[27+] Tamil status telegram Channels and groups link

Tamil status telegram link of a list of channels and groups to find awesome video clips and images. It’s much popular to share status videos and photos. Most of the top social media platforms have the status feature but telegram lacks it. But, most popularly WhatsApp statuses. Here, you can join the most active and popular telegram channels and groups for Tamil status in this article.

Kadhal feelings unofficialjoin channel
SVS status Videosjoin channel
rr studiosjoin channel
Tamil Dragon MK Editing 4k statusjoin channel
BR Tamil Statusjoin channel
Aga HD Whatsapp statusjoin channel
Bgm centerjoin channel
English Status videosjoin channel
Full-Screen HD Statusjoin channel
Attitude Statusjoin channel
D4 Quran Status Videojoin channel
timli status and videojoin channel
Km creationzjoin channel
statuki Duniyajoin channel

Tamil WhatsApp Status without watermark

A channel sharing Tamil WhatsApp status videos without any watermarks. Most of the short videos are subjected to a movie scene. Mostly shares positive and lovely videos and negative kind sad videos less. Most of the videos are about 30 seconds and from movie scenes or actors’ videos. Actor videos are about famous and top Tamil movie actors. Has more than 11,000 subscribers. A much active telegram channel that posting 3-6 short videos per day. join channel.

whatsapp 4K status tamilraja

Shares video footage status videos and high-quality filmed status videos. Already shared more than 800 videos, which is incredible. You can get access to those media by joining the channel and through the media tab. Mostly are romantic, lovely like positive videos. And also, raw footage of heart-touching, inspirational videos, no joking or negative kind videos are sharing. Has more than 70,000 subscribers. join channel.

az status

Not just limited to Tamil status videos. Posts status kind short videos in major languages such as English, Hindi, and Tamil. Posts every kind of video including inspirational, sad, poor, happy, and movies. All of them are of high quality especially HD quality, perfect balancing to view it better on mobile devices. Has more than 65,000 subscribers. join channel.

atul edits

A popular photo motion videos sharing telegram channel. Most of the background photos are about popular actors in India. Music is also Hindi and Tamil to perfectly match the music. Most of the videos are horizontal and of high quality to view on a mobile device. Perfect for WhatsApp statuses. Has more than 65,000 subscribers. join channel.

Tamil bgm status telegram channel

It’s much popular to share motion picture music videos in WhatsApp status. Most of them are about a small part of the lyrics. They are subjected to a single image or image slideshow background. Making it feels more comfortable and near to heart. Most of them are of high quality without watermarks, as they are made by the channel admins. Let’s take a look at our collection of the most popular Tamil BGM status telegram channels.

Tamil status videos

Shares their own created short videos combining popular Tamil music with some visuals. Such as matching movie scenes or image background slow, meaningful music videos with lyrics. Great for heart broken’s to share meaningful status in an interesting way. Music is perfectly matching with video visuals to make the best combination. Also, you can rate all the status videos that are posting by the admins to get more and more such videos. You can rate dislike, like, or hearts. Also, an active channel posting around 5-7 videos per day. All the videos are out of watermarks. Has more than 180,000 subscribers. Music producers, music cover makers can promote music to a large number of engaging participants at once for a reasonable price. It will get a huge engagement, sharings from the community if they both match perfectly. join channel.

ar bgm center

Movie scenes WhatsApp videos sharing telegram channel. Shares many movies backgrounded inspirational music status short videos. Already shared more than 1,700 videos in the channel. You can get access to all of those videos directly from the media tab of the channel. All of the videos are about 30 seconds long. Which is perfect for WhatsApp statuses. Has more than 107,000 subscribers. join channel.

Tamil Romantic Status

Another Tamil music rhythmic music videos sharing telegram channel. It’s perfect for instances when the visuals bring a better feeling about the lyrics than the actual music video. Here in this channel, they create slow, romantic songs combining with perfect matching imagine lyrics. It’s a hugely popular way to express feeling through this kind of music As they are more neutralize and heart-touching. Has nearly 10000 subscribers. The best thing is that you can request a song-themed music video. They will perfectly create the requested music and post it back on the channel. join channel.

timli status and video

Shares Tamil music and Tamil actor’s images combined with photo motion videos for WhatsApp. You can listen to and share those amazing lovely music. An active telegram channel posting around 6-9 status videos per day theming the same concept. Has nearly 1000 subscribers, it still a new channel compared with others. join channel.

Bgm center

High-quality music photo lyrics motion videos sharing telegram channel. You can get amazing creative videos from this channel to share in your Whatsapp status. Most of these songs are remixes and mashups and some of them are original music. Has nearly half a million subscribers. Best for music production promotions. Can get a huge engagement through the channel and through other social media networks. join channel.

shivam edits

Another high-quality motion lyrics status videos sharing telegram channel. But, it includes their brandings in the intro and the outro. But, they upload amazing colorful and animated status videos. Their videos are rich with animations of lyrics and from the background animations. An awesome combination of music beat animations and backgrounds, and everything. One of my favorite telegram channels because of their awesome works. . Has nearly 200,000 subscribers because of their hard work. join channel.

What can you get from those tamil status telegram channels and groups?

It’s a much popular way to express feelings, loneliness, anger, or happiness. Most youngers tend to share many videos about loneliness, funny, love failures and crush aimed videos and photos. Here, it’s a great source to find awesome videos from each category. Some of those channels shares high-quality, trending and videos that have a large number of view counts. Filtering thousands of unworthy contents.

Not only to find status video clips but also to get entertained. Most of those videos are short, about 1 min or shorter than that. Join more groups to get a wide variety of status videos as more and more people to engage in sharing. You will be able to get favorite videos of others that may suit you. However, it’s not that much easy to find telegram groups for status videos and images. We also provided the best groups that we could find. Join them to see the latest and wide category wised videos and images. Images are usually memes, quotes, funny pictures, and so on.

Easy to get the contents

Telegram has tons of features to make it easy for you. Making it easy to download videos that are posting on both channels and groups. Also, you can directly share videos and images to anyone through the telegram itself or any other supported social media app.

Also, it’s so much easy to get access to the old media files like videos, audio, music, photos. It will not expire like WhatsApp, making it really good for a media library kind of use. You can turn off auto-downloading and save space without downloading media and at the same time getting access to the media anytime you want.

Also, almost anyone can join a telegram group or a channel if they have the invitational link. We are doing the same by providing awesome invitational links. However, as telegram supports many people, you will not need to wait for someone to left to join the group, like Whatsapp. Giving the telegram one extra point for better.

If you are an admin of a channel or a group, you can easily distribute your hard work to many audiences. If you have is a channel, all that audience is just yours. Easily can share your works like inspirational infographics videos, music cover videos, and those stuff like that to get followers to your other accounts on different platforms. A loyal fanbase can gain you many benefits in long term. From my point of view, telegram is one of the greatest platforms to build an audience.

Contents in Tamil Status telegram channels:

Tamil status telegram links are to get content in the Tamil language. But, most of those sole Tamil channels and groups also share English and other language contents. But, most of the contents are in the Tamil language as most of the participants in the channel or group are expecting. But still, you can enjoy most of their content even without knowing Tamil. If you want to find quotes kind of videos, check our quotes telegram channel list. We also added those quotes to Tamil status telegram channels. Most of the uploading status videos are from TikTok. It will leave the watermark of TikTok making it ugly. Here, you can find status videos in these telegram channels and groups without any watermarks or outro effects. As they share the original contents from owners.

Here, in our list of invites, you can find Tamil 4k status telegram channel invitation links and Tamil WhatsApp status telegram channel links. All of those categories share just video status about 1 minute long. Also, they directly upload those media files to the channel, making it easy for participants to download favorites.

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