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Here is a list of Melayu telegram channels and Melayu telegram groups. In this telegram channels and groups list, you can find useful and hidden valuable telegram links. Educational telegram groups, channels, movies,tv-series, web series sharing telegram channels list that you can join to download amazing stuff and receive some good alerts bout each of their related stuff. Check our Malay subtitles channels to get subtitles for animes, and popular series.


A Melayu telegram channel that shares videos, photos. This channel is suitable for everyone. There are more than 3,000 entertainment photos and nearly 1,000 entertainment videos posted on this telegram channel. You can easily view all of them through the media tab after viewing the telegram channel even without joining the channel. Has more than 27,000 members in this channel. anyone can send messages to this telegram group.

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This channel is a religious and general information telegram channel. A highly active channel providing new information, media, and also holy words every day. There are almost nearly 5,000 subscribers on the channel. It seems worth joining the channel if you are a Malaysian.

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Backup Cerita Sarikata Melayu

A huge telegram channel that posts tv series, web series episodes, and movies directly into the channel. That means you can download those movies, series episodes directly and at high speed. Even you can watch them through the mobile device with telegram’s rich functionalities. There were more than 3,000 movies, tv-series episodes added. So it’s 100% value to join this channel.

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This channel provides online tuition presentations like stuff in their channel. currently has more than 11,000 subscribers. Doesn’t posts so often. only 1-2 posts per month. This channel promotes their online tuition system in their telegram channel.

Bahasa Melayu Spmnetic!™📑

Bahasa melayu exam helper telegram group. Anyone can send messages and notes like valuable educational materials to the group. Has more than 25,000 members in this telegram group. You can get so many exam papers, answers and also notes for exams. Already added nearly 500 files most of them are PDFs.

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Arabic Malay Fonts

A useful telegram channel that provides fonts for free. There are so many premium fonts out there that you can’t download or use without purchasing them. This channel finds and provides some premium-looking fonts for free. You can download them and use them in your commercial and non-commercial projects. Please also refer to their license file before use for double sure. Has more than 8,000 subscribers in this channel benefiting those free stuff.

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TapawSub Announce

A telegram channel that shares anime episodes and their Malay subtitles. They share a lot of photos and links on their channel. Links for episodes and subtitles are provided through their website. Has more than 16,000 subscribers and already provided more than 2,500 photos and almost nearly 1,000 links in the channel.

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group telegram melayu

Valuable Melayu telegram groups for several types of niches including education, series and movies, games, and so on. You can join them and share your content and also share youtube channels there to get related subscribers and views. Also, you can receive such valuable content from all the group members.

PKhas B.Melayu SR

Shares exam notes, exam-related model papers, and also online exam questionnaires and answers to practice the exam. You can receive top questions and also you can share your hard questions to get resolved by the group members. also you can find a study mate through the group by providing good notes and valuable information. Currently has more than 3,000 members.

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Ladieswear selling telegram channels based in Malaysia. They do cash on delivery as well as bank transfers. You can view their product catalog through this telegram group. Has nearly 700 group members. If you are a businessman in a related product niche, then you can promote your products through this telegram group by getting permission from the group owner.

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This channel list contains Melayu channels and groups invitation links. you can go through these links to join those valuable channels and groups. We will update these channels list to consist of the latest channels in different categories. For those who want Malay channels, click here and view those Malay channels list.

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