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A list of dropshipping telegram groups and channels to get started, improve and fix issues to do it correctly. eBay telegram groups, Shopify telegram groups, Woocommerce telegram groups are getting featured also with marketing telegram groups.

Ebay paradise join group
Shopify & eCommercejoin group
Dropship BCO Blast Channeljoin channel
Diskusi Dropshipperjoin group
Shopify Mastersjoin group
IDpasar Dropship Networkjoin group
eBay Dropshippingjoin group
Ebay Methode _ Chatsjoin group
Online Sellersjoin group
Бизнес на EBAYjoin group
Belajar Bisnes eBayjoin group
Ebay Moroccojoin group
Ebay vip projoin group
Школа Ebay Дропшиппингаjoin group
BoostGram Influencers Dx10 L+Cjoin group
Hookah Influencerjoin channel
AliDropshipjoin channel
Dspurdahbyshajoin channel

Dropshipping suppliers telegram groups:

kodbarangjoin channel
Arish Collection Dropshipjoin channel
sststorejoin channel
Gadget Aksesori Murahjoin channel
Farehabycikfaajoin channel
Dropship Cosmeticjoin channel
Top Top from eBayjoin channel

Dropshipping course telegram groups & channels

Dropship Karteljoin channel
Drop Shippingjoin channel
ali explorerjoin channel

Top Shopify, eBay telegram Groups


Has more than 1200 members in this eBay telegram group. discuss day-to-day issues occurring when doing a dropshipping, direct shipping business with eBay platform. join group.

Shopify & eCommerce

It’s a telegram group for eCommerce website designing to marketing discussions. Especially about Shopify, also woo-commerce topics are getting featured here. Has nearly 4000 subscribers. Can ask anything related to Shopify, woo-commerce, Facebook ads, Instagram influencers, google ads kind many stuff. Because there are some experts in this field. join group.

Ebay Morocco

A morocco telegram group for eBay. When doing eBay business, you have to face many challenges. Whether it’s a dropshipping business or a direct shipping business. You have to face some common issues from both. Can solve those issues through the group. Has nearly 1000 subscribers. join group.

eBay Dropshipping

Specialized only for dropshipping on eBay. A telegram group with nearly 1500 members. Provides guidance(tutorials), ebooks, and paid services for eBay dropshipping. There is a lot of information sharing every day regarding new updates and problems. So, you can gather information about many things from this group. join group.

Online Sellers

This one is not for eBay, Amazon, wish drop-shippers. This group is for those who run their own stores. Such as woo-commerce sites, PHP eCommerce websites, and so on. Currently just has 430 members. As it is a broad topic and not many are interested in it. Discussing shipping issues, methods, payment systems, Facebook ads, google ads, Instagram ads, and many more things to face when doing an own store. join group.

Shopify Masters

It’s all about shopify. Shopify became a well known platform for dropshippers. Anyone can easily create a shopify store and start dropshipping without any previouse knowledge. This group provides support and guidance for newbies and sells built stores and businesses. Currently has more than 1200 subscribers. join group.

What is dropshipping?

It’s happening all over the world for about decades. Now, it became so popular because of the use of the internet. Dropshipping is buying products from a supplier to full fill your customer’s need. Selling products even without touching or having them on your own. You just need is a medium to showcase your products, and a market to buy them for cheap. It’s so much popular to sell items on eBay, but there are many platforms (multivendor e-commerce platforms) instead. Also, you can build your own-commerce platform from like woo-commerce, Shopify. etc.

  1. First, you have to do is selecting a platform to sell items. You have many options including eBay, wish, Shopify, woo commerce, and more.
  2. Then find products following your own criteria of selection.
  3. Find the product listed on e-commerce sites for a reasonable price.
  4. It’s better to purchase a sample product to know more about the product before selling.
  5. List it on platforms that you are wishing to sell on.
  6. After a customer placed an order, purchase from the selected supplier by providing your customer’s details.

Why it’s so popular?

You don’t need to have any stocks to do dropshipping. Making it easier to get started. Also, you don’t need to invest a big amount of money at first. Thus making it easier to get started for brokes. However, you need to have some extra cash to full fill orders first. Instead, you can start doing drop shipping without money with some multivendor eCommerce sites. Also, almost every country has at least one popular multivendor eCommerce website. You just have to do is do some research and list products.

Dropshipping Courses

Some of these telegram channels and groups are promoting paid courses to follow. Some people can learn things easily without any guidance. But, some can’t learn without proper guidance. But, you can find many tutorials on youtube for free. All you have to do is do some hard learning and research. Also, have to try many times before getting successful.

There are some telegram groups and channels that we listed above, that promote paid courses. We are not affiliated with them and neither recommending them. Just add to our list to provide you a complete list.

Using Dropshipping groups:

Here, we given the active, popular telegram groups list about dropshipping business. You may be a beginner in the field. Or maybe an expert. But however, you can get advice, guidance for advanced issues. You have to deal with payment providers, platform providers, suppliers, customers, and any other third parties for business. Get advice, a guide from telegram members who may have more experience dealing with them.

When it comes to community, many people mean more experience. They might have more experience in the same issue you are facing for the first time. So, you can get support from them. Can find, contact people to archive awesome opportunities.

If you are a newbie, you will have so many problems. Each day you will face a new set of issues to solve. However, you can get some help with specific issues. While some common issues may already be discussed in those telegram groups.

However, connecting with communities is important for anyone. Whether an expert or a newbie. To get some tips, tricks, opportunities from other peoples. You can join the best possible dropshipping telegram communities through those links we provided above.

If you have a higher budget and want to build your own platform, then see our shopify telegram groups list for find awesome shopify telegram groups.

Check our wholesale telegram channels list to join with wholesale sellers. To find products at a lower price and nearby. There are many kids wares, ladies wares and such wholesale items selling telegram channels.

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