each position, and qualifications needed for each position kind many educational materials are sharing. Currently has more than 21000 subscribers. Join Channel.

Unacademy Articulate

Join this telegram channel for UPSC CSE Preparation. SHares free live classes promoting their paid versions of the class. Also, provides scholarships for major courses. All the stuff is posting to the channel. Pdfs, live class updates, videos, and other kinds of study materials are shared on the channel. Has more than 15000 subscribers. Join Channel.

Bank Exams Today

Giving free study materials for those who willing to get a bank job. Share youtube videos, blog posts, and PDFs. An active channel that shares stuff about 5-7 per day. Has 17000 subscribers. Join the channel for more info.

Indian Job Related Telegram channels and groups

India is one of the liquidated job markets. It has many job openings and many job seekers at a given time. Making it easy to find job candidates and workers. There are many Telegram channels and groups that provide space to meet job seekers and job makers. Unlike WhatsApp, telegram groups and channels have the ability to expand it’s size easily without limitations.

Learn Technicaljoin Learn Technical
Jobs for youjoin Jobs for you
Freshers India.injoin Freshers India.in
AI Jobsjoin AI Jobs
Indian IT Jobsjoin Indian IT Jobs
Way2Fresherjoin Way2Fresher
Salesforce Developersjoin Salesforce Developers
Jobs in Indiajoin Jobs in India
All India Jobsjoin All India Jobs
India Referral Jobsjoin India Referral Jobs
Analyst & Analytics Jobsjoin Analyst & Analytics Jobs
South India Jobsjoin South India Jobs
North India Jobsjoin North India Jobs
Placement Drive Govt Jobjoin Placement Drive Govt Job
Pharma Udyogjoin Pharma Udyog

India Jobs

An Indian telegram group that is dedicated to job seekers and job makers. Has more than 28000 members that are either job seekers, campus out student,s or those who want to hire someone. Anyone can post a message without a barrier and mostly shares job opportunities. Many technological-related jobs in the group have a majority, but some non-tech-related jobs are also posting. Join India jobs.

Jobs in India

Another job posting telegram group in India. You have to post a detailed job opening with all the required details such as requirements, responsibilities, working hours, working hours, and others. Unless you will get banned or blame for without providing enough details. Anyone free to post any jobs-related stuff. Has nearly 10,000 members in this group. Join group.

AI Jobs

A telegram channel all about Artificial Intelligence-related Job openings posting. Has more than 1400 subscribers in the channel. Providing direct links to each LinkedIn job opening page. Thus making it easy for AI learned students to find the dream job in the related field. That not many job openings are available in this field. Join AI jobs.

Mechanical jobs

Only posts job openings about the construction-related fields. Including engineers, mechanicals, and more related jobs. Also, provides introductions to top courses from reputed companies to head towards the mechanical field. posts daily job openings for experienced and freshers to get the dream job easily. Currently has more than 6000 subscribers. Providing job openings for about 2 years. Join CHannel.

Pharma Udyog

Posting jobs for medical students. Jobs including pharmacy assistant, pharmacy manager, and lab works. A wide variety of medical and labs related job openings are posting directly into the channel. Not posting so often because of the limited number of job openings. But posts at least 10-20 job openings per month. Has more than 1200 subscribers. Join channel.

Gulf job careers

This channel is for those who want to work abroad. Share youtube videos on “how to apply for” kinds of videos. Also shares abroad job vacancies in Gulf area. Has more than 5100 subscribers. Join channel.

Here is the full list of Indian telegram groups links list. The list contains invitation links to groups in popular categories. There are more than 53 group invitation links. also, there is another article on the best Indian telegram groups. Check it out for more group links that are not listed here.

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