[20+] Telegram Channels for Korean Drama (KDrama) English Subtitles

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Best Telegram channels for Korean drama English subtitles. Most of us love to watch Korean dramas, but most dramas, movies, and TV-series are in Korean. Some movies provide English subtitles with it, but most of them don’t. So, we have to find subtitles(English, Hindi, Tamil, etc) for the selected movie or tv series online or from communities. In these telegram channels, you can expect English subtitles for Korean dramas. In these channels and groups, provides mostly English subtitles for trending or popular dramas.

K drama requestjoin K.DRAMA.OST
KDramas HindiJoin KDramas Hindi
Korean Drama Freejoin Korean Drama Free
kdrama planetjoin kdrama planet
kdrama HD Whatsapp Statusjoin kdrama HD Whatsapp Status
K-drama Queenjoin K-drama Queen
Vincenzo join Vincenzo 

More telegram kdrama eng subs channels list.

Other than the above channels and groups, below are the list of most active and popular channels, groups that are for Korean drama English subtitles. Those channels maintain sub-groups or sub-channels dedicated to providing English subtitles just for the selected drama, movies. So, make sure to join and pin it to the top if you are love to watch Korean dramas.

Kdg drama

Kdg telegram group shares Korean movies and English subtitles. New Korean drama posters and links to watch also provide with each featured movie. As this is a group, anyone can share anything they want, unless admins block them. So, you’ll find a wide variety of Korean dramas, gossips, drama reviews, other language subtitles, or sources to get them, and many things that are related to Korean dramas. The group has more than 10,000 members. Join kdg drama.

List Kdrama/Kmovie

A channel about Korean dramas and their English subtitles. Other than subtitles also shares actors’ videos, movie reviews(mostly in English), new movie releases details, and much more related stuff. However, They never miss a single trending KDrama. Channel has more than 3.4k subscribers. Join list kdrama/kmovie.


Shares Korean drama episodes one by one with English subtitles. Also, share actors’ images, videos with the group, and a verbal outline of the episode. Can request for Korean drama episode subtitles from the admin through the bot, they will consider and add if possible. Has more than 1k subscribers. Join Mydrama Oppa.

Asian Drama World Index

This channel is for all of the Asian movies, dramas. Mostly posting here is Korean dramas. Also, Chinese, Thai, Japanese telegrams are also their favorites. But, mostly Korean teledramas. Provides drama, movie watch links, and English, Hindi subtitles for it. Has more than 34k subscribers. join Asian drama world index.

KDrama Tweet Iran

A Persian Korean drama telegram channel that has more than 30k subscribers. Shares translated Persian subtitles for Korean and Chinese dramas. Other than that, also shares actors’ gossips, new drama, movie releases related videos such as reviews, behind scenes, best scenes, and subtitles. Join Kdrama Tweet Iran.


The biggest channel that we could find for Korean teledramas. Has more than 233k subscribers. Shares so often as more than 10 posts per day. Provides majorly English subtitles for both Korean and Chinese dramas. Also, just like other channels, it also provides posters, trailer videos, drama watch links, gossips. Maintains sub-channels for individual dramas and movies that are trending at the time. You can join them for free to stay sticky to the drama. Join the K-drama family.

More about KDrama English subs:

So these are all the Korean drama channel’s/group’s invitation links. Although some of them have different names, they are related to Korean dramas. Most of them provide English subtitles, and also provide subtitles in other languages. If you join those individual groups, you will be able to find none-English subtitles.

Some of the streaming services provide English subtitles for movies. But, most of the Korean drama streaming providers do not provide them. In case, we have to find the Subtitles file our self. Also, CDs, DVDs mostly don’t come with subtitles, so we have to find them anyhow. From these channels and groups, you will be able to find them easily. You can use the search feature in a telegram to search for the drama, movie you want. Try searching word byword for the best results. Also, you can directly head towards the Files tab to find the shared files. Check for names and just click download or search by the name of the file. Through the second method, you will be able to find more details such as movie watch links.

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