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This is the list for telegram channel anime movie Malay subtitles. Japanese Anime movies hold a better position in Malaysian movie lovers. Not only Malaysian people but also many of us currently tend to watch anime movies. It’s extremely hard to find language-specified subtitles for every movie. Most of us can’t understand English well. So, as a solution, you can get these community-created subtitles files from telegram channels.

𝙽𝚊𝚛𝚞𝚝𝚘 𝙱𝚘𝚛𝚞𝚝𝚘
Capture (C.A.S.M)
Boruto MalaySub
Syok Anime & Movie
Bleach Malay/Indo HardSub
Kartun Malay Sub
Anime Kaw Kaw

Popular Channels and groups

Movie drama

A Malay subtitles providing telegram channel that provides subtitles for movies, anime, tv-series. It’s a pretty clean and well-organized telegram channel that sends messages in a context. Has nearly 10,000 subscribers in the channel. Already shared nearly 2000 subtitles files in Malay. join channel.

Demon Slayer

It’s a Malaysian telegram channel that shares demon slayer tv series subtitles. Demon Slayer is a tv series that many of us watch. Since it has only English subtitles, this channel aims to provide Malay subtitles to watch it perfectly. Currently has 2,500 subscribers in the channel. join channel.

Tapaw Sub

A popular anime movie, tv-series Malay subtitles sharing telegram channel. Currently, featured movies are Burrito, Choujin X, One Piece, Detective Conan, Yasuke, My Hero Academia, Dogengers, and much more. Has subscribers count nearly 15,000. Provides so many movies with Malay subtitles to provide a better movie experience to Malaysian people. join channel.

Capture (C.A.S.M)

An anime Malay subtitles sharing telegram channel. Has nearly 1000 subscribers. Provides Malay subtitles for major Japanese tv series and movie releases. join channel.

Malaysian Naruto

Provides Malay subtitles for the popular Japanese anime TV series Naruto. A sub telegram channel by TapawSub telegram channel. Especially to provide Naruto subtitles for each episode. Has more than 5000 subscribers. join channel.

Anime Movie Channel’s pros:

Anime movies are now becoming a favorite category of most youngers. There are thousands of anime movies coming out each year worldwide. When it comes to anime movies, releasing from kids to adults. The first United States released anime movie is now White and the Seven Dwarfs. Before that, anime movies are so popular in Japan. Until now, japan remains a higher demand for anime makers.

Japan has a long history of making awesome, mind-blowing anime movies. But, now in 2021 many new anime movies in popular categories are releasing all over the world. To get the attention of the huge market of anime movies. Some of them are in the English language, but most of them still are in Japanese or other none-English languages. It makes the effort worthless to watch a movie without understanding the dialog. Most of the anime movies still have Japanese subtitles or none of any subtitles.

Some Malaysian people, tend to watch movies with their own language subtitles or dubbed. Because of the size of the anime industry. It’s extremely hard to find Malay subtitles for every anime movie. So, here are telegram channels that come into the place. Telegram channels can hold up to many people. Therefore making it easy to contact as many people. Telegram has groups and channels. Anyone can send related messages to groups while only the admins can send messages to channels. However, participants can receive anime movies and their Malay subtitles from these channels or groups. Or can ask for specific movie Malay subtitles from a group. If the movie is popular, there is a high chance that you getting a subtitles file in Malay.

Instead, just join a popular channel and watch movies that already have Malay subtitles recommended by channel admins. Most of these channel admins only share information about popular and trending anime movies. So, making sure that the movie is of good quality according to the community around them. Also, can send private messages to the channel admin or join polls created by them to suggest a new movie release. So, they will definitely add those popular movies to their channel. Also, check our Malaysian telegram channels list.

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