[45] Stock Market Telegram Channels & groups

stock market telegram channels and groups

Stock market investment became so much popular after 2021 beginning. Here you can see a full list of stock market telegram channels and groups. Go down to see the complete list of channels and groups in popular stock markets.

Popular Indian Stock Market telegram channels and groups

Stock Investing

Has a subscriber base of around 1600. A team that provides the time period and the reasons for the stock up or down of each company. You can further analyze the company by using those provided sources and your own research. join channel.

Stock Market & Trading

Not registered on SEBI. Has more than 50,000 subscribers. It shares educational materials per week. as a description of a popular term or use, case are explaining. Such as advantages and disadvantages of each kind of trading option, explanations of what to do when each market moves like stuff are explaining. Video courses are also sharing to the channel, not that much but at least 1 video course per month. join channel.

Day Trader Telegu

A Telegu telegram channel all about the stock market, Cryptocurrency, and forex. Shares many articles, Opportunities(airdrops), and much more. Especially forex-related signals about the Indian rupee. Has almost nearly 200,000 subscribers. Posts daily about 5-8 posts about trading, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies. join channel.

Stock Money Makers

Claimed as a team of NISM certified Traders. They provide signal services for free. Also, they have a paid research service for a reasonable price. That means they will provide research of companies for future predictions. Before making any trades, see their previous signals and do some demo account testings. Has nearly 5000 subscribers in total. join channel.

Power Of Stocks

Shares analysis of the everyday market. Video explanations and image-written explanations are providing. He is also not a SEBI registered trader, he has mentioned all the details in the telegram description. Share’s his explained reasons for his market predictions and you can learn and further analysis too. It will be a great source for those who still learning stock market investment as he shares many details per a signal kind message. Has more than 360,000 subscribers. join channel.

Chanakya stock traders

Another Indian telegram channel for stock traders. Shares his youtube channel links and live session links to support the participants. Has more than 13,000 subscribers in the channel. Although he doesn’t mention whether he is SEBI registered or not. Shares many learning materials and signals. join channel.

Stock Market Library

Provides free study materials for stock traders. Video courses, live sessions, pdfs, books like study materials are sharing every day. Has nearly 4000 subscribers in the channel. join the channel for more details.

Equity master

Provides ideas and research through their newsletters and through channels to educate and empower independent investors. Has more than 11,000 subscribers in the channel. Shares more than 8 messages per day. Their mission is to provide their subscribers(investors) their honest reviews and research data. Does not provide any signals, just research data. join channel.


A blue trick verified telegram channel. That means this channel is the official channel of Indian CNBC. Posts business-related news and events updates in the telegram channel. Important and necessary for stock traders. Joining a Telegram channel confirms delivery and easy access to the news source. You can go back and check all the news posted. Has more than 50,000 subscribers. SHares as an image, description, and the link to read more structured messages. join channel.

Angel Broking

A telegram channel that shares many things related to companies, stock tradings. They also organize live sessions to get inspired, knowledge and you can ask about companies’ investments. Has more than 75,000 subscribers. Shares popular companies earning reports and news so you can study more about each of them to invest. join channel.

SEBI Registered traders

Securities and Exchange Board of India. They control the capital markets in India. Only professionals can get SEBI registration. We were also given some channels with SEBI registration. But it doesn’t guarantee that the person who shares predictions responsible for your money.

Popular US stock telegram channels and groups

A list of US Stock telegram channels and groups to learn stuff and for US stock signals telegram channels list for getting signals. Here you can find awesome telegram channels and groups for trading. Citizens outside the US are also interested in the US stock market because now it’s easy for none residents to get into the market.

Stock Signals

A US stock market telegram group that is focussed on signals. Members can receive or share analyzed signals in this group. So, others will correct you if your analysis has some issues. It’s a great opportunity for those who have previous experience and knowledge and want to get more knowledge. Not suitable for complete newbies, but can join for future view. Has nearly 1000 members. join group.

Wall Street Bets Pump

A telegram group all about US stock market pumps and dumps. Shares News, tweets, reports data to inform members. Has more than 17,000 members in this group. Claims to be the Official Telegram Channel of r/wallstreetbets. join group.

Predictūm signals

If you invested in Forex, Cryptocurrency, and the stock market, this group is about all of the things mentioned. You can get signals for those markets to trade. Has nearly 35,000 members. It Shares News, predictions, market moves like so many related stuff here. join group.

The Market Crux

Shares company profiles, Profits, Road maps to the channel. Most of those companies are US companies. You can get it as a company suggestion and information gathering medium. Has more than 14,000 subscribers. join channel.

Stock Signals | Stock market news

A channel for Russians who invested in US stocks. All the messages are in the Russian language. An active telegram channel aiming to deliver the best news as soon as possible. Has nearly 7000 subscribers. join channel.

Wall Street Bets

Another Wall Street Bets-themed telegram group. Although only admins can send messages to the group. Shares contents from the Reddit page and other sources too. To inform the participants as soon as possible. These kinds of channels are not good for beginners as it is too risky when doing real. Has more than 100,000 members. join group.

Wall Street Bets MAFIA 

Active Group Chat filled with all types of traders sharing their knowledge and predictions. Anyone can join and share their own thoughts and predictions here. Has nearly 2,000 members and most of them are actively contributing to the group as a team. join group.

Sharma ji’s Special

Has more than 6000 subscribers in this channel. Shares about predictions for some companies. But does not shares any reason for the prediction with it. All sharing is the expected reach of certain stock and the time frame. join channel.


A large telegram channel for stock trading. Has nearly 180,000 subscribers. Shares many researched predictions at least 4 predictions per day. Shares related news and provide signals. Just the signal, not any news or any fundamental reason is giving with the signal. join channel.

Etoro US Stock Market

A group about the eToro platform. Here you can find news, fundamental analysis of the market, and predictions by those members. You can share your researched predictions too to get corrections and confirmations. Has nearly 3000 members in the group. join group.

Stock Phoenix

Stock Phoenix is ISO 21001:2018 Certified Institute. Has nearly half a million subscribers in their channel. Shares course promotion details and success stories in the channel to promote their paid course. You can contact the admins(teams) to get into the course. But, do your own research on the institute to find the worthiness. join channel.

Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute

Has more than 36,000 subscribers in this class channel. Shares details about their paid course. Also, they organize online sessions that you can ask questions. Shares forum discussions that are worth following and recommends Youtube videos to get detailed explanations on some topics. join channel.

Indian Stock telegram channel list:

Stock Tigersjoin channel
Stock Market Hacksjoin channel
Viwek rana stocksjoin channel
Stock Marathijoin channel
Vizu Stock Market Hintsjoin channel
Chanakya stock tradersjoin channel
DM Stocksjoin channel
Stock Shikshakjoin channel
Indian Stock Market Daily Updatesjoin channel
Stock market in Hindijoin channel
Stock Elixirjoin channel
Invest Wisely Stocksjoin channel

US Stock Telegram channels and group list:

𝗔𝗺𝗮𝘁𝗲𝘂𝗿 𝗦𝘁𝗼𝗰𝗸𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗖𝗿𝘆𝗽𝘁𝗼 𝗚𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗽join group
WallStreetBetsjoin channel
WallStreetBets Eventsjoin channel
Wealth Citijoin channel
Wall Street Bets Pumpjoin group
US Stock Hubjoin channel
Bull Dudejoin channel
US stock exchange groupjoin group
Etoro US Stock Marketjoin group
FYERS Officialjoin channel
Learn Appjoin channel
Equity99join channel
US Stock Speculatorjoin channel
Sharma ji’s Specialjoin channel
Raison | pre-IPO investing appjoin channel

Telegram channels for Countires specified:

It’s hard to provide telegram channels and groups for every countries stock market. So, we listed stock market channels about popular markets. If you couldn’t find the ones you are looking for, comment down below to get updated.

Also, if you are still a beginner who wants to head up to the stock market, Cryptocurrency market, or Forex market can get courses from Udemy. Check our Udemy 100% coupon telegram channels list to get coupon codes.

Uses of telegram channels:

There are major 2 types of stock trading telegram channels.

  • Guidance
  • signals


Entering to stock market investment is different from country to country. Each country has its own set of rules for investments. These kinds of channels help you to get into the market. Some of them are promoting paid courses while providing free common resources or others provide all the guidance as a free service.

To invest in the US stock market, you will need proper guidance when you are another country’s citizen. Most of you will get a proper path to invest in the US stock market via these guidance telegram channels.

Do your own research before purchasing any course. Because there are so many fake promotions out here sharing fake screenshots and success stories just to gain attention. So, make sure to get more recommendations and do your own research on the institute.

Signal services

You can get signals for the stock market using these kinds of telegram channels. Some are paid services while some of them are free. Expert experienced stock market traders provide those signals after analyzing the market. But there are a lot of non-expert traders who want to make money by forcing others to purchase their signal services that don’t worth it. So, make sure to check the quality of the signal service before purchasing a subscription or trading with those signals. Check for other social media profiles and investor accounts before trusting them. Never trust those success stories screenshots.

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