[38+] Top Movies Telegram Channel & group List

A list of movies telegram channels and groups to be entertained. Everyone loves to watch movies tv series. Telegram is a good platform for movie lovers as it features some awesome features that are useful for movies. There are thousands of movie telegram channels out here. Let’s take a look at them.

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Movies Reviews Latest

This channel is for those who want to know about the latest movies in theater or released. These channels provide them all, you can get informed and also can read each movie review from this single channel. They never share movie files or watching links. Just a review and if available, a trailer. Also, you can search in the channel for favorite actors to read reviews and get a movie list of them. Mostly are Indian cinemas, tv-series are reviewing here. It’s rare to get a review of a Hollywood movie, tv-series. Has more than 156,000 subscribers in this movie review telegram channel. join channel.

New Punjabi Movies HD Download

This channel is for Panjabi movie lovers, Shares movies with a simple review. Almost all the movies posting here are Punjab or Hindi movies. New, old movies are getting featured on this channel. You can also do paid promotions for your movie or your business through this channel. Has more than 46,000 subscribers. join channel.

Movie In private

Another great telegram group for movie lovers.Shares awesome movies, tv-series all over the world for entertainment. Anyone can share movies-related stuff, such as movie review articles on own website, movie reviews on youtube channel or even trailers of awesome movies. If you are watch movies with subtitles, you can ask for each movie’s subtitles. So, the other people will help you to find those. It’s a pretty active community for movie lovers. Has more than 2000 members. join group.

Dwayne Johnson movies

One of the most famous actors for most Hollywood movie lovers. This is a fan-made telegram channel just for Dwyane Johnson, just for him. Shares thousands of old movies, matches, posters youtube videos, and much more. Contributed to a large number of so many popular movies and a large number of movies awaiting for releasing soon. You can get details of those movie releases, watch those trailers, and leaked videos to get entertained and watch the movie. Has more than 10,000 subscribers. join channel.

Fbh stream

An all kinds of movie-sharing telegram channel. Share’s Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Tollywood movies, and so on. An active channel posting many messages relevant to movies. Teasers, reviews, release date, each location release date like so many detailed reviews are sharing to get informed. Also, anime movies also getting reviewed here. If you still do not watch anime movies, it’s also a great way to get entertained. Check out anime movie telegram channels for some reviews. Has more than 2,260 subscribers. join channel.

Hindi Hd Movies

A telegram group(But only admins can send messages) for Hindi movies. Hindi movie reviews, trailers, best scenes, and different types of entertainment media are sharing to the channel behind the scenes. Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies and Chinese movies like a wide variety of stuff can be purchased from this group. Can never have movie download links or files to watch movies as it respects copyright law. Also, they accept paid promotions by film industry-related posts, you can promote your movie through this telegram group to read a large audience at once for a reasonable price. Has more than 380,000 members. join group.

Katmovie HD

 Shares Hollywood movie & TV series in Hindi Dubbed that you can never find on those top rated websites in India. Shares at least 3-5 posts per day to cover most of the movie releases. All the movies are of high quality on their own website that doesn’t rank to get access from anywhere else. You can purchase their premium package to watch those media also. Has nearly 20,000 subscribers and already shared nearly 700 links. join channel.

Bollywood HD Movies Latest

Latest Bollywood movies reviewing telegram channel with nearly 5 million subscribers. Shares a large number of movies per day for entertainment. You will never ever miss any movie update from this channel. No spoiler leaking with the review, just a simple review on whats the movie is about. Just 50-100 word reviews are giving. join channel.

Movies club

Another awesome telegram channel that you should never miss. Shares many popular movies here for entertainment. You can see awesome recommendations and trailers of popular, trending movies. Both movies and series( tv series + web series) are getting featured here. If there’s a dedicated telegram group for each series reviews and information, the link will also be given, so you can join to discuss the movie. And to see the latest gossips, photos, events of those casts. Has nearly 3,000 subscribers. join channel.

Tamil Dubbed Movies

So many Tamil people like to watch movies in Tamil dubbed. As watching with just subtitles makes nonsense. There are a large number of studios that providing dubbed movies. Here, you can find English, Chinese, Korean movies that you want to watch with Tamil dubbed from this group. Also, you can suggest to them a good missed movie, so they will discuss with the movie owner and provide you those dubbed. Has nearly 60,000 members. join group.

Malayalam Dubbed Movies

Another awesome telegram group for movies, just for Malayalam people. Same as Tamil people, Malayalam speakers tend to watch English, Chinese, Korean movies with Malayalam dubbed. Here, you can find such movies from this group. It’s not easy to find those Malayalam dubb providers without knowing their names. From this group, you will be notified whenever a new movie dub is released by those top studios. You can find movies dubbed from this single telegram group. Has nearly 60,000 members. join group.

New Release

This channel is just for reminder movie releases. You can find awesome movies all over the world whether it’s Indian, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, all are updating on those channels. All the movie release messages contain IMDB movie profile links to read more and all the necessary review details. They have several telegram channels for the same purpose. 2.0 channel has nearly 70,000 subscriber base and the 3.0 channel has over 100,000 subscriber base. join the channel, join channel 2.0.

New Web Series 2021

Another awesome fun telegram group. It’s all about the English web series and Tamil web series. You can discuss web series and suggest them awesome web series that you watch and are interested in. Has more than 1000 members. join group.

Bollywood Movies 

Shares daily new Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Dubbed movies to watch. All the movies are presented with a poster and a simple review. Also, trailers leaked scene posting. Has more than 7,000 subscribers. join channel.

Hollywood Movies And Web Series

As in the title, this group is for those who love Hollywood movies. You can read word reviews as well as video reviews from youtube through the group. Shares details about major English movie releases across different genres. Has more than 3500 members. join group.

Hollywood Cinema Hub

This group also dedicated to Hollywood’s latest movies. You can get updates for every movie release. Mostly targetted on those top cinema’s release dates. You’ll have watching links for every Hollywood movie release at a special discount if you have already not subscribed to those top websites. Has more than 13,000 subscribers. join group.

More movies telegram channels:

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About Movies telegram channels(What to Expect?)

Here you can find numerous amount of movie telegram channels and groups. That provides reviews, behind scenes, posters, trailers like so. It’s practically not possible not to get to know about movie releases. Because most of us now are so busy with tons of work. However, you can subscribe to those popular movie review websites like IMDB and rotten tomatoes to receive the latest movie releases. But, when it starts to send you thousands of movie releases to your email inbox, you start ignoring it. That’s why those movie telegram channels come into the place. To solve those issues.

You can join favorite and worthwhile movie telegram channels to receive reviews of top-quality movies. Those channels filter out those bad, low-quality movies to maintain their channels, groups. Making you get filtered movie reviews. You can simply pin some of those top-quality channels to filter out more low-quality content. I’m sharing my experience here, I just have 3 movie review telegram channels to get updated on everything. I’m happy with the results and never missed any movie that I would like.

Watch anime movies malay sub telegram channel list.

We don’t want to promote those copyright in fragmenting telegram channels or groups. All of these telegram channels are not promoting that kind of source (as we see). Most of them are sharing reviews by different people or their own reviews on youtube to promote channels. If you have any issue with one of these channels, groups feel free to contact us we respect your hard work and money.

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