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When it comes to dropshipping, Shopify has a huge reputation for building powerful stores easily. More and more people tend to use Shopify these days. Learn about Shopify development and Facebook marketing courses via Udemy free coupons. Here is a list of Shopify telegram group invitation links and channel invitation links to join.

WordPress, Shopify, Magento themes and pluginjoin channel
Agan Khalid TERJUN Shopifyjoin channel
Million with Shopifyjoin channel
Shopify Addict – Telegramjoin group
Shopify Workshopjoin group
Shopify TanGerjoin group
ED Shopifyjoin group
Shopify Italiajoin group
Shopify Indonesiajoin group
Entrenamiento Gratuito Shopifyjoin group
Ecommerce Dropshipping Entrepreneursjoin group
B哥shopify交流总群join channel

Shopify Courses telegram groups & channels

A list of telegram channels and groups that provides course details. Most of them share coupon codes to purchase courses. There are coupons to get 100% off as a promotion to the course. It’s not illegal and 100% legal, you will get the certificate after completing the course from each site (Udemy). See our full list of 100% Udemy course telegram channels.

Udemy Courses Freejoin channel
All Free Coursesjoin channel
Free Udemy Paid Courses – Dailyjoin channel
Udemy Couponsjoin channel
AyAz_TeChYjoin channel
Udemy Gratisjoin channel
Udemy courses for freejoin group

Popular Shopify telegram groups and channels

A list of popular(active) Shopify and e-commerce related telegram groups and channels that should join.

Shopify & eCommerce

Has nearly 4000 members in this group. Active crowd posting so much relevant content every day. Asks many practical questions that you also study and take knowledge. You can ask your own questions too in the group. Group members will help you to solve those issues. Majorly are Shopify-related questions less woo-commerce and other kinds of platforms issues. Join the group to share your knowledge and get knowledge.

Shopify Masters

This telegram group is also all about Shopify. You may face many serious issues when doing a Shopify store. That can lead you to lose money, products, or even more disasters. You can ask for their recommendations and answers to some issues that you are facing. Has nearly 2000 members in the group. join group.

Shopify Mastermind – Public

You can get knowledge(courses, pdfs, videos) and many more kinds of educational materials from this Shopify telegram group. Can ask about issues and study materials too. But, can’t advertise, promote anything that is related to you. It will make you getting banned from the group definitely. Not one can advertise in this group. But only for sharing knowledge. Still just has 600 members in the group. join group.

Shopify Ethiopia

Ethiopian dropshipping items supplier telegram channel with more than 2,800 subscribers count. Shares their products at a cheap price for wholesale buyers. Shopify store managers can select products and build a store to sell in the Ethiopian region. join channel.

Shopify Italia

Italian Shopify telegram group. Has nearly 400 members in the group. As because all the messages and peoples are Italian. They discuss issues that occur as an Italian. Payment problems, product selections, and cheap suppliers of products. They claimes to be the official Italian Shopify telegram group, but it doesn’t have the blue tick on the title to confirm it’s the official group. So, make sure not to do any transactions inside the group. join the group to discuss about Shopify.

Shopify Indonesia

It’s limited to access available sources in Indonesia. as most of the sources are in English, many Indonesians don’t like it. Most Indonesians don’t understand English well. This group is all about Shopify, most of the members are Indonesians. So, you will understand everything in this group. Can ask anything about Shopify in your language and those who have experience or knowledge will help you. As an Asian country will have to use limited options such as payment options. WIll have to face numerous problems when starting as a newbie. Shopify Indonesia has more than 1,600 members. join group.

Free listing on multivendore websites:

People first do free dropshipping by listing items on popular multivendor eCommerce websites. After that, most of them tend to invest in their own eCommerce website by building a brand. When it comes to building eCommerce, Shopify remains the best option for most people. As it already managing millions of users, people more and more attracting to it.

Why it’s so popular?

Not all of us have a solid knowledge of building websites. None tech business guys tend to go after Shopify because of its easiness. You just have to answer questions and do the payment. Now you are ready to go. Also, when considering building a store from the bottom with a programming language, it consumes more money and time to build.

Instead, woo-commerce comes into the place. Simple, easy, efficient to create eCommerce websites. But you have to do the rest manually, buying a domain, connecting it to the hosting, managing to host to support the traffic, and much stuff. But, in Shopify, all the technical side is handling by them. You have major payment options to support every country and tons of themes to build a store easily. So, more people tend to use Shopify to give their investment a good value.

Why telegram groups?

You may be a newbie or an experienced one when it comes to Shopify. But, you may face some new challenges that you never faced before. There may be many people that may face the issue before you. Chat with them to solve your problems and avoid their own mistakes for benefit.

Get the latest news and offers by Shopify and its partners directly into your telegram message inbox. Shopify provides so many offers and discounts promoting their’s own and their’s partner programs. You will be able to get awesome deals and offers to try using their integrated other software to make it easy to manage orders and much more. Like Roberto, ZIC, and much more. Also, get recommendations for some plugins to increase engagement and orders.

Check our list of Udemy 100% free course coupons providing telegram channels to find perfect courses like Shopify, dropshipping, Facebook marketing like relevant courses. There are so many new offers providing daily by Udemy. Join those channels to get updates whenever a new offer is available.

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