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So, here we are presenting the telegram groups Kenya links list to provide you the best telegram groups. We are focused on finding telegram groups to suit everyone’s needs. Make sure to read the whole list to find the best relevant telegram group channels for you. So, let’s take a look at our first list of telegram groups in Kenya.

Kenyan DigestJoin Kenyan Digest
Job Vacancies Kenyajoin Job Vacancies Kenya
Crypto.com Kenyajoin Crypto.com Kenya
NTV Kenyajoin NTV Kenya
The Kenyan Spectatorjoin The Kenyan Spectator
Tuko.co.ke Kenya Newsjoin Tuko.co.ke Kenya News
MadLipz Kenya – Julesjoin MadLipz Kenya – Jules
Team Mafisi Kenyajoin Team Mafisi Kenya
Security UpdatesJoin Security Updates
Bizna Kenyajoin Bizna Kenya
Kenyan Timesjoin Kenyan Times
Android KenyaJoin Android Kenya
Online business kenyajoin Online business kenya

The below section is all about the top channels or groups in Kenya. Those groups or channels have at least 1000 subscribers or members. Thus providing an active and awesome experience in the telegram. Mostly are news, gossips related channels, and groups. Also, you’ll find jobs, education, crypto-related channels.

The Kenyan Wallstreet

The business-related news telegram channel in Kenya and all the region. Provides much detailed news, market moves, and updates of high-profile businesses in Kenya. It’s a better place to catch news if you are a forex trader, a stock market investor, or a local businessman. Has more than 7000 subscribers in this news channel hungry for business news. It’s a better place to gather information about businesses and the country’s current situations although you are not directly impacted. Mostly are detailed messages and some areas a blog article. Join Group.

Sunlit Centre Kenya

A job posting telegram channel that posts many job openings per day. There are posting internships, scholarships, and job vacancies that are related to education and working all are posting here. It’s a much active channel that posts 8-9 messages about jobs, scholarships, interns. There are about 28,000 subscribers in this channel and if you are a business owner, who wants to hire some professional or an intern, this is the correct place for you. Contact the channel admin to post your advertisement. Join Group.

Kenya Insights

A Kenya telegram channel that aims to deliver not only business news but also other news too. You can find daily news whenever they post an update. They are also a very active telegram channel that provides 6-10 detailed messages per day. However, they might not share all the articles(news) on the telegram channel, maybe some top news only. As this channel is for every kind of news, to gather business news or any other categorized news, this isn’t good for you. As it focussed on general news more. Has nearly 19,000 subscribers in this channel Join Group.

Nation Africa

Aiming to deliver breaking news in the region. This channel features news in Kenya, Africa. They posts so much that at least 20 news per day. Actually, they share top media site’s posts to the channel providing a piece of simple detailed news for the subscribers. It shares statistics, business news, political news THis channel still has nearly 3000 subscribers, but it will increase as it updates more content. Join Group.

Jobs in Kenya

A job opening listing telegram channel that is focussed more on it filed jobs. Currently has more than 4000 subscribers in the channel. Also, video artists, animation artists, photographers, graphic designer jobs are posting to meet a higher range of job fields. Join group.

PHP Kenya

Image credits: PHP-Fusion Inc, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A Kenya telegram group just for PHP. Can use this group for asking for help related to PHP in your own language and also can use this group to hire people for your projects. This group always helps other people to find solutions for coding errors. you can ask for other programming language issues to get some help from the members. Because of the too specific category and the name, this group just has 1,200 members. As we saw, 10% of the group’s total members are online at a given time. That means you have a high chance of getting an answer ASAP. Join Group.

The Star Kenya

A channel that aims to notify about breaking news and gossips news. Not like channels that are mentioned above, THis channel also provides gossip news. About politicians, actors and other popular persons. Also, this channel posts global news that they think is important. Has more than 5000 subscribers. Join group.

Citizen TV KENYA

A telegram channel by a Premier TV Station in Kenya. Provides updates on news, breaking news. Provides entertainment videos. Posts about their tv show to promote in the channel. Posts 20-30 messages a day and you’ll get all the news from this channel. As it’s a responsible media in the country, it’s unlikely to post misinformation. Join those 28,000 subscribers to get daily news to your favorite messaging app. Join group.

Paxful Kenyan Community

Kenya community for the Paxful platform. Paxful is used for p2p transactions for those countries that purchasing cryptocurrencies are banned. From this platform, anyone can buy crypto from local currencies. But, this group is not for purchasing. Only do transactions through the platform. Also, members in this group suggest new altcoins and opportunities. Share’s news and predictions of the future market moves on some coins and can get their opinion about stuff that you are going to do. Has more than 10,000 members in this group. Join Group.

Binance Kenya

Official Binance telegram group for Kenya people. Binance also a p2p purchasing and trading platform of cryptocurrency. You can get daily updates on how the market going and future predictions of the market. This group has members more than 5000. Never do transactions from the group, just use the platform itself for transactions. Join Group.

Ai Kenya Community

AI developing and knowledge sharing group. Mostly shares great learning materials on steadily changing AI technology. Suits best for programmers who willing to learn AI. Also, professionals can get opportunities from this group to join ongoing amazing projects to earn and advance knowledge. Currently has more than 1000 members. Can ask for some errors when making an AI. So, that the group members will help you to solve the issue. Join Group.

OMGVoice Kenya

Kenya’s viral videos from social media and viral memes are sharing on this channel. That entertaining more than 21000 subscribers just like you. Has a higher message view count proving the quality of the messages. Awsome funny video clips and photos are sharing as messages. It’s an active channel that posts 3-9 videos, photos per day. Join group.

Brian Kenya Horton

A forex trading telegram channel. Aiming to provide learning materials, supports, and signals for forex trading. Currently has more than 4000 subscribers in the channel. Also, promotes his own video tutorials. Join Group.


Another Kenya’s meme telegram channel. Posts 5-7 quality memes in the channel to entertain people. Not so many funny videos are posting, but more photo memes. Currently has 1200 subscribers in the channel. It also has an amazing view count per post. At least 2000 views for each post. The Group owner does a pretty job for the name of the channel. Join Group.

About Kenya telegram groups:

These are all Kenya’s quality and active telegram groups Kenya that we could find. We will update this list often to keep you updated with the latest, trending groups/channels. Also, we included many groups, channels to suit anyone who viewed this article. Our goal is to provide telegram users what they want. It’s not easy to find groups without someone inviting you.

However, there are many kinds of groups and channels on our list. We also could find cryptocurrency-related groups to ensure that people who are interested may get it. If you are an admin or a participant of an awesome active telegram group, make sure to comment on the invitation link. So, more participants will join your channel or group. There are many other countries-related channels, group lists are available to view.

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