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Top telegram channels and group list for both teachers and for students. Telegram is the perfect platform for connecting students and teachers. There are a lot of educational telegram channels and groups also. Because it can handle as many people as you want and providing features for both students and teachers.

Best Telegram Channels & groups For medical Students/MBBS

The best telegram channels and groups for medical students and MBBS. To find the latest information, contact doctors worldwide, share your research papers and diagnostics of rare diseases, and much more. Medical students can find valuable books, PDFs, Videos, and courses from those channels and groups.

MBBS Books

An Awesome telegram channel for MBBS students can find many valuable and rare MBBS books at a low cost. You may find those books anywhere else. Has more than 5,400 subscribers. join channel.

1st Year MBBS Inclusive Club

AN telegram group for MBBS 1st year students.Can ask questions and shares awesome materials that you also like to study and thinks worth it. You can also watch others sharing resources in the group. Can help each other to overcome their issues. Has nearly 1000 members. Not too much to get it hard to read and send messages in this serious field. join group. Also, join their 2nd Year MBBS Inclusive Club.

Medical Books Store

A channel for medical students to get relevant study materials. They share a significant amount of notebooks, PDFs, videos, and much more. Also conducts polls in general medical knowledge that anyone can participate in for fun or for test knowledge. However, students can’t either conduct polls or chat on the channel. Has more than 80,000 subscribers. join channel.

The Charsi of Medical literature

A telegram channel that constantly sharing relevant video courses from youtube. This channel shares awesome high-quality educational youtube videos for medical students. Has more than 6,000 subscribers. join channel.

Medical Admission Guidance

Channel aiming for medical exams all over the world providing exam questions and date ranges for the exams. It’s really important to know about all the essential updates when it comes to exam dates. To estimate studying dates and practicing dates for better results. So, it’s easy to subscribe to one single channel to receive all the required news. Rather than checking those news websites and government websites. Also, it’s hard to find the perfect course and tutorials to follow when it comes to medicine. The content must be 100% accurate and easy to understand. Here, you can get good recommendations from the group members to follow a course. Also, the course must be conducted by a good institute to get the best value for your hard work and investment. Most of the institutes nowadays using those nearby words to promote their unworthy courses. So, it’s essential to get recommendations before enrolling in a course. Especially in the medical field course. This group is great for parents and has many myths and issues for selecting a better course and institute. Has more than 10,000 members. join group.

Free medical lectures

Medical students MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, pharmacists, nurses can find awesome free infographics, charts, PDFs. It’s a good place for you to remind some sections you learned previously. And go deep in again to remember stuff. Shares awesome articles, videos, and especially charts. Has more than 6,000 subscribers. join channel.

International Medical Case Presentation Channel

A telegram group with members all over the world talking with each other and sharing a numerous amount of knowledge together. You can share medical cases and research papers here to alert others and get some help for solving issues. Has more than 14,000 members. join the group.

International Medical Doctors Groupjoin channel
International Up-to-date Clinical Channel, IUCC (54,000 members)join group
International Medical Index Channel (10,000 members)join group
Until Victory Always (7,000 members)join group
International Medical Articles Group (14,000 members)join group

Telegram channels for dental students

The best telegram groups and channels for dental students. Here you can find free dental books pdfs and lectures for your studies. Also, discuss your issues in telegram dental groups to clarify those.

Dentist hub

A free dental books sharing telegram channel for dental students. Already has shared more than 5600 PDF dental books and maintains an updated library of best books. Dental implants, orthodontics, endodontic, cosmetics, surgery, radiology, operatives, and much more ebooks are shared and will share more and more. I don’t want to say the benefit of the library, shares the best-recommended books. So, you have a higher chance to find whatever book you want. If it’s not here, and you believe the books’ quality, you can request the book from admins. Has nearly 20,000 students. join channel.

Dent texts

Sharing dental books and references to improve the educational level of the community. Also shares new techniques and technological articles and videos related to the dental field. Has more than 7000 subscribers. join channel.

Dentist Channel

Another ebook, PDFs, Video Lectures, and courses sharing telegram channel. Shared many rare and worth resources in the channel, that you can get access to through joining. Will be adding more content to their library for dentist students. Also, participants can ask for certain types of books, PDFs, and tutorials. Has more than 6000 subscribers. join channel.

free online dental courses (21,000 subscribers)join channel
Dental channel (590 subscribers)join channel
Dental Photography School Telegram group (1200 members)join group
Dental Books (5400 subscribers)join channel
Dental Xp (Persian)(4300 subscribers)join channel
Dentistry E-Book & Journal (persian) (1300 subscribers)join channel

Check our telegram groups for books article for join awesome books providing channels

Telegram Groups for UPSC students

Target UPSC- The Lead You Need

Provides proper guidance and resources for free in this channel. Shares links for tutorials on different kinds of topics in UPSC examination, suggest you some live sessions and courses to follow. Also, provides diagrams of each lesson that may help you to self-study and find more information on those topics. Has nearly 50,000 subscribers. join channel.

Unacademy Coursavy

Provides courses, live sessions, MCQ papers for UPSC students. Some of them are free for all and some sessions and courses are paid for. Shares a large number of different kinds of resources per day to provide a better service. Has more than 8,000 subscribers. join channel.

Simplifying UPSC with Ease

Shares Notes, general knowledge articles, videos, quizzes, practice papers, and much more stuff. Also provides links to his live sessions in zoom and youtube live. Has more than 16,000 subscribers. join channel.

CL IAS, UPSC, GS, CSAT, RBI, Newspaper, Hindu, Current Affairs

Multiple exams targetted telegram group for students. Shares newspaper articles, Current affairs, and quizzes by the group members. The group has strict rules to maintain the group quality. Cant share any promotional messages here. Has more than 35,000 members. join group.

Abinash Mishra

A UPSC telegram group with many rank holders in previous years. You can ask questions that you face when studying for the exam to clarify them. Shares valuable and targeted questions to provide you support. Has nearly 20,000 members. join the group.

Mission UPSC Updates (2,389 members)join group
Target UPSC (1,335 members)join group
Gradient IAS UPSC APSC discussion (640 members)join group
UPSC – SSC – Bank Exams (5,300 members)join group
MEDICAL SCIENCE UPSC (138 memebrs)join group
Upsc Mapping Prelims Mains geography (34,000 members)join group
Zoology USPC (162 members)join group

Why use telegram for teaching?

Telegram channels, groups can support as much as students you want in a community. 100ds to millions of people in a single channel or a group. Considering Whatsapp, it just has space for about 257 people at once. If you prefer to use Whatsapp, you need to create as many groups for purpose. That may be impossible to do. Facebook is not an option for that, as not all of your students use it and it does not suitable for teachers’ and students’ conversations. There are probably better alternatives, but telegram provides a secure, feature-rich, well-maintained platform.

Top telegram channel, group Features for students:

It can support as many amount of people

But it might be hard to maintain the quality of the group if everyone starts to send messages. Imaging 50,000, 60,000 messages, how would it look like? For that, you can create as many groups as you want. And let a bot maintain group quality. As a lot of people want to advertise on those groups, as they are full of people with a common interest. So, you can add bots to remove such people from the group. You can watch this for using bot in telegram groups.

Create quizz programs

In groups, students can ask multiple answer questions just like in real exams. Students can ask related questions in the group and let others answer them. Asking and answering MCQ questions is the best way to remember your studies and remind titles for study. Then can discuss it making it more easy and clear for all. If you are not sure about the questions, ask it as a quiz to get the correct answer. On the other hand, teachers can send poll questions to check students’ knowledge and understanding level of the lesson.

It’s not an easy task when considering the Whatsapp group. You can’t send polls to get MCQ answers. Instead, you have to count those answers given one by one. Or has to use another third-party website for that. This could lead to data collecting issues, as many students are not familiar with those.

Pin home works, images or messages

You can pin any message you send to the telegram group. Such as a video, home works, text messages. Making it highlighted and noticeable for all the group members(students). As a teacher or the organization head, you can get more engagement for the message that you want to get highlighted. You can pin live class session details, question paper details, like stuff on the top of the chat. Also, can get access to those paid courses easily without searching for the correct link to click on to go to the relevant page.

Easy to access documents

If the teacher or in a group, another student shared a document( video file, mp3 file, a pdf, etc) it’s much easier to view them all. If you missed them or you want to find a document that you remind send months before, it’s so much easy to view those documents. Documents include images, PDFs, videos, compressed files, executable files, and audios. All of them are selected in the media section of each group or channel.

Also, you can easily get access to links that shared a long time ago. Maybe a meeting URL that sent a while ago, and gone so up because of 1000 messages. No problem, you can easily go to the links section and find the one you want easily. All of them are categorized in the telegram to make it easier and easier to reach the file.

Comment option

Message sender can turn on comments on some messages. Not for all the messages, but for the selected ones. As it allows to comment on messages. Making it so much easy and clear to get information. Imagine, you are teaching a serious lesson that may generate so many questions in students’ heads. You can easily turn on commenting on each message. To discuss more the title, the video, the PDF. Making it easy for both the student and the teacher.

I’m not just talking about school classes like stuff. But about any class from school science class to forex classes, cryptocurrency classes, dropshipping classes. Telegram has a lot and lots of features. As an example, if you are a forex teacher who provides occasional screenshots about market moves. You can turn on commenting for those market prediction images. Get students’ responses and issues on certain stuff to explain it.

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