[36+] Telegram Anime Movie Channel Links List

Telegram anime movie channel links list that are talks about Anime movies. Get informed about the latest anime movie releases and stay in touch with the all anime world. List contains a majority of Japanese anime movies telegram channels and groups as it’s the world top anime maker.

  1. Anime Channel
  2. Anime Series
  3. Anime Movies
  4. Bleach Anime movie
  5. Anime canal Manga
  6. Anime arabic subs
  7. Crunchyroll Anime Attack On Titans
  8. Anime Discussions
  9. Nekofied [EN] Anime Gaming Chat
  10. Japanese Club
  11. Anime Community – Italy
  12. Anime stikers
  13. We Heart It Anime
  14. Anime Girls
  15. Share anime pictures
  16. Anime couple
  17. Terror by Animealma
  18. fantastic by Animealma
  19. Ciencia by Animealma
  20. drama by Animealma
  21. aventuras by animealma
  22. marcial arts by Animealma
  23. Cute anime girls art
  24. Anime Wallpapers & Memes
  25. comedi by Animealma
  26. Anime oppening
  27. Gila-Gila Anime
  28. One Piece

Top Anime movies telegram channels and groups:

Anime channel

All about anime series. Has nearly 400,000 subscribers in this anime channel. An active channel that shares at least 3-6 posts per day. Suggests movies to watch and shares informations about movie and series releasing soon. also share’s reviews of anime movies for a better selection. join channel.

Fairy tail VF

A french telegram channel all about the japanese anime movie series Fairy Tail. An awsome telegram channels with more than 3,400 subscribers. Already shared more than 300 overall files. join channel.

anime arts

Shares images, gifs and video clips of anime movies to the channel. Currently it has a subscriber base of more than 31,000. Anime art, Anime girl, Ecchi, Azur lane, Genshin impact, Anime wallpapers are the most featured topics on this channel. Currently has a library of more than 3,600 photos of anime girls, boys and couples. join channel.

Anime canal Manga

A greate destination for all of the anime lovers to find dedicated telegram groups for many popular manga, hentai, anime movies and series. Also, reminds about anime movie releases with a small description to easily find movies in your favourite category. It’s a popular channel among most of anime lovers. Currently has more than 77,000 subscribers. join channel.

Arabic subtitles for Animes

As name suggests, this telegram channels is all about anime movies arabic subtitles. They already has shared rearly 1000 siles inside the channel. You’ll get arabic subtitles from this channel for major popular anime series. Also, participants can ask for arabic subtitles for anime movies from the channel admin. They will provide the subtitles files in the channel. Has more than 600 subscribers. Join channel.

Anime Movies

Anime movies in Dual Audio (English & Japanese) are shared into the channel. Has nearly 74,000 subscribers. Mostly japanese anime movies are sharing to the channel. New movie releases and their releasing date kinds of informations are sharing. Also, reviews of each movie are providing. Join channel.


A telegram group with more than 20,000 members. All are togeather discussing anime movies gossips and news. Share’s thousands of anime movie images and video clips. A nice community with lovely people. An active telegram group aiming to provide anime news and releases. join channel.

Anime Token

A dedicated place for all the anime lovers all arround the world. Has nearly 14,000 members in this anime telegram group. All of them are anime lovers just like you. Shares anime images, anime gifs and anime videos clips to the group, Anyone can share their own stuff, you can too. Couples, lovers or anyone can share those images,gifs, videos that are posting here to loved ones. Shares gossips, news about new movie releases mostly by japanese. Other countires anime movie releases are sharing too, but intrested more in japanese animes. join group.

Anime Love ~ anime images

A little bit of offtopic telegram channel. Most of the anime lovers like to send thoughts as an anime. There are anime images that way better than real ones. Can tell 1000s of thaughts through images instead of words. It’s a better way of expressing feeling. Animes can do it better than any other kinds of images. Also, anime watchers love those anime images too. That’s why we included this channel here. Has little more than 1000 subscribers. Shares screenshots and drawings of anime lovely images and gifs. Posts as much as 8-12 posts per day. Join channel.

Video Animealma

This channel shares individual telegram group links that are created for each popular anime movie. This channels is just to provide other anime movies related telegram groups. Those channels are all about each movie. Shares images, videos, gifs from the movie. Also, english subtitles are providing for each episode. Has more than 7000 subscribers. Currently has shared 13 telegram groups links. join channel.

Japanese animes telegram channels:


japanese samurai anime movies are also popular. This telegram groups is all about samurai anime movies. It’s little bit less to reach 1000 members. Although, if you seriousely love samurai. you should join this telegram group. You’ll get new movie suggestions and releases information. join group.


A dedicated telegram group just for romance anime movies. Most of the couples out here are loves to watch anime romance movies. As they are intresting to watch and has romantic sceneries make it so famouse. You’ll get many anime images, videos from movies through this group. Also, will get romantic anime movie suggestions and trailers from this group. Still has just 600 members in this group. join group.

Anime themes for telegram

Awsome telegram channel. Anime movie lovers should not miss this one. Shares anime themes for telegram by this channel. You’ll get many awosme telegram themes about animes. Lovely chat backgrounds and themes. Has nearly 10,000 subscribers. Already shared roughly 300 anime themes for telegram. Theses are for both android and ios users. Better part is that you can also request for a theme by providing them the resource. pretty awsome telegram channel. join channel.

Anime & News

Get all the gosspis and news about anime movie releases. Has more than 10,000 subscribers. Shares at least 10 messages per day.Thus proving that you’ll never miss an anime update. join channel.


Nowadays, most of us love to watch anime movies. Especially japanese anime movies. To get informed about new anime movie, telegram channels are the best place. As they share all the related information of each movie release. You have no chance of not getting informed about trending and popular anime movies.

can get trailers, posters of popular anime movies from these channels. Also, if you like to watch anime movies with english subtitles check this article to find telegram channels list for anime english subtitles. Also, if you are a malay, see the list of anime malay subtitles providing channels list. Thus proving to deliver a better experience while watching the movie. It’s extremely hard and worthless to watch without at least english or malay subtitles. Some movies have english subtitles, but some of them don’t have.

You can find links to watch movie via Netflix, amazon prime and youtube premium. Solving most of the problems you make when watching them from other sources. Most of the popular anim movies are shown on Television. So, you can search in youtube to find episodes from tv channel’s own youtube channels. However, we are unexpecting that the telegram channels included in the list to share any unortharized, pirate movies. Just use these telegram channels to share your reviews and get informed about movie releases.

Our list contains japanese anime telegram channels and also telegram channels that provide any anime movie. Also, there are some telegram channels provide anime english subtitles. Although there is a seperate article with fresh telegram channel links for english subtitles. also, there is a list of telegram channels that provide animes with malay subtitles.

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