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In this article, we are going to provide you with an amazing list of web series telegram channels to download web series easily. If you do not still have a telegram account, you should definitely create one. Because you can easily find almost anything you want with a telegram. You just need to know the correct telegram channels for the requirement. Also, we are here for you to provide the most amazing and useful telegram links. If you are new to Telegram and don’t know really anything that much about the telegram, you can easily download anything from telegram. Also, you can log in through a PC for download to PC. It’s totally a different method than WhatsApp or any other end-to-end encrypted messaging platform. Because in WhatsApp or any other end-to-end encryption platforms, the mobile device re-uploads things to the cloud, and then you can download it through PC. but in telegram things are not too complicated and data-consuming. Things you download don’t require your mobile device to have a connection. Instead, it directly gets files from the cloud. So, let’s take a look at the collections list. for top movies telegram channels, see our top movies telegram channel list article.

web series telegram channel

We all love web series. But probably it’s not free. It costs you some reasonable amount of money to have premium tv-series accounts. also, you may need to have multiple accounts On those different platforms to watch separate tv series. That’s a real disadvantage of watching original tv series. But instead, you can join those telegram channels also providing the same for free. Those who do such telegram channels do a great job y sharing what they watch for free. So, you can watch them by joining those telegram channels. In telegram you have those hashtags to follow up a tv series easily. you just need to click on your favorite tv series hashtag to view all the episodes the admins have uploaded. It’s really easy in telegram for the purpose.

also, I should mention that there are channel takedown processes going on telegram to prevent pirates. SO, some of the channels, groups that we mentioned may also not be affected. if you found any such channel or group. please comment down below.

Kota factory Web Series

This channel provides telegram group links for each individual trending tv series, web series. You can join such mini-groups to watch all the episodes and follow up on those tv series, web series. It doesn’t fail to provide telegram channels, group links of popular trending series. so, you should probably join this channel.

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Series Archive

This channel is also the same as the previous one. You can have so many individual groups for each popular trending tv series, web series. already it shared more than 400 individual group links that have so many episodes uploaded. So, you just need to join series archive group and search for the name of the web series, tv-series that you want. so, it will show you the group link for the series. It’s that really simple. It already has more than 10,000 subscribers. so it will keep doing this for a long time.

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🇹 🇻 SERIES🇮 🇳

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Another same kind of highly active telegram channel. This channel also provides trending series telegram group links. WHere you can share your stuff related to the series. You can chat with those other guys and watch videos, photos that are related to the series and its actors. a highly active channel sharing at least 1-2 new groups every week. Has nearly 10,000 subscribers.

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series collection

series collection telegram channel poster

A huge telegram channel with more than 50,000 subscribers. a very active Telegram channel that shares links for their own separate channels for many things such as Netflix shows, games, like a wide variety of their own channel .those channels are also very active and have a huge amount of subscribers.

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ullu web series telegram link

Ullu web series, movies, and tv series sharing telegram channels list. these channels are we found really hard because of new policies in telegram itself. These channels use some techniques to align with the policies by telegram. we will keep updating this list with the latest channels and groups.

New Ullu Original

new ullu originals telegram group screen shot

This channel is dedicated to ullu web series and for tv series. you can watch so many ullu episodes of popular series through this channel. these guys directly upload stuff into their channel. so you can easily watch those episodes directly from the channel or else also you can download them through your PC.

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It provides all the latest web series including 18 web series telegram channels. you can also directly download episode media through the channel easily. You can view all the media uploaded into the channel through the media tab of the telegram channel. It keeps updated on all of the latest trending ullu series.

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It also provides ullu tv series, web series directly into the channel. You can view or download any of them easily. You can find all of them trending, web series through the channel. already has subscribers of nearly 5000 and it keeps growing.

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Ullu Movies

Ullu movies and also rarely series providing telegram channel. It provides all the trending ullu movies in this telegram channel. also if a series gets trending or popular, they will never miss any of those. they will probably provide those series through this telegram channel. has nearly 5,000 members in this telegram channel.

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ullu tv series telegram channel screen shot

ullu movies, tv-series sharing telegram channel which shares sub group links that are created for the entire series or their website links through this telegram channel. It has already nearly 5000 subscribers.

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Palangtod Charmsukh Ullu Web Series

Palangtod ullu web series telegram channel image sample

Another highly active telegram channel that already provided more than 800 ullu tv-series and web series. They are uploading media to their own website and providing their links in the telegram channel. Which is a good idea to prevent channels from getting banned. Also, it has more than 2,000 subscribers. It’s easy for the user to view videos through their website as of now. I don’t know about the future, currently, it provides series without any bad experience on their website.

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Tamil series telegram channels

A list of Tamil telegram channels that provides Tamil series, web series, and Tamil movies. Also, there is a channel for Korean dramas with Tamil dubbing. so guys take a look at the list to find the ones that you like. those channels are active and updated so often.

Prime Tamil Series

This channel provides all kinds of Tamil movies and series whatever popular or going viral. It has currently more than 14,000 subscribers and it keeps growing with numerous amount of series. all of the media are uploaded directly into the channel and it maintains security through different steps so it will not takedown. A highly active channel with more than 550 videos uploaded and already shared more than 120 links of other telegram channels or groups. So, if you are a Tamil series, movies lower, you should probably join this channel too.

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Netflix Tamil

An amazing telegram channel full of Tamil web series. it makes it easy for anyone to find it from their library. But unfortunately, they don’t upload series directly into their telegram channel instead they share their own website link for each individual movie or series. SO, you can go through the link to download the series. Has more than 21,000 subscribers.

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TS Series Bot

It’s not a group or a channel. it’s a bot. you can join it and start sending what you want. it will reply to you with the link that you are looking for. it seems difficult but it doesn’t all the information you need to know and how it works are shared instantly you click start. so take a look at it for a better understanding.

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Voot originals

voot original web series sample message

Voot original is also a Tamil series sharing telegram channel that also provides download links from their website. you can view those links even without joining. SO, take a look at them and try that channel. They have added several web series links in the channel. all the episodes clearly can be seen from the channel. has more than 1,200 subscribers and has added many series already.

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Korean Tamil Dubbed Series

As the group name suggests it’s all about Korean drama. This telegram channel is all about the Korean Tamil dubbed series. you can have sub telegram groups for separate series which is great. Because you can also participate in their discussions in those groups with also fans of the common Korean drama. so you can have so many awesome videos, photos of your favorite actors from those dramas. also, you will have the main goal of watching those episodes for free through telegram, which has more than 6,300 subscribers on the main channel.

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18 web series telegram group link

Ullu web series org

This telegram channel provides ullu 18+ Netflix shows. It has done a great job providing tv series for a long time but there were several copyright takedowns that happened on it, they will provide you a new channel link or whatsoever. So, join it and stay until great news come out.

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You can find awesome hot web series through this channel. mainly it uploads ullu web series but also uploads English, Hindi, and Tamil series. Has nearly 1000 members in this telegram group. So group members can also upload movies, episodes, and videos to this telegram group. you can too.

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CinemaDosti Tamil

Tamil adult movies sharing telegram channel which also considers about web series and tv series much. You can watch tamil adult series through this channel as it uploads media directly into the channel. you can watch them through a mobile device or through the PC. has slightly more than 2,000 subscribers.

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Jollu Originals

another Indian series sharing telegram channel. ch upload both Tamil and ullu series. so it’s more beneficial for those who are interested to watch both kinds of series. Already has nearly 4,000 subscribers in the channel.

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Movie, tv-series and web series channels, groups in telegram are much different than any other niche in telegram. Which has many new policies applied to prevent piracy. So, there is a high chance of these mentioned telegram channels get banned soon. There are specific rules for media in telegram. some of these channels seem not to follow those. so those channels may disappear soon. in order to keep you updated with useful telegram channels and groups, we are updating these lists often. So make sure to visit this website again. and if you found any inactive channels or groups please mention them down below. we will update the list whenever any suggestion is received. once that we missed here is Malayalam movies. we talked about Tamil, ullu but not Malayalam. please visit this web page if you are interested in Malayalam movies.

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