[38+] Malay Telegram Groups and channels list

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A list of Malay telegram channels and group invitation links that you can join. There is a huge number of telegram users in Malaysia. This article is to help those to get started using telegram and find many interesting channels and groups.

  2. Movie Club Naz
  3. Malay mail
  4. Naruto Malay
  5. Hindi/tamil movie Malay sub
  6. Movee Sub Malay
  7. Prayer set
  8. 𝙈𝙖𝙡𝙖𝙮𝙨𝙞𝙖𝙣 𝘿𝙞𝙖𝙡𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙨 𝙏𝙤 𝙆𝙣𝙤𝙬
  9. PuiSi cInT
  10. Sentap words
  11. Malaysia Today
  12. Arena Harimau Malaysia
  13. Watsons Malaysia
  14. Muslim Volunteer Malaysia
  15. Kangaroo Math Malaysia
  16. Theravada Buddhist council
  17. Teamon Malaysia

Popular Malaysian telegram groups, Channels

Malaysian ministry of health

Health first, this is the verified channel of the Malaysian health ministry. It’s better to join this channel to receive news, breaking news, and events updates to get support and to support the community. Has nearly 1 million subscribers on the channel. Join to receive covid vaccine-related news updates and spreading updates to avoid spreading. join channel.

National Security Council

The National Security Council is responsible for coordinating national security-related policies and directives on security measures including security movements, public order, and matters involving security. The official telegram channel of the national security council of Malaysia, verified by telegram. Has more than a 1.6million subscribers in the channel. Currently, discuss covid related community updates. join channel.

Doraemon malay channel

A telegram channel that discusses Doraemon movies and episodes. Can get episode releases and video clips of the Doraemon movie. Has currently more than 7,100 subscribers in the channel. Already shared more than 134 videos to the channel. join channel.

Tapaw Subtitles

anime movies poster

A telegram channel that provides Malay subtitles for anime movies and series. It’s hard to find Malay subtitles for anime movies as there are many anime movies. Most of the anime movies featuring here are Japanese origin movies. Has more than 15,000 subscribers in the channel. already shared more than 400 files with the channel community. join channel.

Fingo Official Malay

Fingo users can join to receive the latest news and offers from Fingo Head Quarters. You’ll instantly get the flash sales, discounts, and many more that are offered by the FIngo. Currently has more than 7000 subscribers in the channel. join channel.

Pensel kayu

A channel that shares Malaysian telegram channels invitation links. Already has a huge number of invitation links list in the channel as a message. You can read the small description provided with the invitation link. Has 27,000 subscribers. join channel.

Malay Mail

Translating international news, breaking news that is directly or indirectly affecting the Malaysian. Only political and lifestyle international news are getting share to the channel in the Malay language. currently sharing more covid related stuff there. Has a participant base of 17,000 subscribers to see Malay content. join channel.

Photolicious World

A Malaysian telegram channel that aims to share wonderful places in Malaysia and all over the world. Shares photographs and video clips(TikTok) captured from beautiful places such as mountains, hills, waterfalls to the channel. You can also submit your photos including beautiful places to the channel. Has nearly 9000 subscribers. sharing a large number of photographs per day. join channel.

DIY world

DIY intro image

A telegram channel sharing Do It Yourself kind instructions as a blog(Malay) or videos(youtube). Shares amazing Malay explained simple DIY videos and blogs to help members to create them. If you are a DIY website blogger or a YouTuber, you can send resources to get featured. Has more than 10,000malaysian participants in the channel. All the contents are in Malay too. join channel.

Life Advice

Good advice can be soothing to everyone who hears it and keeps giving a warning because indeed the warning is beneficial for the believers. This channel shares life advice religious sayings, motivational images, and real-life videos. already has a collection of nearly 20,000 photos. Has a subscriber count of more than 50,000. join the channel to receive daily life advice.

Share Movie Here

A place to discuss and share news about Malaysian and Singaporean movies and tv series. Shares theater releases and movies online watching affiliate links in the channel. Has nearly 5000 subscribers in the channel. Join channel.

Malaysia Kimetsu

Another Japanese movie and series telegram channel. wich provides Malay subtitles for popular anime series. has a 2.55k subscriber base. It was inactive for a long time, but now it has started its journey to reach 10,000 subscribers. By providing many new posts for these few days. join channel.

NUSMS Official Telegram

The official NUSMS telegram channel. WHere it shares the latest news updates and events messages to inform its students. Has just 500 subscribers who are studying here. join channel.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Get university-related news, updates intakes to stay in touch with the university. If you are a university seeker, not only Universiti Teknologi Malaysia details are sharing, but also other related updates are also sharing with the public. has more than 11,000 subscribers. join channel.

My Cryptoversity

A Malaysian cryptocurrency telegram channel with more than 6000 subscribers. Shares news and updates about cryptocurrencies and predictions. Also, discussing alternative coins. They are promoting their own paid course through the channel. join channel.

eDIDIK Malaysia

An educational telegram group in Malaysia. Has more than 50,000 members in the group. Can ask for university recommendations, jobs-related stuff, and many more related things. They shared guidelines to keep the group quality. You can share anything to suit the guidelines in the group. join group.

Malaysian Stock Market and trading telegram channels

stock market chart image

Stockbit Malaysia

A platform for Malaysian stock traders, crypto traders to share knowledge and receive news. This channel aims to share the latest hot news related to ongoing situations in the Malaysian stock market to investors. Also, trending and popular Stockbit community posts are also sharing with the channel. Has nearly 14,000 subscribers. join channel.

Trading Ideas Bursa

Trading-related news, breaking news, updates, events sharing telegram channel that aims to provide the latest trading-related stuff. Has nearly 5000 subscribers who want to receive the latest news. join channel.

Trading View Malaysia

Malaysian trading telegram channel with 5000 subscribers. Shares their thoughts on market movements and related news of the ongoing situation. To better understand the next market move and predict price changes. Just sharing their perspective. The rest of the analyzing process is up to you. join channel.

Malaysian prayer telegrma channels

praying style image
hidden history
Your story is ours
Islam Itu Indah
Dear Hati
Hati Remaja
Nak Pesan Boleh

Prayer set

Prayers From al-Quran & al-Hadith are posting to the channel. Compiled & Collected From Various Reference Sources. Prayer Suggestions Praying to God is His command. It is one of the practices in His worship. So, you will get daily prayers from the telegram channel. Currently, it has nearly 40,000 subscribers. Asks questions in the channel and participants can answer them to check their knowledge. Join channel.

𝗧𝘂𝗹𝗶𝘀𝗮𝗻 𝗣𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗺𝗶𝘀 𝗗𝘂𝗻𝗶𝗮

A motivational and quotes telegram channel that is stick with Islam. Has more than 10,000 subscribers. Finds answers for daily life challenges from the Quran’s quotes. Mostly are text message quotes. Literary not that many photo quotes. Join channel.

The DakwahJourney

Another quotes telegram channel in Malay. has more than 6700 subscribers in the channel. AIms to deliver best quotes to most of the life challenges by teachings of popular persons. join channel.

About Malay Channels:

Those are the all Malay telegram groups that we could find. If you are an anime watcher, list of Malay subtitles telegram channels list. You can join Malaysian anime lovers communities from our list.

We listed many subtitles providing for Hindi, English movies telegram channels. Malaysian news, lifestyle, political news, and much more kinds of news telegram channels. Cryptocurrency-related telegram channels and groups. And many other kinds of telegram channels are on the list. Most of them have a huge Malaysian participant base or they are created by a Malaysian for Malay people. There are some trading, stock market-related telegram channels in our list. Just add them to provide resources for you. Not recommending them for financial stuff. If you have any problem related to a telegram channel that we listed here. Contact us to remove the invitation link.

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