[20+] Electrical Engineering Telegram channel

electrical engineering telegram channels

In this article, we are providing the best active Electrical engineering telegram channel & group invitation links. Most of the teachers have telegram channels & groups to provide information and conducts online education through telegram channels and groups. We listed all the popular categories of the electrical engineering telegram channels that most of you are interested in. Let’s take a look at the list:

Electronics and communication engineering Telegram channel

If you are an electronic and communication engineering student, you can find awesome learning materials from these telegram channels and groups. You can find tutorials, eBooks, and courses from these groups and channels. Also head towards the GATE section to join those common telegram channels. Most of them are all about the same principles and you can get knowledge from those channels.

If you are a job seeker, here you can find a wide variety of electrical engineering telegram channels for job offers. That you can find job openings for the subcategory Electronics and communication engineering. And most of these job openings are common and there aren’t many for this specific type of telegram channels for job offerings.

1. Electronics and Communication Engineering

A telegram group for Electronics and Communication Engineering students. You can find an awesome group of helpful students. WHo sharing many various kinds of eBooks, tutorials just about the field. Also, you can contribute to the works done within the group. Has more than 356 members. join the group.

2. Electronics and Communication Engineering Books and Learning Videos

This telegram group is filled with professionals and newbies. Shares valuable Books, Tutorial videos from trusted sources. Also, you can see their works to get inspired and try your own to improve the practical instances. You can answer MCQ questions posted by the group members and you can ask questions too. Has more than 3,300 members. join the group.

3. ECE_Books

Another electrical and communication engineering eBooks sharing telegram channel. Most of them are free to download while some of them are paid. You can get book recommendations from this telegram channel. Has more than 1,110 subscribers. join the channel.

Electrical engineering books telegram channel

electrical engineering books telegram channels

Books are a valuable source of learning for electrical engineering students. You can find relevant books for your exam in these telegram channels. Most of them sharing are standardized books for different exams. If you don’t know about good books, You can get recommendations about the best books that clearly explaining the fundamentals. If you are a GATE electrical engineering student, go to the Gate section to find its relevant books and tutorials.

1. Easyengineering – The Engineering Channel

Find the books that you need to gather information. Shares Ebooks about Electrical Engineering, mechanical engineering, Electronics, and Communication Engineering, and much more engineering-related eBooks. That some of them you can download for free from their website while others are paid. Also, you can buy hard copies from this channel. Has a library of more than 3,600 eBooks. Sells audiobooks also that suits for theory lessons. Has more than 36,000 subscribers. join the channel.

2. ies master official

Indian telegram channel for engineering students. You can get the latest news alerts about exams, scholarships, results about engineering subjects. Also, shares eBooks that are recommended for subcategories including electrical engineering. Shares tutorials and courses that are better for students to get free knowledge. Has more than 12,000 subscribers. Join the channel.

3. Electrical Engineering Books

It’s all about ELectronics. You can get from newbie level to advanced level of electrical engineering knowledge from this telegram channel. It Shares valuable eBooks that you can download for free and some books are paid. While you can order hard copies of the original book to your doorstep through their website. Has more than 61,000 subscribers. join the channel.

Books and pdfjoin channel
Electrical & Electronic Booksjoin channel
official booksjoin channel
GATE ECE/EE Practice Problem Quiz | ECE Engineering Books | GATE Study Materialsjoin channel

Electrical engineering jobs telegram channel

electrical engineering jobs channels

The electrical engineering field is so much complex and you will need to learn more and more about the field to be a professional. Here, you can get a rough idea about the available job market to select subfields that you are interested in to learn more.

If you are a job seeker, then you can find awesome job opportunities from these telegram channels and groups to suit your knowledge, requirements levels. You can find job openings for various kinds of study levels varies from freshers to experts. Also, you can find online works and jobs from these channels such as designing, architecture drawing like online submittable works.

1. Electrical Engineering Jobs

Indian Electrical ENgineering and its subfields jobs offering telegram channel. You can get a wide variety of job opening listings from this telegram channel. If you are a resident outside India, still you can find work-from-home job offerings. Posts at least 1-3 new hob offers every day. Has more than 51, 000subscribers. join the channel.

2. Jobs 4 Engineers

It’s all about engineering jobs. You can find a wide variety of engineering jobs from here including electrical engineering jobs. It is based in the middle east and posts jobs across all the regions. It’s a brand new telegram channel, but it’s an active channel that posts at least 20 job openings every day. You can apply via the website or through the Linkedin application. Has more than 1,800 subscribers. join the channel.

Electrical/ Electronics Jobsjoin channel
engineer 2ujoin channel
Electrical Engineering Jobjoin channel
Jobs In Ethiopiajoin channel

GATE electrical engineering telegram channel

Telegram channels and groups for GATE electrical engineering students. You can find tutorials about lessons that are relevant to the final exam. Most of the telegram channels and groups provide free well explained tutorials. You will get some of those contents for free while their premium paid courses cover 100 % of the theories. However, if you are low on budget, you can join multiple tutorial providers to cover the full exam theories.

1. Electrical engineering UPSC

Electrical engineering Exam focused telegram group with more than 11,000 members. You can ask for help from this group about Electrical engineering so that previous exam students will also help you. Organizes live sessions, quiz programs that you can join. Also, you can get awesome tutorial videos, books, and notes from this telegram group from other students as well as from teachers. It’s a great community to learn about electrical engineering and to hire freshers. Join the group.


GATE academy exam-related telegram channel for engineering students including the electrical section. Shares a numerous amount of free tutees, eBooks, Videos from top resources. Also, shares previous papers and their answers for better preparation. Has more than 30,000 subscribers. join the channel.

Anvesh Sameer @ Unacademy GATE EEEjoin channel
Engineering Examsjoin channel
ACE Engineering Academy (Official)join channel
Gate 2022 Examjoin channel
IES GATE ISRO for ECEjoin channel
Engineer’s Workjoin channel

Electrical Engineering Channels Purpose:

From this article, you will be able to get the active and popular telegram channels and groups about electrical engineering. We provided all the channels and groups in popular categories that most of you are searching for. You will be able to find short notes, books, past papers, and model papers from these electrical engineering telegram channels. Also, if you join some telegram groups, you can have many MCQ questions that you can answer to check your knowledge. In groups, you can create questions too making it possible to get clear answers to your struggling questions.

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