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The list of Udemy 100% off coupons telegram channels and groups. Udemy is among the favorite source of online learning. You can get almost any type of course from the Udemy for a reasonable price. But, there are many free course coupons available. So, let’s check the list of channels that provides Udemy Coupon codes.

Udemy Courses Free(90,000 subscribers)join channel
Udemy free courses(23,000 subscribers)join channel
Udemy Courses Free(1600 subscribers)join channel
Udemy paid courses for freejoin channel
DiscUdemy join channel
Udemy Free Courses(45,000 subscribers)join channel
Free Udemy Courses | Udemy Coupons(2700 subscribers)join channel
Udemy Gdrive Courses!(27,000 members)join group
Udemy Coursesjoin channel
Free Udemy Coursesjoin channel
Udemy + Edureka Free Coursesjoin channel
Udemy Free Courses | Udemy Couponjoin group
Udemy free coursesjoin channel
Udemy Courses Daily Freejoin channel

More popular telegram channels for Udemy coupons

Udemy Free Courses

Share’s a wide range of Udemy courses coupon codes. Not just limited to programming, graphic designing, and like that popular computer stuff. More and more wide range course coupon codes are sharing. Has a subscriber count of 45,000 subscribers. Shares at least 8 coupon codes per day. But unfortunately, some of them are not 100% off, indeed they are somewhere between 60-90% off. The course coupon codes provider may get some affiliated commission when you purchase the course. join channel.

Udemy Courses Free

This might be one of the biggest Udemy course coupons giving telegram channels. But, they are just providing their own affiliated links in the group. That may have a discount activated mostly. Those discounts are between 35% to 90% depending on the course. Has more than 90,000 subscribers in the channel. Also, they provide at least 10 coupon codes per day. Also, If you are a teacher on Udemy, you can submit your course coupon to get featured on the channel and reach those 90,000 subscribers. join channel.

Free Udemy Courses | Udemy Coupons

This channel is all about providing coupon codes. But, not just Udemy coupon codes but also other popular course site’s coupon codes. Like CourseMafia. The best thing is that all the courses providing is 100% off when you use the link given to join. You can enroll in the course and complete it whenever you want. Also, you will get the certificates that are providing when completed. Currently has more than 2,100 subscribers. join channel.

Udemy free courses

It’s mostly about programming stuff. Has more than 23,000 subscribers in the channel. Shares so many free coupon codes in the channel. They also accept paid advertisements on Udemy courses coupon codes. Teachers can provide them coupons and payments to get featured on the channel. join channel.

Udemy Courses Free

Many kinds of courses are getting featured on this channel. you can access all of them via this channel to receive huge discounts and offers. Just has more than 1600 subscribers still. They provide almost 100% free Udemy courses coupon links. 10-15 coupon code links are sharing on the channel every day. join channel.

Udemy Courses Daily Free

One of the biggest Udemy courses coupon codes providing telegram channel. Posts, not many coupon codes. But at least 1-2 coupon codes sharing every day covering a wide variety of course categories. Not like many other channels, in this telegram channel, participants can express feelings about each course coupon they provided. Suggesting to other participants about the quality, success, and effectiveness of the coupon has more than 100,000 subscribers. join channel.

Udemy Free Course

Shares programming, cryptocurrency-related course contents in the channel. From youtube videos to Udemy, Edunox, Data Camp courses. Has nearly 4000 subscribers in the channel. shared more nearly 200 coupon links in the channel already. join channel.

Udemy + Edureka Free Courses

As the channel name suggests, it’s all about Udemy, Edureka coupon codes. Here, you can find awesome 100% off and 35% to 95% off coupons for those popular education websites to follow courses at a reasonable price. Shares more about programming and cloud-related courses. A small description is providing with each coupon link to get a clear idea before clicking and checking courses one by one. Also, the coupon code itself is given, so those who use another device to join can easily enter the coupon code directly. Also, can share the coupon code with friends easily. All the details are giving with the description like how much will off from the link like details. has more than 10,000 subscribers. join channel.

Udemy Courses Free

Provides 100% off Udemy coupon codes only. Sharing links as a shortened URLs to provide easy access. Currently just has nearly 400 subscribers in the channel. Also, they posts at least 20 coupon codes per day to provide many links and get a high amount of people. join channel.

Udemy Coupons

Posts Udemy course coupons promoting website post URL. Each message contains the blog post of their website and course title. So, you can read the title and go to the blog post to find the enrollment link. They make money by displaying ads on the website. Not through hiding their affiliate URLs among other links. Has nearly 8,000 subscribers. join channel.

Free Udemy Coupon

This channel is the same as the previous channel. Free Udemy Coupon also has a website to provide a small description and provide enrollment link. They make money by showing ads on the blog page. Posts many coupon codes in the channel via the website. has more than 6000 subscribers. join channel.

Free certificate courses

Not just about Udemy courses, but also about many other kinds of study materials. Like popular companies scholarship programs, coupon codes, like any kinds of education-related stuff are posting. You are getting a youtube video link for each title. Maybe each link is posting in the description of each video. Already has more than 3000 subscribers. join channel.

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Why do Udemy offers free courses?

There are discounted and almost free course coupons available on the learning site Udemy. You may wonder why they offer free course access. These are not any download whole course-like thing. Instead, they are all legit and legal discount coupons from Udemy itself. most people search for courses in Udemy for a set of words. Udemy shows and recommends courses with a higher rating and higher student enrolment rate. Also, most of the people are going for courses with higher ratings and higher student enrolment numbers. Thus thinking those courses with a low number of ratings are bad. But the thing is that new courses are unable to compete with those older ones. Just having great and updated content does not get students’ attention much. But, the rating does. So, to get further student enrollments, teachers tend to promote their courses for free. Just to get a boost in enrollment and feedbacks. And to get featured on the trending tab of the Udemy homepage. That’s the reason why Udemy courses offer free discounts.

It benefits both the teacher and student in the long term run. As a student, to support the teacher that gave you free courses. You must enroll and complete the course successfully and should provide him feedback. You’ll get access to private chats and also you will receive a certificate after completing the course. Simply saying, you will get all the stuff giving when you purchase the same course for free.

How to enroll for Udemy courses?

To get the Udemy courses deals, you have to use the relevant discounted link. But, you have to use the link when the discount is available. Those discount links are getting expired within 2-3 days. So, make sure to enroll before the discount goes expire. Just click on the link and you’ll be redirected to the official Udemy course page. There you will see the discounted price for the course. Maybe it’s free or sometimes maybe just a discounted price. Then click on the Enroll button and sign into the website. There you will get the course for a discounted price. If it’s free, you don’t have to enter any credit card information. After enrolment, you will get access to the course for a lifetime. No expiration of the course will happen.

How many channels should i need to join

First, select some channels that you are interested in by using the table above. Find active groups that posted many courses a previous couple of days. And join them. wait for some days and you will be able to find if there are some copycats around them. THen, unsubscribe those copying channels to clear the chat list for easy access.

Why you need many channels?

One of the sources to get coupon codes are notifications from Udemy. When you enrolled in a course, you will get a notification(if you told them so in the sign-up process) when the teacher gave a discount. That way you will be able to get as many coupons per day. That’s one way to find coupons. On the other hand, those telegram channel owners need many course enrollments to fulfill your needs. So, joining multiple channels may increase your chance of getting awesome deals without missing any.

Are those 100% off courses legal?

Yep, you will directly enroll in the course(Udemy) itself by using the coupon link within the available time frame. If you don’t have an account already can create an account for free without entering any credit card details(if the course is 100% off). and can enroll in as many courses.

As a teacher who wants to get success on Udemy offering those courses because to get some reviews. If you enrolled in the course and enjoying it, make sure to feedback and give your actual review. That’s the only thing the teacher expecting from you.

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