[20+] Vietnam Crypto Telegram Groups Link List


Vietnam Crypto Telegram Groups Link List. Cryptocurrencies gained much popularity in Vietnam. There are thousands of crypto groups in Vietnam. Some of them consider all the coins and some of them are specialized and promoting their cryptocurrency. However, in this article, we are going to cover both types of channels/groups.

Uniworld VietNamjoin Uniworld VietNam
Matic Network Vietnam Officialjoin Matic Network Vietnam Official
Vietnam Blockchain VBSjoin Vietnam Blockchain VBS
CryptoMaze Officialjoin CryptoMaze Official
BSC Farmjoin BSC Farm
Vietnam Blockchain Alliancejoin Vietnam Blockchain Alliance
Velo Protocol Vietnamjoin Velo Protocol Vietnam
KardiaChain Officialjoin KardiaChain Official
Vena Network Vietnamjoin Vena Network Vietnam
Share New Cryptocurrencyjoin Share New Cryptocurrency
BitCherry Vietnamjoin BitCherry Vietnam
BTSE Vietnamjoin BTSE Vietnam
Hydax Vietnamjoin Hydax Vietnam

The above table has a list of vietnam crypto telegram channels link list. These channels has more than 300 active members/subscribers. Also, had been active. So, you’ll get updated and active channels/groups. Also, there are self promoting channels that promotes, share’s news of thier own coin. Below section, there are few more telegram invitation links with a small description.

More Channels/Groups list


huobi logo
Huobi Group, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s the official vietnam telegram group for popular Huobi crypto exchange platform. Although, it’s a group, that means anyone can send, share their messages to the whole community. Currently has more than 10,000 members. Join huobi.

Vietnam Coin Market Community

This telegram group meets project owners/marketers and investors to promote crypto. Has more than 30,000 members. Anyone can send messages to this group. Owners/marketers can Share news about own cryptocurrency to gain market attention and investors. Share roadmaps and future predictions of the cryptocurrency. Investors can invest in their projects to gain any profits/losses. Can discuss some projects and get suggestions about certain projects. However, It’s better to learn more about these things rather than just losing money. Join Vietnam Coin Market Community.

Coiner VietNam News

Vietnam channel about crypto news. SHares news of cryptocurrencies with their reference. Aiming mostly new and popular projects including Polkadot, Pancakeswap, and many others. Shares predictions of some coins, market moves, and reasons. has more than 7.6k subscribers. Join Coiner VietNam News.

Bitcoin Vietnam

A group about bitcoin and Binance trading. Shared their Binance affiliate link in their description that they will get a commission from each signup or however they deal. Share,s news about bitcoin and other kinds of digital assets. Join Bitcoin Vietnam.

Phala.network Vietnam

A group about Phala project. Can share news, next moves and about big investors and much more related news. Shares learning materials about the coin and its valuations like stuff. The project’s roadmap to get the attention of the big investors for benefits and much more related news about the project can be found here. Join Phala network.

Bigcoin Vietnam News

A telegram Channel that shares crypto news and events. Their potential valuation and many more related contents. Unless groups, in channels members, can send messages or thoughts. You can share your airdrop referral codes as well as get notified about the latest airdrop events. Get new alternative coin suggestions and get resources for research. So, according to our perspective, There may be misinformation in channels as a community making you feel stressed about those fake news. Join Bigcoin news.

LetMeTrade Vietnam

A group full of traders wants to make a profit from crypto trading. Share news and study materials in the group to discuss situations and projects to catch the next profit and avoid losses. Has more than 2.7k members in this group. join LMT.

Airdrop Announcement

ethereum airdop

Cryptocurrencies airdrop seasons announcing telegram channels that allow most to make few bucks worths of cryptocurrencies. But not all of them are legit, so take care of it yourself. Also, share’s their own referral-coded links to earn a commission for themselves. Explains taking airdrop step by step. Join Airdrop announcement.


This group is for tron project trading stuff. Shares predictions and reasons, news about the project and perspective. Has more than 7000 members in this group who wants to invest in tron or already tron investor. Join tron vietnam to see all the news and predictions in vietnamese.

Cardano Vietnam

Cardano, another popular cryptocurrency. This group is all about Cardano and its price predictions. Has more than 2000 members in this group. You can share your perspective to see others’ ideas before investing. There are tons of news content and market move predictions posting there. Join Cardano Vietnam for more info.

Polkastarter Vietnam

“DEX platform built to sell and auction cross-chain tokens” telegram group with more than 3600 members. Can discuss its coins to make dissections. Ask for others’ opinions about the coin to confirm its predictions. Join Polkastarter Vietnam.

Ethereum Classic Vietnam Community

It’s all about the Ethereum network. There are discussions around Etherum and bitcoin. Mostly shares announcements by those popular investors about crashes, market growths, and many other related titles. Most of the group members are Etherum investors, if you also an Ethereum investor, this group is for you. Has more than 4000 members. Join it now.

More about:

These are the best active Vietnam crypto telegram groups that we could find. There is a huge number of telegram channels and groups in Vietnam that about crypto. Much amazing news is posting there. But, before doing anything, first, check the news trustworthiness. We have listed every single group link that is available for us to find. None of these links are paid nor recommended by us. Also, read the Vietnamese general telegram groups article.

Never ever do transactions within the groups when buying coins. You might be getting scammed for buying without any third party. Always use a third-party cryptocurrency exchange website for the work. As most of them are guaranteeing that the person will send you the funds. Making it more secure to do p2p exchanges.

You can find the best opportunities for new coins and for existing coins through research. Get more information that didn’t notice about each and every coin through the channels and groups. More accurate data gathered means more accurate research. Also, get informed about the latest airdrops and giveaway events if you are interested in it to win free coins. You can also share your referral links to win free airdrops in some groups. But, most of them are not welcoming referral links.

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