[12+] Motivational Quotes Telegram Channel

Today we are providing a list of active motivational quotes telegram channels. Here, you can find the best, active motivational telegram channels that continuously providing quotes. Including motivational video quotes with picture motion backgrounds, motivational videos, motivational interviews, motivational picture quotes, and much more stuff providing channels. Let’s check them.

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Motivational quotes picture telegram channels

The following telegram channels only posts or most of the posts are about motivational quotes. Not all of us like video quotes, Some people like it when it has just a single picture and the quote directly, it differ from person to person. So, you can get what you expect from such telegram channels.


An extremely active telegram channel that posts picture motivational quotes and also video quotes. Channel admin is also so motivated he posts such content as crazy. Just has 50 subscribers, but he is doing a great job without expecting subscribers. Already added more than 8,000 photos and more than 15,000 links to the channel. You will be able to get access to those via the media tab of the channel. That’s why we included this channel here. We usually do not add channels with lower subscriber counts. Join the motivated channel.


Most of the content sharing with the channel are motivational photo quotes. But also some text-based quotes and motivational stuff are also posting to the channel. Usually, those do not contain any images or such awesome stuff just text. Also, rarely shares motivational videos. Those videos are usually longer than 5 minutes and describe with a deep voice. Already shared more than 70,000 subscribers in the channel. Join the motivational channel.

Daily Motivation

Awesome telegram channel that shares picture motivations every day. You can get at least 3-5 motivational posts in each day. Usually, those motivational pictures are dark color themed. ALready shared more than 1,700 photos. They only share picture quotes, no videos quotes or text-based quotes are sharing. Clean and clear channel without any unwanted advertisements. Has more than 15,000 subscribers. join the daily motivation to get motivated daily.

Motivation for SoulĀ 

A motivational quote with picture sharing telegram channel. Shares at least 3-4 new photos per day. But, the thing I dislike about this channel is all the motivational pictures contain footer notice with their advertisements. So, it’s ugly and hard to see the beauty of the quote. But, my likes and dislikes are not the same for all people. So, check the channel and see the posts. Has more than 2,200 subscribers. join the motivational soul.

Motivation Guaranteed

A telegram channel that provides motivation, life, faith quotes. Share creative and calming motivational posts at least 4 new posts per day. Already shared more than 6,700 new posts and you can view them through the media tab after joining. Has more than 37,000 subscribers. Join the Motivational Guaranteed.

Motivation Quotes Hindi

Hindi motivational quotes sharing telegram channel. All the contents and motivational posts are in the Hindi language. Participants can vote the quote based on their interests. So, they will add more such concept quote posts. Already shared more than 1,600 posts and has more than 14,000 subscribers. Join the Motivational quotes Hindi channel.

MN Motivation

This telegram channel is also about Hindi motivational posts. You will get at least 4 new motivational posts regularly and those posts are mostly getting rich schemes like work more motivational quotes. Has nearly 20,000 subscribers and already shared more than 6,000 photos. Join the MN motivation.

Motivational quotes videos telegram channels

Also in other had there are people who like video motivational quotes. In case there are two types of such videos. 1st one is a single quote explaining videos and another one quotes compilation videos. Usually posts together in these telegram channels.

Motivational Videos

Success motivational video-sharing telegram channel. But, all the videos are published on youtube and you will just receive the watch link and the description of the video on the channel. Those videos are at least 3 minutes long of picture motion infographics videos. Has just 200 subscribers. Join the Motivational videos channel.

Daily Motivation & Facts

Hindi motivational and status videos sharing telegram channel. You will get daily thoughts and quotes as videos through the channel to get motivated. Most of the videos are directly uploaded into the channel and some but least of them are youtube videos. Also shares motivational quote pictures. Has nearly 1000 subscribers. Join the channel.

About Motivational Quotes channels:

Most of us tend to follow popular figures nowadays. To get a push in harder times, or to succeed in life. Most of these characters are successful in life doing something that no one can ever imagine. They also overcame hard times in life and getting success with difficulties. Making you get the motivation to get success like those who you follow in one day. The best thing about motivational media is that there are several types of media that fit some of us. Video motivational quotes, motivational videos of some characters, photo quotes, and motivational photos without quotes.

Each motivational telegram channel or group has its unique features. They offer some absolute features for a specific kind of people. As they targetting a specific type of sub-category in the motivational sector, they are dedicated to a theme. As an example, there are motivational quote channels that only post interviews with real people( You can listen to their own voice ), motivational quotes with motion pictures(one of the most popular kinds of motivational videos), or just motivational quotes with attractive backgrounds. So, make sure to check all the channel, group invitation links to find the best matching channel or group that suits you.

Most of these channels provide daily thoughts and quotes in the morning. You can check those telegram channels right after waking up. To power up the day and to plan the day to do the most important thing in your life.

After joining these channels or groups, you can directly go to the media tab to find motivational videos and pictures that have already been published. You can view them and save your favorite ones to your mobile phone gallery. Also, you can directly share them with your private contacts through the telegram channel.

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