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PC Games Telegram channels and Groups List

This article contains popular telegram pc game channel links for streamers, gamers, and also anyone who likes pc games. Telegram hugely gained popularity in 2021. There are so many pc games-related channels in telegram with a huge number of participants. Probably there is at least 1 telegram channel for every popular game. In telegrampapa.com, we have a collection of telegram channel lists for many popular pc games. Such as GTA Pc telegram channel, GTA sanandreas. Most of these pc gaming telegram channels have a worldwide participant base.

If you are a streamer, this is a huge opportunity to display your skills and build a crowd around you. Can share your or your favorite player’s live streamings and their best videos with others for more fun. Most of these telegram channels have a much bigger audience with relevant likes. Thus making it easier to promote your youtube channel or Facebook streams. But, some of the telegram groups are not for self-promotion. So, don’t overdo self-promotion and you will get banned from these telegram channels. Read this article for further details for promoting your stream without spamming. Also, can obtain permission from the channel owner to promote your stuff there.

As a game lover, you also can watch your favorite PC games walkthroughs, playing clips, skills, and tricks pros use. Can share your or your favorite player’s live streamings and their best videos with others for more fun. It will be grateful to see other players’ skills, tricks, and performance. In the telegram, it is easier to watch Facebook, youtube videos as it automatically plays inside the telegram app.

Channel NameInvitaion Linkcrowd
PC gamesjoin group487
GTA Onlinejoin group185
GTA 5 online 3join group20,000+
Assassin’s creed join group14,000+
pubg pc join group8500+
DOta 2 newsjoin group11,000+
PC game reviewsjoin group2800
Koleksi PC Gamesjoin group21,000+
its gamingjoin group2100
sd gamesjoin group4,100+
Pc Game Highly Compressed Dailyjoin channel4,700+


Games is a telegram channel that provides the latest offers from top gaming stores such as epic games, Steam, and also CDKeys like direct providers. You will get to know about many deals available related to PC games. All of those games are from the original providers for an original license. Click join to view what kind of games they are providing. Also, join and turn on notifications to receive the latest offers. It will not work after expiring the offer. No downloading links providing. Has more than 49,000 subscribers. join channel.

PC Games List

If you are boring after playing those same kinds of pc Games, this channel is for you. There, you can find new announcements of different kinds of games developed by individual game developers. Those games usually don’t have a large number of missions. Carry a simple fundamental and graphically not so complex. Great if you want something not common. Most of those games are free to play, they just want to gain the attraction of the pc gamers and you may have options to buy some outfits, coins, etc. You can find such awesome games from this telegram channel. Has more than 47,000 subscribers. join channel.

PC games download for free

This telegram channel also provides the latest offers and discounts from the top game stores. Most of those store providers usually offer a free game per week and a lot of other discount codes. Here, you can find those discount codes and offers directly into your telegram app. Turn on notification for the channel to receive new offers. Has more than31,000 subscribers. join channel.

Moded Games

Gamers love to mod games to look incredible, have nice cars, get superpowers, and much more. Here, you can find modes not only for pc games but also for mobile games. But, it’s more focused on pc game mods rather than mobile games. Some of these mods are paid while others are free. Also, you have to check for viruses and protect yourself while installing modes. Has more than 15,000 subscribers. join channel.

Telegram Channels for pc games installation support

When installing some new games in older versions of windows or older computers some may face many errors. As for those who don’t know how to fix these issues in the current pc setup, can get support from these telegram groups. There is more than half a million total crowd combined. So, you have a higher chance of getting your problem fixed. you will meet users with the same issues. Thus making it easy for further actions or guidance.

I personally have to get guidance from a telegram group to install a game that has a missing DLL error. It didn’t take so long for a response from an online subscriber. It’s really useful to be in a telegram pc games channel that has many subscribers. There might be several hundreds of people online at a given time.

Channel NameInvitaion Linkcrowd
PC gamesjoin group200,000+
pc games supportjoin group36,000+

If you feel bored or alone, just chat on a channel and play together. If you don’t have a team that suits your skills, show your skills and get your teammates from the telegram channel. Just be active in telegram groups to make new friends. It will be awesome when active in a group with a huge number of participants. You’ll make many more friends from these channels and it will be fun.

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