[26+] PS4 Games Telegram Channel & Groups List

ps4 games telegram channel

A list of telegram channels and groups for play station 4 games. Get connected with thousands of ps4 gamers worldwide to watch other player’s clips, connect to form teams, buy PS4 games and accounts. Check our Indian PlayStation telegram channels list also.

Ps4_landsjoin channel
NowInStock.net PlayStation 5join group
Games hubjoin channel
Iran Account PS4join channel
Cheapest PS4 accountsjoin channel
PS4 PS5 Accountsjoin channel
PS4 PS5 Games Galaxyjoin channel
Ps4 accountjoin channel
best Account PS4join channel
PSN bundlesjoin channel
PS4 Coffeejoin channel
Gamerzone(ps4)join channel
Gold Ps4 Accauntjoin channel
MOHI Game ps4 xboxjoin channel
Canal Playstationjoin channel
Catalunya Playstationjoin group
Playstation mafiajoin channel
PlayStation Chatjoin group
The Traveler – Playstationjoin group

Best channels and groups:

PS4 Deals

Posts offer and discounts from game creators to purchase whenever a new offer is given. Join to receive the latest deals to purchase PS4 games. Currently just has 140 subscribers in the channel. But, they posts so often, at least 3 offers per day to maintain its consistencies. join channel.

Ps4 lands

A seller of legal PS4 gaming accounts at a very reasonable price. Has more than 5000 subscribers in the channel. sells gif cards, the game offers, and much more in the channel. join channel.

PlayStation Italia

Italian Playstation telegram channel to inform users about new Games and offers. Watch gameplays and trailers to select new games to play. Has 14.3 k subscribers. posts at least 4 posts per day. join channel.

Ethiopain PlayStation

An Ethiopian telegram channel for buying and selling PlayStations. They buy damaged Playstations and repair them and sell them back by using the telegram channel. Has nearly 2000 subscribers in the channel. join channel.

PlayStation Discounts

A Russian PlayStation telegram channel. Posts about new game offer to purchase at a lower price. Also, discounts and promotions to buy PlayStation offers are also posting to the channel. Has nearly 25,000 subscribers. join the channel to know about the latest offers.

OfertasJuegos PlayStation

A Spanish telegram channel for informing users about the latest news and offers related to PlayStation. All the contents are posting here are in the Spanish language. Has nearly 50,000 subscribers. posts mostly amazon discount offers and other online e-commerce site offers related to PlayStation. Although all the messages are in Spanish, anyone can understand the message because they use simple graphics to get the user’s attention. Join channel.


A Japanese telegram channel about gamming. Playstation, Xbox, and other kinds of gaming consoles are getting featured in the channel. Alerts about new game releases and offers to buy games. All the content is in the Japanese language. has nearly 8000 subscribers. join channel.

PS3-PS4-PS5 group

A telegram group all about questioning and answering about PlayStation-related issues. Also, gameplays, offers are posting to the group by members. You can too. Has more than 1000 members in the group. join group.

What you will recieve?

Here, you can connect with many people who are also interested in PS4 gaming. To form teams to play together for more fun. Also, to watch other players’ gameplays. Unlike youtube or twitch, you can watch awesome gameplays from telegram. Also, can share your own gameplay videos with many people at once without having prior followers base. Making it easy to show your performance to as many people as to get started in the gaming profession.

When a new game releases, watch gameplays and recommendations from real players without misleading tricks. Can ask for mission complete instructions and tips to pass hard missions.

It’s much popular to buy and sell PS accounts. Players can buy accounts with a higher ranking and tons of games. There are many Telegram channels that sell PS4 accounts. Players can buy those PS4 accounts for a reasonable price to play awesome games. It’s much cheaper to buy accounts than purchasing single games. But, it’s too risky to purchase accounts. Because the seller can regain the account too. Making you lose money and the account too.

PS4 games Bundle telegram

There are many PS4 games bundle telegram channels and groups on the list. That you can purchase game bundles to play on PS4. It’s discounted when you purchase as a bundle of games instead of single games.

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